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Neural Network Can Diagnose Covid-19 from Chest X-Rays

  • New study is 98.4% accurate at detecting Covid-19 from X-rays.
  • Researchers trained a convolutional neural network on Kaggle dataset.
  • The hope is that the technology can be used to quickly and effectively identify Covid-19 patients.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, there is a…


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The Top 5 Reasons Why Most AI Projects Fail

Due to the pandemic, most businesses are increasing their investments in AI. Organizations have accelerated their AI efforts to ensure their business is not majorly affected by the current pandemic.

Though the implementation is a positive development in terms of AI adoption, organizations need to be aware of the challenges in adopting…


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Image Distribution

As your team invests significant time and resources developing models, it is imperative that processes are put into place to protect and maximize the return on that investment. To that end, in this installment of the ModelOps Blog Series we’ll discuss leveraging functionality provided by continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD)…


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A Step By Step Guide To AI Model Development

In 2019, Venturebeat reported that almost 87% of data science projects do not get into production. Redapt, an end-to-end technology solution provider, also reported a similar number of 90% ML models not making it to production.

However, there has been an improvement. In 2020, enterprises realized the need for AI in their business. Due to…


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Data Labeling for Machine Learning Models

Machine learning models make use of training datasets for predictions. And, thus labeled data is an important component for making the machines learning and interpret information. A variety of different data are prepared. They are identified and marked with labels, also often as…


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New Study uses DNN to Predict 99% of Coronary Heart Disease Cases

  • Cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of global deaths.
  • New model detects coronary heart disease with almost 99% accuracy.
  • DNN with hidden layers shows more accuracy than other models.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death…


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Deep Neural Networks Addressing 8 Challenges in Computer Vision

But first, let’s address the question, “What is computer vision?” In simple terms, computer vision trains the computer to visualize the world just like we humans do. Computer vision techniques are developed to enable computers to “see” and draw analysis from digital images or streaming videos. The main goal of computer…


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Feedforward Neural Networks

Deep learning technology has become indispensable in the domain of modern machine interaction, search engines, and mobile applications. It has revolutionized modern technology by mimicking the human brain and enabling machines to possess independent reasoning. Although the concept…


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Understanding Self Supervised Learning

In the last blog, we discussed the opportunities and risks of foundational models. Foundation models are trained on a broad dataset at scale and are adaptable to a wide range of downstream tasks. In this blog, we extend that…


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What Does the Future of Machine Learning Look Like?

With machine learning now being…

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Using Automated Builds in ModelOps

In this installment of the ModelOps Blog Series, we will transition from what it takes to build AI models to the process of deploying into production. Think of this as the on ramp for extracting value from your AI investments—moving your model out of the lab and into an environment where it can provide new insights for your organization or add value…


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Machine learning with H2O in R / Python

In this blog, we shall discuss about how to use H2O to build a few supervised machine learning models. H2O is a Java-based software for data modeling and general computing, with the primary purpose of it being a distributed, parallel, in memory processing engine. It needs to be installed first (…


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Synthetic Image Generation using GANs

Occasionally a novel neural network architecture comes along that enables a truly unique way of solving specific deep learning problems. This has certainly been the case with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), originally proposed by Ian Goodfellow et al. in a 2014 paper that has been cited more than…


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Three Steps to Addressing Bias in Machine Learning

Data is powering this century. There is an abundance of data coming from the digitized world, IoT devices, voice assistants like Alexa & Siri, fitness trackers, medical sensors to name a few. Data Science is becoming the center of growth hustling sectors like healthcare, logistics, customer service, banking, finance., etc. AI…


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How does Machine Learning and Retail Demand Forecasting promote business growth

Machine learning in retail demand forecasting has transformed the retail industry. The primary aim of using machine learning in demand forecasting is to predict the future demand in products and services accurately so that the product can be designed and re-designed accordingly. It…


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Explainable AI for Medical Images

Most of what goes by the name of Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is actually based on training and deploying Deep Learning (DL) models. Despite their impressive achievements in fields as diverse as image classification, language translation, complex games (such as Go and chess), speech recognition, and self-driving vehicles, DL models are…


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Twenty Projects in Data Science Using Python (Part-I)

Young and dynamic data science and machine learning enthusiasts are all are very interested in making a career transition by learning and doing as much hands-on learning as possible with these technologies and concepts as Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers or Data Engineers or Data…


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AI Robotization with InterSystems IRIS Data Platform

Fixing the terminology

A robot is not expected to be either huge or humanoid, or even material (in disagreement with Wikipedia, although the…


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Abstraction and Data Science — Not a great combination

Abstraction: some succinct definitions.

"Abstraction is the technique of hiding implementation by providing a layer over the functionality.”

“Abstraction, as a process, denotes the extracting of the essential details about an item, or a group of items, while ignoring the inessential details”…


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Why the Feature Store Architecture is so Impactful for ML Teams

What is a Feature Store?

Machine learning is such a new field that a mature industry-wide standard practice of operations has not yet emerged, like there has been in software development for the past 20 or more years. An ML…


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