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Just When You Thought You Understood RDBMS and NoSQL Databases – This Happens

Summary:  Just when you thought you had a handle on the database market it fragments again.  Here’s an overview to help you keep up.…


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The Need for Speed: In-Memory and the Marriage of RDBMS and NoSQL



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Polyglot Persistence?

Summary:  Yes it’s a real phrase and it’s the secret to picking the right NoSQL…


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Quantifying the Value of a NoSQL Project

Summary:  If you’re making the decision to use NoSQL, how do you quantify the value of the investment?

If you are exploring NoSQL, once you become educated on the basics there are two questions that will rapidly move to the top of your list of considerations.  

  • What does it…

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Lesson 5: Key Value Stores (AKA 'Tuple' Stores)

Summary:  Key Value Stores like Hadoop were here first and excel at fast storage of unstructured data.

In the beginning (about…


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