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What is Data Quality Management?

In the modern world, every organization is propelled forward by data. As organizations continue to collect more data, the need to manage the quality of the data has become more prominent. Data quality management is a set of practices undertaken by a data manager or an organization to maintain high-quality information. This…


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How to ensure data quality and integrity?

In today's world, data have become an organization’s most valuable asset. But, not all data is valuable. If organizations work with untrustworthy data, it can easily result in wrong insights, distorted analyses, and incorrect decisions. Data Quality and Integrity are the terms used to describe the condition of the data. What are data quality and…


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Say goodbye to traditional data cleansing

Data Cleansing and analysis are the first steps in managing the quality of data. Cleansing is the process of correcting and detecting inaccurate data from your datasets. Being a very critical step it directly affects the accuracy of the data.

Data Analyst spends lots of time in data analysis to ensure there are no inconsistencies, fixing errors,…


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AI DataSense Technology: Defined

Artificial Intelligence is changing how data management and analysis is handled in the age of big data. Organizations are generating more data than ever before and the process of accessing data using traditional methods is not only time consuming but also poses a threat to the data sets. To handle this challenge, AI changes the way we view data in…


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Why do you need trustable data?

Trustable data is defined as data that comes from reliable sources and used according to its intended and delivered in the appropriate formats and time frames for the specific users.

Trustable data helps in effective decision making. The properties mentioned in the definition makes data trustworthy for effective decision making.

Trust Factors of data:

Trustable data are good only if they meet certain basic requirements. Here are some of the…


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