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Responding to Supply Chain Uncertainty with Intelligent Planning

Supply chain disruptions are anything but uncommon. 2018 saw 2,629 disruption events being reported.[i] In 2019, 51.9% of firms experienced supply chain disruptions, with 10% experiencing six or more disruptions.[ii] Largely, these were man-made (79%).…


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Why you need metadata for Big Data success

I recently wrote an article entitled ‘First Big Data initiative – why you need Big Data governance now!’ and one of the comments received was from metadata expert and noted industry metadata presenter and speaker Bob Schork.  I had the privilege of working with Bob in the past and have benefited from his extensive metadata insights over the years. What made me write this article was his comment stating that “metadata which is and will be ignored by many working on a BD (Big Data) project, to…


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First Big Data initiative? Why you need Big Data governance in place now!

You would be surprised how many major firms, who are now ready to launch their first Big Data projects, have not started an internal Big Data governance program. Big data has great potential to help organizations grow their business, but just having this data will not be enough. To derive the highest value and minimize legal exposure and risk to a firm’s reputation, a Big Data governance program is crucial from the start. Even if there is data governance currently in place it is most likely…


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Big Data – Before you jump in make sure you are planning appropriately

For a few years now Big Data has drawn the attention of many firms and CIOs. The rewards are major –new business insights, new customer segments, speed (faster time-to-answer, faster time-to-decision, and faster speed-to-market) to driving operational cost efficiencies and even corporate strategies. 

In the past few months I have been connecting with senior managers who want to start their Big Data efforts this year. You will need to take the necessary time to focus on some upfront…


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