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Feature Engineering At a glance

Data Science Lifecycle revolves around using various analytical methods to produce insights and applying Machine Learning techniques to do the predictions from the collected dataset. The main objective is to achieve a business challenge.

The entire process involves…


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What are Ensemble Techniques?

Opinion from team of experts would yield better results, giving us confidence compared to single person’s opinion. That exactly ‘Ensemble Techniques’ would do. A methodology where multiple models are built and results are combined from each model giving us improved outcomes.

Here are the few popular techniques.  

Decision Tree

A flowchart-like tree structure where an internal node represents feature, the branch represents a decision rule and each leaf…


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How to Set the Stage for a Successful Data Science Project: A Sales Person’s Perspective

By Pranay Agarwal and Betsy Romeri.

“They just don't understand me. I provide them with all the necessary details, all the data and analysis possible, but they don't seem to get it.” These were the comments of a data scientist at one of the largest CPG companies in Brazil as he vented to me over coffee and described how frustrating his last year had been. He definitely was feeling the heat from the business stakeholders. None of the major analytics initiatives that his team…


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The Three Pillars of Insurance Analytics

Understanding the Role of Analytics in Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is all about assessing risk and managing the same successfully. Life insurance industry operates intrinsically by balancing risk assessment and risk management. Compiled with a large volume of data the insurance industry operates with, arriving at meaningful…


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PMML - A good citizen of the Analytics Ecosystem

As a data science professional how would you respond to the question, “How familiar are you with PMML?”

Your choices are:

-        “I have no idea what PMML is”

-        “I have heard and read about PMML”

-        “I have played around with PMML”

-        “I have used PMML in my projects”

I have seen many responses to the question and the most popular one was “I have no idea what PMML is”.

Is this surprising? I guess, if we look at the…


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Early reviews for my upcoming publication on Machine learning

Hi all... I have my new publication on large scale machine learning with Packt publishers coming up in the next few months. Request help from experts in machine learning for help. Please inbox me interest to [email protected] and 

A quick note on the scope of content covered in the book:

 Practical Machine learning - to be published by Packt

This book focuses on exploring all the Machine Learning techniques and some specific behavioral…


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