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The Machine Learning Process in 7 Steps

In this article, I describe the various steps involved in managing a machine learning process from beginning to end. Depending on which company you work for, you may or may not be involved in all the steps. In larger companies, you typically focus on one or two specialized aspects of a project. In small companies, you may be involved in all…


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What Movies Can Teach Us About Prospering in an AI World – Part 1

In his book “Outliers”, Malcom Gladwell unveils the "10,000-Hour Rule" which postulates that the key to…


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Protecting Artificial Intelligence models against threats and attacks

I read a paper from ETSI last week which talks of protecting Artificial Intelligence models against threats and attacks.

This topic is of interest to me since we cover it in the artificial intelligence for cybersecurity course at the University of Oxford. Protecting AI models from threats is getting increasingly more important but is not yet…


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Algorithms for decision making: excellent free download book from MIT


MIT press provides another excellent book in creative commons.

Algorithms for decision making: free download book

I plan to buy it and I recommend you do. This book provides a broad introduction to algorithms for…


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ML and Causality – Why?

Machine learning is “Competence without Comprehension” as famously noted by Dan Dennett, the pre-eminent philosopher of our times. There are two aspects to Machine Learning (ML) “comprehension”.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) hopes to infuse ML with comprehension. The other less lofty aspect is that WE would…


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Deep Learning Based Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are lifesavers in the infinite seething sea of e-commerce, improving customer experience. Recommender engines are eliminating the tyranny of choice, smoothing the way for decision-making, and boosting online sales. Moreover, ubiquitous AI technologies are sneaking into e-commerce, too, not…


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Seven Rules for Delivering Machine Learning Projects on Time

Predicting the length of time it will take to get a Machine Learning (ML) project into production can be tricky. If there is an issue, more often than not, it is likely related to a disconnect between engineering and the data science team. Collaboration between data science and engineering is critical for ML projects, but it…


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The Secret behind Train and Test Split in Machine Learning Process

What is Data Science and Machine Learning?

 Data Science

  • Data Science is a broader concept and multidisciplinary.
  • Data science is a general process and method that analyze and manipulate data.
  • Data science…

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Model Versioning: Reduce Friction. Create Stability. Automate.

The research and development (R&D) phase of building an AI model to address a business problem is characterized by rapid exploration and iteration. Everything is on the table and experimentation is encouraged, from understanding how to frame the problem, to determining how to most effectively use the data on hand, to discovering the model…


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Neural Translation – Machine Translation with Neural Nets with Keras / Python

In this blog, we shall discuss about how to build a neural network to translate from English to German. This problem appeared as the Capstone project for the coursera course “Tensorflow 2: Customising your model“, a part of the specialization “Tensorflow2 for Deep Learning“, by the Imperial College, London. The…


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Your Guide for the Commonly Used Machine Learning Algorithms

We are currently living in such a period where computing has transformed immensely from large mainframes to personal computers to the cloud.  The constant technological progress and the evolution in computing resulted in major automation.

In this article, let’s understand few commonly used…


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Applications of real-world reinforcement learning

This blog is the second part of a two-blog series. Here, we discuss different sectors where reinforcement learning can be used to solve complex problems efficiently. The blog is based on this…


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Honey I Shrunk the Model: Why Big Machine Learning Models Must Go Small

Bigger is not always better for machine learning. Yet, deep learning models and the datasets on which they’re trained keep expanding, as researchers race to outdo one another while chasing state-of-the-art benchmarks. However groundbreaking they are, the consequences of bigger models are severe for both budgets and the environment alike. For…


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Model Training: Our Favorite Tools in the Shed

Welcome to the second installment of our ModelOps blog series, where we dive deep into the next step in the ModelOps pipeline, Model Training. During Model Training, we feed large volumes of data to our model so it can learn to perform a certain task very well. This blog follows the first post in our series where we cover everything you need to know…


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How TensorFlow Works?

Tensor Flow permits the subsequent:

  • Tensor Flow helps you to deploy computation to as a minimum one or extra CPUs or GPUs in a computing tool, server, or mobile device in a completely easy manner. This way the matters may be completed very speedy.
  • Tensor Flow lets you specific your computation as a statistics…

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What is Unsupervised learning

What is Unsupervised learning?

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Machine Learning is a device studying method wherein the users do now not want to oversee the model. Instead, it allows the version to paintings on its very own to discover patterns and records that become previously…


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Leveraging SAP’s Enterprise Data Management tools to enable ML/AI success



In our previous blog post, “Master Your ML/AI Success with Enterprise Data Management”, we outlined the need for Enterprise Data Management (EDM) and…


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Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving: A Breakthrough in Urban Navigation

The six levels of autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicle’ is a buzzword that’s been circulating in recent decades. However, the development of such a vehicle has posed a significant challenge for automotive manufacturers. This article describes how deep learning autonomous driving and…


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Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Pricing

Limitations on physical interactions throughout the world have reshaped our lives and habits. And while the pandemic has been disrupting the majority of industries, …


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Introduction to Probabilistic programming

Last week, I saw a nice presentation on Probabilistic Programming from a student in Iran (link below).  

I am interested in this subject for my teaching at the #universityofoxford. In this post, I provide a brief introduction to Probabilistic programming. Probabilistic programming is a programming paradigm designed to implement and solve…


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