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AI and the future of autonomous systems

n this post, we discuss the future of autonomous systems and AI.

Let’s consider the case of autonomous racing cars. Berkeley Autonomous Race Car (BARC),…


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Top 5 Trends of Telematics Industry

Telematics is an innovative field that combines computer science, telecommunication, electrical engineering, and vehicular technology. It is beneficial for various businesses like transportation, logistics, delivery, etc. The modern fleet management systems are also based on the principles of telematics. These monitoring solutions help companies to…


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Top Trends in Fleet Management 2022

Fleet management is a thriving industry around the world with massive potential in-store. Its contribution to the global economy is considerable, with estimates to increase drastically in the future as well. Many other industries are connected with the fleet industry, and they also grow with it. IT industry that provides fleet management software and…


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Machine Learning Meets Deep Learning in Autonomous Vehicles

Transcending human perception, today autonomous vehicles or AVs have become a reality. Auto giants such as Tesla, BMW, Google, Volkswagen and Volvo have been the front runners in introducing autonomous transportation to ease the pressure off. Meanwhile, the market growth for AV or autonomous vehicles…


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Post-COVID-19: Which Transport Tech Trends Are Likely to Accelerate?

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most significant historical changes the world has seen within the last century. A lot has happened ever since the infection was declared a health emergency. There is already a shift in various services; people working from home, podcasting becoming one of the most reliable marketing techniques, and a…


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Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving: A Breakthrough in Urban Navigation

The six levels of autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicle’ is a buzzword that’s been circulating in recent decades. However, the development of such a vehicle has posed a significant challenge for automotive manufacturers. This article describes how deep learning autonomous driving and…


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