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Data Quality Focused Data Pipelines

Data quality is critical in any web scraping or data integration project. Data-driven businesses rely on customer data, it helps their products, provides valuable insights, and drives new ideas. If organizations expand its data collection, it becomes more vulnerable to …


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7 Essential Features of Data Quality Tool

The availability of big data in the Digital Era enables new generation industries to create novel business models and automate their operations. It also assists them in developing innovative technology solutions that lead to new commercial opportunities. Sensors, machinery, social media, Web sites, and e-commerce portals all create large amounts of…


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Using Artificial Intelligence and ML in data quality management.

In recent years the technology has become prominent. AI and Machine learning are evolving quickly today. Almost today, everyone will have some interaction with a form of AI daily, some examples like Siri, Google Maps, etc. Artificial Intelligence is an app in which a machine can perform human-like tasks. Same time, ML is a system that can…


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Benefits of improving data quality

As the digital world continues to become more competitive, everyone is trying to understand their customers better and make finance, development, and marketing decisions based on real data for a better ROI.

Bad data is misleading and would be even more detrimental to your business than a lack of data at all. Organizations may also be…


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How poor data quality impacts your business?

Poor data quality is consequential now more than ever businesses access more and more data and manipulate it to their advantage. Users also have a larger list of options to choose from in case one house fails them.

Impacts of poor data quality

Organizations may not be able to avoid bad data altogether. The best…


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