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Machine learning as a service ? Might lose sleep over this !

    This post is 'not' intended to teach people how to use popular predictive modelling APIs for free. Although, to your surprise, this isn't a far fetched possibility. Trained Machine learning models are basically a function that maps feature vectors to the output variable. Upon querying with a test instance, the model predicts an outcome, assigning…


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Random-ized Forest: A new class of Ensemble algorithms

Originally posted on :Linkedin

It's a known fact that bagging (an ensemble technique) works well on unstable algorithms like decision trees, artificial neural networks and not on stable algorithms like Naive Bayes. The well known…


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Can DeepMind win 'Jeopardy' and Watson win 'Go'?

original Post: linkedin

We are indeed living in interesting times, where we celebrate human-built machines defeating the best human minds at variety of activities. IBM Deep Blue's win against Chess champ…


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Machine Learning : Few rarely shared trade secrets

Some of the rarely shared trade secrets in machine learning:   Original post: on linkedin

1. Bootstrap sampling & the magic number 0.63

Even though randomly sampled,…


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