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Digital Transformation Requires Redefining Role of Data Governance

I’m overjoyed to announce the release of my latest book “The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation.”  The book takes many of the concepts discussed in this blog to the next level of pragmatic, actionable detail.  Thanks for your support!



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Master Machine and Human Learning to Win the Digital Transformation Wars

The “Economies of Learning” are more powerful than the “Economies of Scale”

This may be my most powerful concept (outside of the Schmarzo Economic Digital Asset Valuation Theorem and the…


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Crossing the Analytics Chasm with Nanoeconomics

I love it when a plan comes together” – John (Hannibal) Smith, The A Team

One of the biggest challenges that I continue to see are organizations struggling to cross the Analytics Chasm; to transition their use of data and analytics from retrospective Business Intelligence that monitors what has happened to AI/ML-driven…


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Ethical AI, Monetizing False Negatives and Growing Total Addressable Market

What if I told you that companies that don’t embrace Ethical AI are leaving significant amounts of “Money on the Table”; that they are not only missing out on potentially profitable customers, but that over time they are eroding their Total Addressable Market (TAM)?  Do I have your attention now?

After I published the blog “…


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Mastering Nanoeconomics in the Era of Digital Transformation

As I state in the opening paragraph of my new book “The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital…


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The Ethical AI Application Pyramid

In the blog “How Can Your Organization Manage AI Model Biases?”, I wrote:

“In a world more and more driven by AI models, Data Scientists cannot effectively ascertain on their own the costs associated with the unintended consequences of False Positives and False Negatives. Mitigating unintended consequences requires the collaboration across a diverse set of stakeholders in…


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Introducing the “4 Stages of Data Monetization”

Ah, the fond memories of the early days of Saturday Night Live and the hilarious “Point / Counterpoint” debates between Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd. I can just imagine this routine being played out today over the value of data…

Jane Curtin:Dan, you ignoramus.  Everyone knows that data is the new oil; that data will power the economic growth of the 21st century. Heck, The Economist even declared…


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If Data Scientist is the Modern-Day Alchemist, Then Why are We Using Leeches to Monetize Data?

Okay, I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore! If data scientists are the modern-day alchemist who turn data into gold, then why are so many companies using leeches to monetize their data?

When I talk to companies about the concept of a “Chief Data Monetization Officer” role, many of them look at me like I…


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Human Decision-making in a Big Data World

This blog was originally written in 2012, and am republishing it because with the increased use of black box AI / ML models to power key operational decisions, these human decision-making traps need to be thoroughly and holistically addressed during the analytics definition stage to avoid the dangers of unintended consequences.


Organizations are looking to integrate big data and advanced analytics into their business operations in order to become more…


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How Can Your Organization Manage AI Model Biases?

I’ve been reading the interesting and soul-searching (from a data scientist perspective) book from Cathy O’Neil titled “Weapons of Math Destruction”, or WMD as used in the book.  The book provides several real-world examples of how Big Data and Data Science – when not properly structured – can lead to ethically-wrong unintended consequences. 



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Digital Robber Barons and Digital Vertical Integration

I love talking about business models because in the end, it’s usually the best business model, not the best technology, that wins the day. And digital transformation has the potential to reinvent business models by leveraging superior customer, product and operational insights to disrupt industry value chains and disintermediate customer relationships (see Figure 1).…


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