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Geospatial Modeling: The Future of Pandemic Analysis


  • Geospatial modeling may be the future of pandemic control.
  • Recent studies analyzed local data and found hidden trends.
  • Border control isn’t enough to stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Where you live determines your risk for the disease.


Significant amounts of data have been collected, analyzed, and…


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Key Attributes in ER Diagrams

  • Overview of different types of keys used in E-R diagrams.
  • How to establish a primary key from a set of alternatives.
  • Composite, superkey, candidate, primary and alternate keys explained.
  • Other keys you may come across include foreign and partial keys.

If you’re unfamiliar with entities and attributes, you may…


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E-R Diagram Cardinality and Participation

Cardinality and participation explained for E-R diagrams.

  • How to show cardinality/participation for several methodologies.
  • Examples of notation and diagrams.

In my previous posts, I discussed some E-R diagram…


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“All models are wrong, some are useful” ≠ Modeling is a futile exercise

The phrase “All models are wrong, some are useful” is quite loosely used. Some take it in a very literal sense to imply that “Modeling is a futile exercise”.

This is a terrible misunderstanding and we shall see why shortly.

“All models are wrong, some…


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E-R Diagram: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

  • Good E-R diagrams capture core components of an enterprise.
  • 5 things not to include in your diagram.
  • Tips to guide you in your E-R diagram design.

In my previous blog post, I introduced you to the…


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Intro to the E-R Diagram

  • E-R diagrams capture meaning in your data.
  • This high-level visual tool identifies core components of an enterprise
  • Simple steps to follow to create the diagram.

Entity-Relationship (E-R) Modeling is one approach to visualize what story your data is trying to tell. This goal of this predecessor to…


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