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The Rise of Biometric Authentication - The Rewards and Risks


The utilization of biometrics as a tool for securing and verifying identity has been standard practice among government and law enforcement agencies for quite some time now. Some of the common uses of biometrics include the collection and storage of fingerprints to track government- and state-issued permits and licenses (in the cases of healthcare professionals, passports, drivers’ licenses, etc.), the prevention of…


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The story of Big Data, Data Science & Data Mining

We live in a world where the amount of data has increased on a large scale in various fields. Websites track user activities, marketers collect the customer’s purchasing history, so-called “Quantified-Selfers” collect the user’s sleeping patterns and heart rates, and so on.

With the availability of vast amounts of data, most industries have started focusing on leveraging valuable insights from it. Those insights can give businesses a competitive advantage in the market and…


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Apache Hadoop Admin Tips and Tricks

In this post I will share some tips I learned after using the Apache Hadoop environment for some years, and  doing many many workshops and courses. The information here considers Apache Hadoop around version 2.9, but it could definably be extended to other similar versions.

These are considerations for when building or using a Hadoop cluster. Some are considerations over the Cloudera distribution. Anyway, hope it…


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Just get rid of your billion dollar Data

Data isn't your business.It's just by-product of doing business.I know you want to get rid of those redundant data which suck up a lot of storage space.From years companies are known to pay extra to eradicate waste leftover from the production process.Times have changed, though. Through genius innovation, many entrepreneurs have taken what was once useless sludge and transmuted it into massive profits.

After yielding their finished product, breweries in the late 19th…


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Why Not So Hadoop?

Does Big Data mean Hadoop? Not really, however when one thinks of the term Big Data, the first thing that comes to mind is Hadoop along with heaps of unstructured data. An exceptional lure for data scientists having the opportunity to work with large amounts data to train their models and businesses getting knowledge previously never imagined. But has it lived up to the hype? In this article, we will look at a brief history of Hadoop and see how it stands today.

2015 Hype Cycle –…


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Smart Cities at the Nexus of Emerging Data Technologies and You

(Source: https://gcn.com/articles/2016/09/07/epa-air-sensor-challenge.aspx)

One of the most significant characteristics of the evolving digital age is the convergence of technologies. That includes information management (databases), data…


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How to Architect a Big Data Application to Unleash Its Full Potential

For a world, that's churning out and recording infinite volumes of data every second, where dependency on data is steeply rising, the need to implement Big Data architecture becomes natural.

Big Data solutions can resolve specific big data problems and requirements for data analysis, curation, capturing, sharing, searching,…


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Accelerate Decision Making : Get Data Driven Actionable Insights

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."

The banking and financial services sector has gone through unprecedented change in the last few years, writes Paul Garel-Jones. Now Customers are expecting a more personalized services from their banks however Regulators have reacted to the credit crunch with significant changes to regulation with more intrusive and granular supervision. At the…


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Big Data Analytics Forecast : The Streaming Future

"Information is the oil of the 21st century, and Analytics is the combustion engine."

The Volume, Variety and Velocity of data coming into your organization continue to reach unprecedented levels. This phenomenal growth means that not only…


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Credit Analytics and its Application in Businesses

Credit analytics is a way to arrive at creditworthiness of a business or an organization i.e. the ability of the Business or organization to meet its financial obligations. In technical terms, the crux of credit risk analysis lies in identifying the appropriate level of default risk associated with investment in a particular entity.…


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Speech (Interaction) Analytics : Realize the Essential Points and Leave the Rest as Surplus

As worldwide establishments continue to look for ways to make big data actionable, solutions such as speech analytics are well placed to help customers and balance the need of revealing new revenue opportunities, reducing costs and optimizing the customer experience.…


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Predictive Analytics: The Command to Forecast Who will Connect, Purchase, Gain or Drain

Whether you love it or hate it, predictive analytics has already helped elect presidents, discover new energy sources, score consumer credit, assess health risks, detect fraud and target prospective buyers. 

Predictive analytics is business intelligence technology that produces a predictive…


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Robot Company: Can a True AI Run a Business Autonomously?

Imagine a company that lives in the cloud and requires no human interaction at all. What would it look like? Is this possible? What purpose would it have? 

Originally posted by sublimecattree

Let’s start with email: What percentage of emails could be eliminated if all your employees shared the same brain? 90%? 99%? You would only need external facing…


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The company that perfects Data Visualization in Virtual Reality will be the next Unicorn

Fortune 500 companies are investing staggering amounts into data visualization. Many have opted for Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, etc. but some have created their own in HTML5, full stack JavaScript, Python, and R. Leading CIOs and CTOs are obsessed with being the first adopters in whatever is next in data visualization. 

The next frontier in data visualization is clearly immersive experiences. The 2014 paper "Immersive and Collaborative Data Visualization Using Virtual Reality…


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The Role of Big Data In Medicine

Evolution or Revolution?

The part of enormous information in medication is one where we can construct better wellbeing profiles and better prescient models around individual patients with the goal that we can better analyze and treat sickness.

One of the fundamental restrictions with medicine today and in the pharmaceutical business is our comprehension of the biology of sickness. Huge information becomes an integral factor…


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Wearable Technology: Bringing Digital Disruption to our Lives !!

Do you remember Captain James Kirk using his wrist watch to communicate with the crew of the Starship Enterprise back in 1966?
Today, almost after 50 years, it has finally become a reality!
Digital disruption is occurring in all business functions all around the world. Wearables are becoming mainstream and disrupting almost every industry, with the…

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A Plethora of Open Data Repositories (i.e., thousands!)

Open data repositories are valuable for many reasons, including:

(1) they provide a source of insight and transparency into the domains and organizations that are represented by the data sets;

(2) they enable value creation across a variety of domains, using the data as the “fuel” for innovation, government transformation, new ideas, and new businesses;

(3) they offer a rich variety of data sets for data scientists to sharpen their data mining, knowledge discovery, and…


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It's Time to Bring Your Own Data!

I just got back from my vacation in Barcelona, Spain where I spent about 3 days, then rented a car and drove up north through the South of France. My last stop was Nice, France. The trip was a lot of fun and now I intend to find some data to help bring back great memories (hm...it sounds more geeky than I thought but anyway).

Barcelona is located in Catalonia region of Spain famous for its earthy dry reds as well as Cava - world's most delicious bubbly drink. I am a big wine fan which…


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Hacking Y Combinator

This idea came to me out of the blue. I was scrolling through Y Combinator's Hacker News board in search of inspiration. I noticed that some posts (very insightful ones, I thought) ended up at the bottom of the list, other posts were popular but had no comments and some triggered lots of comments but were ranked very low. I can imagine that being popular on Hacker News means a lot to a contributor: s/he gets a ton of views, the post generates…


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Don't Get Hadooped

It seems like more and more companies are very interested in either, improving or setting up their analytical capabilities. All these companies are quite attracted to Hadoop, Spark or other similar solutions, not necessarily because they solve real problems they’re facing, but because they are shiny, trendy pieces of technology.

Hadoop, Spark and others are…


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