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How Businesses Are Using Data Analytics for Better Operational Efficiency

As the market gets more competitive with time, businesses are altering their strategies to sustain and cater to changing customer needs better. The present era customers have smartened up considerably! They know what they want, and luring them with glitzy ads and lofty marketing…


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Machine Learning Perspective on the Twin Prime Conjecture

This article focuses on the machine learning aspects of the problem, and the use of pattern recognition techniques leading to interesting, new findings about twin primes. Twin primes are prime numbers p such that p + 2 is also prime. For instance, 3 and 5, or 29 and 31. A famous, unsolved and old mathematical conjecture states that…


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How To Differentiate a Dataset If It Has Normal Distribution

The distribution of data means the way the data gets spread out. This article talks about some essential concepts of the normal distribution:

  • How to measure normality…

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​How Data Science and BI Is Revolutionizing the Sports Industry with Power BI

Nowadays, data has become very important in all industries, and that is why thousands of companies hailing from multiple sectors are resorting to data analytics tools. Using BI and data analysis tools can prove to be helpful for businesses in any sector, as it is. Even the sports sector can benefit a lot from the implementation of proper BI…


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What is the most robust binary-classification performance metric?

Accuracy, F1, or TPR (a.k.a recall or sensitivity) are well-known and widely used metrics for evaluating and comparing the performance of machine learning based classification.

But, are we sure we evaluate classifiers' performance correctly? Are they or others such as BACC (Balanced Accuracy),…


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Business Intelligence: Top Use Cases for the New-Age Businesses

Business intelligence has been making waves all over the world lately, especially in the business side of things. Organizations across all industries have it as a critical component for transformation towards becoming a data-driven enterprise. And, hence it is fueling the need for expanded investments to implement a successful BI strategy with tools,…


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When to Adjust Alpha During Multiple Testing


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KDNuggets.com Launches Free Outlier Analysis Boxplot Template

Visit the KDNuggets.com Statistics page and download a free outlier analysis boxplot template from the Topics section. Boxplot analysis can solve business analysis problems. This free…


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An Introduction to Statistical Sampling

Image Source: Statistical Aid

Sampling is a statistical procedure of selecting some representative part from an existing population or study area.…


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Analytics Maturity: from Descriptive to Autonomous Analytics

In Chapter 8 of my new book “The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digitalization Transformation”, I discuss the 8 Laws of Digital Transformation.  My goal for chapter 8 was to push folks out of their comfort zones, especially with respect to how they are defining Digital Transformation success. Why?…


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Variance vs Standard Deviation

variance and standard deviation in statistics
 Image Source: Statistical Aid

Variance is one of the best measures of dispersion which measure the difference of all observation from the center value of the observations.…


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Cluster sampling: A probability sampling technique

cluster sampling

Image source: Statistical Aid

Cluster sampling is defined as a sampling method where multiple clusters of people are created…


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Detect natural disasters with the help of predictive analytics tools

Predictive analytics tools are a key asset in detecting natural disasters. With higher accuracy than other weather detection sensors, they can detect early signs of an oncoming calamity to prevent mistakes like the one that happened in 2016.…


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What is data analysis and why is it important?

Data analysis is the process of evaluating data using analytical and statistical tools to discover useful information and help you make business decisions. There are several methods for analyzing data, including data mining, text analysis, business intelligence, and data visualization.Not only does the most complex application data needs analysis but even a…


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A Few Useful Techniques for Business Forecasting

Forecasting is the process of making prediction of the future based on past and present data.

In many cases…


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What is a Data Mesh?

Data mesh is an architectural paradigm that unveils analytical data at scale, rapidly releasing access to an increasing number of distributed domain data sets for a proliferation of consumption scenarios such as machine learning, analytics, or data-intensive applications across the organization. It addresses the standard failure modes of the…


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The Important Components of Augmented Analytics

When it comes to the new world of analytics, the augmented analytics approach allows business users with no data science background to readily access and use analytics in an intuitive way. There are some important aspects of this approach, including auto machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and intuitive search…


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A must have tool to analyse latest AI research papers fast

Here is a great too for your AI research

I feel like a kid in a candy shop! 

If you are like me, and want to stay on top of AI, you spend a lot of time working through research papers

However, there is no tool which can show you great new research in AI in near real time

So, it was great to find this free and open source…


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Is Facebook’s “Prophet” the Time-Series Messiah, or Just a Very Naughty Boy?

A debate rages on page one of Hacker News about the merits of the world's most downloaded time-series library. Facebook’s …


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The Lost Art of Decile Analysis

                                                                  Image Source: Author

“Logistic Regression is not Regression but a Classification Algorithm”.…


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