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Data Monetization: Turning Data into Profit-Driving Assets

Every …


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Rewards and recognition 2.0: What does it comprise of?

Employee recognition occurs when a manager or a peer recognizes a person's efforts and/or achievements inside an organization. According to Bersin by Deloitte, 83 percent of organizations suffer from a lack of [employee] "recognition," while just 17 percent of employees think their managers know how to recognize them properly.



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The Danger of Making Decisions based upon Averages

“If you make decisions based upon averages, at best, you’ll get average results”

During the 1950s[1], United States Air Force pilots were having trouble controlling their planes. The problem turned out to be the cockpit, or more specifically, the fact that the cockpit…


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What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About the Importance of Digital Transformation in Business

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has taught us many hard lessons, not the least of which is the importance of being prepared, the importance of anticipating what may be just around the corner, and the importance of being able to theorize, hypothesize and predict. All of these skills are amply supplied by data scientists and analysts. But, in today’s world, it is…


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Data Apps and the Natural Maturation of AI

Figure 1: How Data and Analytics Mastery is Transforming The S&P 500

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven its ability to re-invent key business processes, dis-intermediate customer relationships, and transform industry value chains.  We only need to check out the market…


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How to Grow Your Small Business Using Artificial Intelligence

Image source: pixbay.com

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has numerous applications for small businesses and is not something meant just for large corporations. No one can deny the…


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Top 10 Reasons on How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Businesses

Regardless of the industry and size of the business, whatever the vision of a business is for the future, it must necessarily include proper digital transformation to grow rapidly. 

Due to the whole pandemic, the way businesses operate drastically changed.…


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The Key to Business Survival in the Era of AI

Build a Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization (CALO)

Among the most perplexing challenges facing CEOs in…


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Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 4: Delivering Value

We are now ready to wrap up the four-part series on how technology vendors – especially data and analytic technology vendors (and what technology vendors are not involved in data and analytics nowadays) – can help their customers to “unleash the business value of their technology investments.”

I wrote this four-part series because in my…


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Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 3: Envisioning Value

In part 1 of the 4-part blog series, “Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 1: Framing the Challenge”, I introduced the 3 stages of “unleashing business value”:  1) Connecting to Value, 2) Envisioning Value and 3)…


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Orphaned Analytics: The Great Destroyers of Economic Value

I’m overjoyed to announce the release of my latest book “The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation.”  The book takes many of the concepts discussed in this blog to the next level of pragmatic, actionable detail.  Thanks for your support!

I recently read…


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How to Improve Content Marketing Results with Big Data

Companies and businesses around the world have been forced during the last year to shift their activity online. This is because people are spending more time online than ever. There, you can promote your business, organize contests, connect with customers, and improve your brand awareness. At the base of all these…


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Four Alternative Data Trends to Watch in 2021

Given the recent pandemic’s uncertainty and disturbances, it is not surprising that investors seek more information before making a decision. Although alternative data is not new, it has been the recent focus for many investing firms. A…


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Data Monetization Teenage Sex Conundrum

“Data Monetization.  Data Monetization. Data Monetization.”

Every business executive chants this mantra like it’s a magical incantation for driving an organization’s digital transformation. Heck, it reminds me of the “Shame. Shame. Shame chant from the Game of…


Added by Bill Schmarzo on April 5, 2021 at 7:30am — 1 Comment

Product Innovation Marketing Drives Global Data Science Platforms

Data science platform market is estimated to rise with a CAGR of 31.1% by generating a revenue of $224.3 billion by…


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How to Introduce Machine Learning to your Business

Artificial intelligence systems usually learn by example and are likely to learn better with high-quality examples. Low quality or insufficient training data can lead to unreliable systems that make poor decisions, reach the wrong conclusions, introduce or perpetuate bias and cannot handle real-world variation among other issues. Besides, poor data is…


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Unleashing the Business Value of Technology Part 1: Framing the Challenge

My recent journeys have brought me before both technology vendors and technology customers, and interestingly enough, both are asking the same question:

“How do we unleash the value of our technology investments?”

For technology vendors, more and more of their success is tied to their ability to help their customers unleash the…


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Best practices of Data Cleansing

Data Accuracy:

Data accuracy is the biggest challenge for many businesses, having accurate data is useful in all its stages to use. Data results in inaccuracies when it is created, collected or during the clean-up, or when being stored. The inconsistencies from any of the sources make the data useless or less…


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Why Augmented Data Analytics is the Future of Business Intelligence?

We exist in a world where data is everywhere, not just data but an augmented data. Digging through this data is challenging but enforceable with the right tools. Today, a Business intelligence app makes business goes thrive. There are numerous advantages of business intelligence, and companies are utilizing it more effectively. If your business didn't feel…


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Data Science 2.0: From Analytic Outputs to Business Outcomes

Figure 1: “Data Science Roadmap 2021” by FreeCodeCamp

The “Data Science Learning Roadmap for 2021” in Figure 1 created by FreeCodeCamp…


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