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Cybersecurity Concerns in the Age of Hybrid Workplaces

Even as the threat of COVID-19 eventually normalizes in our post-pandemic environment, many of the habits and changes we made will likely stay. One of those is hybrid workspaces.

 A hybrid workplace or workspace is a flexible system that allows workers to shift between onsite and offsite work. According to recent data,…


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How Data Science And Machine Learning Works To Counter Cyber Attacks

We are all aware of the heinous cyber-attack that took down more than 200,000 systems in 150 countries in only a few days in May 2017. This was found by the National Security Agency (NSA) and was nicknamed "WannaCry," which exploited a vulnerability and stole important resources…


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AI powered cyberattacks – threats and defence

Cyberattacks are on the rise. AI is part of the threat but also part of the solution. Especially, some of the newer AI strategies (such as adversarial attacks) could be a significant new attack vector.

For example, using deepfakes, you could create highly realistic videos, audio or photos and overcome biometric security systems or infiltrate…


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How To Keep Data HIPAA Compliant?

Personal information theft for various crimes has developed a huge concern among customers for their data safety and security. Be it any industry, protecting consumer data should be on the top of the priority list and the healthcare industry is no exception. Hence a law called …


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Personal Cyber Security Tips

We hope that these personal cyber security guidelines will assist our readers in becoming more cyber aware. These security suggestions were prepared based on our expertise managing millions of security events for organisations and professionals…


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Simple Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography and Cryptanalysis: Illustration with Random Permutations

In this article, I illustrate the concept of asymmetric key with a simple example. Rather than discussing algorithms such as RSA, (still widely used, for instance to set up a secure website) I focus on a system easier to understand, based on random permutations. I discuss how to generate these random permutations and compound them, and how to…


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Protecting Artificial Intelligence models against threats and attacks

I read a paper from ETSI last week which talks of protecting Artificial Intelligence models against threats and attacks.

This topic is of interest to me since we cover it in the artificial intelligence for cybersecurity course at the University of Oxford. Protecting AI models from threats is getting increasingly more important but is not yet…


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Solving Modern Data Protection Challenges

As more and more data resides in online repositories, data backup and protection have taken on critical importance – not just for huge corporations but for organizations of all sizes. In fact, these capabilities may even now be determining an organization’s future. Veeam commissioned an…


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Mitigating Emerging Cyber Security Threats Using Artificial Intelligence

Last week, I taught a cybersecurity course at the University of Oxford case. I created a case study for my class based on an excellent recent paper: Deep Learning-Based Autonomous Driving Systems: A Survey of Attacks and Defences (link below)    


This paper is unique because it discussed emerging cyber security…


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Robust Artificial Intelligence of Document Attestation to Ensure Identity Theft

It’s no riddle that identity fraud has become one of the greatest challenges for online corporations. As stated by the report on identity scams, there were 15.4 million innocents of crimes associated with identity scams and theft in 2020 only. Therefore, as online payments rise due…


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Why Security Is A Major Concern For The Sprawling Health Tech Sector

Data security is a critical issue for the healthcare industry. Data breaches are at an all-time increase. Healthcare cybersecurity has now become a notable treat in the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals must regularly strive to avoid these security threats because of the…


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