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All You Should Know About Data Security in 2020/2021

Database security refers to the different tools and processes employed in the protection of personal data and sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access and preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. It includes some practices such as digital and physical access restrictions, encryption, etc. It is one of the…


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Blockchain emerging as Next-Generation Data and Model Governance Framework

Introduction and Motivation

The blockchain technology has led to a strong foundation for different applications related to asset management, medical/health, finance, and insurance. Data analytics provided by…

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How Cyber Attacks Have Affected Businesses in 2020

Cyber-attacks have been bothering people lately; however, 2020 shows us that there are no limits for people who are behind these crimes. Hackers used to crack down people's websites, personal accounts, but now, it is more about getting a bigger fish. The spheres that…


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Cybersecurity and Remote Work


Some years ago, freelancers comprised a separate category of workers. Nowadays, the situation has changed, and remote employees have grown in number considerably. The reasons behind this trend are different: some prefer to work at home, others do not like the office atmosphere, etc.

A new challenge emerged with a working trend: the need for cyber protection on remote work. And…


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Cybersecurity’s Next Frontier: 80+ Companies Using Artificial Intelligence To Secure The Future In One Infographic

This article was written on CBINSIGHTS.

We used CB Insights to identify over 80 private cybersecurity AI companies and categorized them into 9 areas of operation.

Cybersecurity companies saw a record number of funding deals last year and on a quarterly basis Q1’17 was the most active quarter for deals to private cybersecurity companies over the last five years.…


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Learn Blockchain to Gain A Rewarding Career

Blockchain technology is the talk of the techno-world. The technology is booming at a faster rate and is promising for almost all industries as it conforms trust relations in the techno-world. Blockchain builds a trusted network through its encryption algorithms and accounts for controllable permissions, provenance, transactions, smart contracts, and many applications.…


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Data Stewardship in an AI-Driven Ecosystem: Introducing WhiteNoise

 WhiteNoise is the newly available Differential Privacy System by OpenDP.  The intent of Differential Privacy is to preserve the security of personally identifiable information & prevent against database reconstruction attacks.  The methods provided by the WhiteNoise system are part of a toolkit that enable researchers to readily enhance their existing processes with differential privacy techniques. 

The Differential Privacy System

The Differential Privacy…


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