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Marketing Intelligence & Analytics Platform with Data Visualization Features

Today Marketers play the role of advanced and technical matchmakers as their job is to match their target consumers with the products and solutions that best meet their needs or wants. They are also responsible for matching their consumer segments with the content, messaging, creatives, and CTAs that best suits - across all the platforms and channels…


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How Data Literacy is Playing a Vital Role in Today’s World

What literacy was for the past century is what data literacy is for the twenty-first century. Most employers now prefer people with demonstrated data abilities over those with higher education, even data science degrees. According to the report, only 21% of businesses in the United States consider a degree when hiring for any position, compared to 64%…


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Face Detection Explained: State-of-the-Art Methods and Best Tools

So many of us have used different Facebook applications to see us aging, turned into rock stars, or applied festive make-up. Such waves of facial transformations are usually accompanied by warnings not to share images of your faces – otherwise, they will be processed and misused.…


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How Data Visualization Can Help Correlate Diabetes And Income

Is diabetes linked to wealth? Is it the new rich man’s disease? Would work from home contribute to the rise in people with diabetes given the sedentary lifestyle amidst lockdowns? This analysis aims to dispel some common myths in the understanding distribution of diabetes among the common populace. It takes a partly economic and partly demographic…


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How a good data visualization could save lives

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (1818-1865) was a Hungarian physician and scientist, now known as an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures.

Described as the "saviour of mothers", at 1846 Semmelweis discovered that the incidence of puerperal fever could be drastically cut by the use of hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics (this fever was…


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Voice Cloning: Corentin's Improvisation On SV2TTS

Working with the audio production and engineering industry, I often wonder how the future of the voice talent market will look like with the assistance of artificial intelligence. The development of cloning technology started a while back but it did not reach today's level overnight. The debate of misusing this…


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Beautiful Mathematical Images

To zoom in on any picture, click on the image to get a higher resolution.

Figure 1: The pillow basins (see section 3)

The topic discussed here is closely related to optimization techniques in machine…


Added by Vincent Granville on February 2, 2021 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

Can Smart Data Visualization Help My Business Users?

If you want your business users to have access to analytics tools that are easy enough for the average user to understand, you will want to select augmented analytics that are easy to use with guidance and recommendations to help the user achieve the results they want AND help the user understand those results once they finish the…


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Deep visualizations to Help Solve Riemann's Conjecture

This is the second part of my article Spectacular Visualization: The Eye of the Riemann Zeta Function, focusing on the most infamous unsolved mathematical conjecture, one that has a $1 million dollar price attached to it. I used the word deep not in the sense of deep neural networks, but because the implications of these…


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Spectacular Visualization: The Eye of the Riemann Zeta Function

We discuss here one of the most famous unsolved mathematical conjectures of all times, one among seven that has a $1 million award attached to it, see here. It is known as the Riemann Hypothesis and abbreviated as RH. Of course I did not solve it (yet), but the material presented here offers a new…


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Amazing Things You Did Not Know You Could Do in Excel

I have included a lot of Excel spreadsheets in the numerous articles and books that I have written in the last 10 years, based either on real life problems or simulations to test algorithms, and featuring various machine learning techniques. It is time to create a new blog series focusing on these useful techniques that can easily be handled with Excel. Data scientists typically use programming languages and other visual tools for these techniques, mostly because they are unaware that it can…


Added by Vincent Granville on December 16, 2020 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

t-SNE : A gem in Data Visualisation

 What is t-SNE?

  • It is a Data Visualization Technique
  • t-SNE stands for t-stochastic neighbor embedding 
  • Developed by Laurens van der Maaten and Geoffrey Hinton in 2008.
  • It is a variation to SNE (Stochastic Neighbor Embedding - Hinton and Roweis,…

Added by Satyam Rastogi on December 9, 2020 at 12:30am — No Comments

New Tests of Randomness and Independence for Sequences of Observations

There is no statistical test that assesses whether a sequence of observations, time series, or residuals in a regression model, exhibits independence or not. Typically, what data scientists do is to look at auto-correlations and see whether they are close enough to zero. If the data follows a Gaussian distribution, then absence of auto-correlations implies independence. Here however, we are dealing with non-Gaussian observations. The setting is similar to testing whether a pseudo-random…


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Network Graph Visualizations with DOT

Network graphs play a large part in both computing and data science, and they are essential for working with (and visualizing) both semantic graphs and property graphs. Nearly thirty years ago, AT&T produced a set of libraries called graphviz which were…


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Probability Mass Function vs Probability Density Function vs Cumulative Density Function (In One Picture)

  • This one picture shows how the CDF compares with the PDF and PMF.
  • All can be used to calculate probabilities.
  • Each function has a unique purpose.
  • The Cumulative Density Function (CDF) is the easiest to understand [1].



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AI Generated Avatars Becoming Digital Influencers

As the recent rise in Covid-19 threatens once again to shutter advertising agencies, film studios, and similar media "factories" globally, a quiet, desperate shift is taking place in the creation of new media, brought about by increasingly sophisticated AI capabilities. A new spate of actors and models are making their way to people's screens, such as…


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Machine Learning with Applications in One Picture

Interesting picture summarizing several types of techniques used in machine learning, contrasting unsupervised learning with unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning.

The difference between supervised and unsupervised learning is described…


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Time Series Forecasting: KNN vs. ARIMA

It is always hard to find a proper model to forecast time series data. One of the reasons is that models that use time-series data often expose to serial correlation. In this article, we will compare k nearest neighbor (KNN) regression which is a supervised machine learning method, with a more classical and stochastic process, autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA).

We will use the monthly prices of refined gold futures(XAUTRY) for one gram…


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Common Technical Characteristics of Some Major Stock Market Corrections

In this blog, I will be covering some charts based on the technical data of three major stock market corrections: the Crash of 1987, Dot-com Correction of 2000, and the Great Crash of 1929.  By technical data, I mean that the charts are produced using stock market prices.  More than a month ago, I wrote about opening my first stock trading account in 1987; this is the same year I was hired for my first regular full-time job.  I worked as a store clerk on Bay…


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Correlation Coefficients in Data Science and Machine Learning (in One Picture)

In my first post on correlation coefficients, I outlined the differences between five popular coefficients: Pearson's,…


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