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Systemic Intelligence - Prelude to a Universal Data Model

Many years ago, I attended a vocational college to learn skilled trade. I was taught about the behaviour of systems. I learned that after renovations to a house, the furnace might cycle on and off more frequently; this can leave some parts of the house too cold. A wood-burning stove or fireplace should be treated as a part of a system. Open doors and windows in the dwelling can cause exhaust from such appliances to enter living spaces. I realize that these particular examples of systems…


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Thresholds, Butterflies, and the Metrics of Phenomena

My favourite explanation of the "butterfly effect" so far is as follows: Under particular conditions, even the tiniest movements of a butterfly can trigger storms and hurricanes. This principle is not limited to butterflies, of course. I think that many of us face pivotal moments in life that leave lasting effects. Perhaps no different than other students, I remember running out of cash during my undergraduate years. I consider this my personal butterfly moment. I had no money for food. I…


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Honeybees, Hive, and Presto


Recently I've been pondering on the idea of synergy, which I relate to the Honeybee Effect. Also, somewhat related is Hadoop's module Hive, for querying large databases. Apparently, Facebook has made their own big data module for SQL-like queries (Presto) open-source about 7 days ago, making waves in the big data scene. What are your views on these matters?


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How to find First Order effects, Second Order effects and their significance/causality in Data Analysis

How can one differentiate the First Order and Second order effects during Data Analysis?

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