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Know Your Support Options for Dynamics 365

ERP implementations demand plenty of investment in terms of finances and human resources. Good ERP implementations also demand regular support in order to keep the flow going. In case of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM, Dynamics 365 Support for Finance & Operations and Microsoft Dynamics 365…


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What is Augmented Data Preparation and Why is it Important?

The average business user does not have a full grasp of Advanced Data Discovery or Data Preparation methods, and most organizations would not want business users to waste precious…


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Namara Dataspec: Monitor the Health of Any Data

Anyone who has worked with datasets that change over time has felt the pain and frustration when the data or schema updates at the source. Maybe you have relied on a scraped dataset to generate a business report or to feed crucial data into an app, then suddenly one column goes missing, another becomes largely blank, and yet another changes its type entirely.

When a dataset is dynamically updated it can, and often will, change without warning, and in ways that cost time, energy, and…


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Machine Learning: How it Improves Performance Engineering

Enterprise software, as well as other kinds, remains a complicated endeavor, thus necessitating the use of modern means to gauge, analyze, and adapt their performance. And one of the most popular technologies in the performance engineering market right now is machine learning. Since it has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to not only help foresee performance issues and fix them. When used in the right manner — this combination can also help performance engineering teams to steer clear of…


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CHROs’ Commitments Towards People Analytics: An Outlook

In this article, we will be talking about the skillset that the future CHROs need to acquire, heading forward into their career. People analytics, or popularly regarded as ‘hr analytics’, is an industry practice, being exercised globally, off late, to achieve optimal business productivity, and levels of employee engagement.


The said practice involves recording and collecting of employees’ data at work, and later, analyzing it with the help of…


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Moving Forward with DataOps

Organizations that have truly embraced Big Data have shifted away from monolithic, traditional architectural models that fail to manage the new data paradigm of nearly unlimited amount of high-variety and high-velocity data. Instead, these forward-leaning organizations have come to adopt a modern data architecture to meet new data requirements that demand flexibility and adaptability in the architecture to aggregate, process and analyze cross-silo data coming from an increasing number of…


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How Milvus Implements Dynamic Data Update and Query

Milvus is an open-source vector similarity search engine powered by approximate nearest neighbor search (ANNS) algorithms such as Faiss, NMSLIB, and Annoy. 

To make a vector search more intuitive and easy to use, we introduced TableFile and metadata in Milvus.

In this article, we will mainly describe how vector data are recorded in the memory of Milvus, and how these records are maintained.

Below are our main design goals:

  1. The efficiency of data…

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Learn Blockchain to Gain A Rewarding Career

Blockchain technology is the talk of the techno-world. The technology is booming at a faster rate and is promising for almost all industries as it conforms trust relations in the techno-world. Blockchain builds a trusted network through its encryption algorithms and accounts for controllable permissions, provenance, transactions, smart contracts, and many applications.…


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Transforming Day-to-Day Decisions in the Enterprise

My views on how to effectively align daily decisions to business objectives…


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How Business Glossaries & Information Catalogs Drive Data Management Strategy

Information catalogs and business glossaries are popular solutions in the data management toolbox. What is the purpose of each and how do they work to effectively manage an organization’s data? Which one should you choose as part of your data management strategy?

What’s in a name?

In the world of data management, business glossaries and information catalogs are sometimes discussed as similar entities and considered interchangeable. However,…


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Data Decay and Data Enrichment

Data, an organization’s intellectual asset, must be treated and regularly enriched to remain useful and valuable. Over 80% of companies we’ve worked with, — including Fortune 500 organizations — recorded up to 50% growth in sales and customer satisfaction as one of the many benefits of data enrichment. Those that enriched data in line with a company-wide data management plan recorded a 2X increase in ROI.

In this…


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Data Governance: Bottom Up Approach to break silos

Over a period, large organizations have been transformed into disintegrated silos that has grown to be a major impediment to respond to changing market demands with agility. Organizational silos have led to innumerous disconnected policies, systems, processes, standards, teams. In order to sustain in this digital era, it’s imperative for organizations to take a top down enterprise value chain view to continually evaluate its ability to adapt (as well as compete) to changing market…


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Impact of Intel vs. ARM CPU Performance for Object Storage

By Frank Wessels

The recent announcement from AWS about the general availability of their new ARM-powered Graviton2 servers caused us to take another look at the performance of these ARM servers. In this blog post we describe the results which you may find surprising.


MinIO is an Apache licensed, open source S3-compatible object storage server with a particular focus on high…


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Streamline Your Data Science with Namara

We’ve written a lot about finding and preparing data lately. But that’s only the beginning when it comes to extracting value from it. When organizations begin flowing external data through their organization, the various issues associated with data sharing start causing problems. Some of these issues include:

  • Controlling permissions and data access, including sharing partial/filtered views or picture-in-picture data
  • Accurately tracking changes to data and monitoring how…

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Automating SQL Queries to Push Information to Business

Most of us working in business intelligence and data science spend a lot of time creating data models, reports and beautiful dashboards. Even though the models are great and reports look fancy, the true value is in your customers actively using it. How often do you find that nobody is actually running the report?

This hurts, but it also makes sense. People get so much information during a day, they really need to be selective. So any important information should pop out of your report…


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Managing Data in Massive-Scale Vector Search Engine

How data management is done in Milvus…


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Why Address Standardization and Validation Matters & What You Can Do About It

Poor address data is a complex data quality challenge that affects customers, businesses, and mailing service. Each year, millions of dollars get wasted in resolving the consequences of poor address data. Mailers spend over $20 billion on UAA mail, while direct costs to the USPS is over $1.5 billion/year. All this unnecessary cost is the result of poor, mismanaged, invalidated address data. 

Over the years, working…


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Don't Acquire a Company Until You Evaluate its Data Quality

Mergers & acquisitions happen when companies believe they are more valuable together than when operating separately. The companies join workforces, systems, infrastructure, and data to become a new, more powerful, more valuable, more effective entity. That is only until they realized they overlooked or underestimated the key issues with data, IT infrastructure & integration plans. In fact, most merger and acquisition plans fail miserably because of data…


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How to maintain Model Effectiveness after deployed

How to maintain Model Effectiveness after deployed

When we ready to deploy a good predictive model which given a good accuracy score on training and testing dataset, there is one more problem to solve.  How long will this model effectively solve the problem with the same high accuracy and what is the strategy to maintain the model accuracy. We also need to…


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ETL vs Data Preparation: What does your business need?

What is ETL?

Put simply, an ETL pipeline is a tool for getting data from one place to another, usually from a data source to a warehouse. A data source can be anything from a directory on your computer to a webpage that hosts files. The process is typically done in three stages: Extract, Transform, and Load. The first stage, extract, retrieves the raw data from the source. The raw data is then transformed to match a predefined format. Finally, the load stage…


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