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Improving Shipment and Orders: Defense Visual Streams Logistics

Defense logistics (DL) is a significant and mostly untapped knowledge area in the field of Production Engineering, despite its importance. As a result, this article aims to define the domain of the DL issue. The emphasis is on industrial, technical, institutional, organizational, and, in particular, strategic management elements of logistics in the…


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New Study Warns: Get ready for the next pandemic

  • A new study warns we’re likely to see another major pandemic within the next few decades.
  • New database of pandemic info used to calculate increased probability.
  • A major pandemic will likely wipe out human life within 12,000 years.

For much of the past century, the fear has been that a calamity like an asteroid…


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DSC Weekly Digest 24 August 2021

The Emerging Technologies Event Horizon

The Emerging Technologies Event Horizon…


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​How Data Science and BI Is Revolutionizing the Sports Industry with Power BI

Nowadays, data has become very important in all industries, and that is why thousands of companies hailing from multiple sectors are resorting to data analytics tools. Using BI and data analysis tools can prove to be helpful for businesses in any sector, as it is. Even the sports sector can benefit a lot from the implementation of proper BI…


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7 Ways To show Kindness with Your Remote Marketing Team

I believe that remote working brings with it improved diversity and a better understanding of other countries and cultures.

But you'll often hear detractors of marketing teams dispersed geographically talking about how you lose something when staff works remotely. Without the proverbial water cooler to chat by, or after…


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Understanding Self Supervised Learning

In the last blog, we discussed the opportunities and risks of foundational models. Foundation models are trained on a broad dataset at scale and are adaptable to a wide range of downstream tasks. In this blog, we extend that…


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Another Gift of AI to the future, Robotic Bees for pollination: A boon or bane?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence what all remained confined to our fantasies, dreams, and sci-fi movies is turning into reality! Advances in this domain are…


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The Inverse Problem in Random Dynamical Systems

Dynamical system used in weather prediction (see here)

We are dealing here with random variables recursively defined by Xn+1 =…


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Elegant Entrepreneur: I QUIT! What Happens After You Resign

This is the second and final article in the 'I Quit' series. These articles are meant to provide you with some insight into the resignation process from an employer perspective. In this article, I will discuss what happens (or should happen) after you tell your manager you are leaving the company.


As I mentioned in the first article, entitled,…


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Will AI Offer Human Companionship and Mental Health Benefits?

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Will AI Offer Human Companionship and Mental Health…


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Solving the Parsing Dilemma

There’s a much maligned topic in web scraping - data parsing. Building scrapers would be a lot easier if the data presented through HTML wasn’t intended for browsers. However, that is the case, which means that the data extraction process has to go through several hoops…


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Using Automated Builds in ModelOps

In this installment of the ModelOps Blog Series, we will transition from what it takes to build AI models to the process of deploying into production. Think of this as the on ramp for extracting value from your AI investments—moving your model out of the lab and into an environment where it can provide new insights for your organization or add value…


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Top Use Cases of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

NLP or Natural Language Processing in healthcare presents some unique and stimulating opportunities. It provides a glide through the vast proportion of new data and leverages it for boosting outcomes, optimising costs, and providing optimal quality of care.…


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Using Automation in AI with Recent Enterprise Tools

A Classic Data Science Project and approach looks like this:

Data Science (DS) and Machine Learning (ML) are the spines of today’s data-driven business decision-making.

From a human viewpoint, ML often consists of multiple phases: from gathering requirements and datasets to deploying a model, and to…


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How AI Is Transforming Marketing for Better Conversions

Even when artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize the world, it’s clear that not all…


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Business Intelligence: Top Use Cases for the New-Age Businesses

Business intelligence has been making waves all over the world lately, especially in the business side of things. Organizations across all industries have it as a critical component for transformation towards becoming a data-driven enterprise. And, hence it is fueling the need for expanded investments to implement a successful BI strategy with tools,…


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Top Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021

As a result of the pandemic, the use of artificial intelligence in many businesses has increased. By 2023, according to IDC, investment in AI technology would have increased to $97.9 billion. Artificial intelligence's potential utility has only increased after the…


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Has the Pandemic Accelerated AI in Healthcare?

Image Credit: Unsplash


While the pandemic has spurred digital transformation, even a corporate metaverse debate about the future of remote work, AI was…


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Open AI Codex Challenge Seen By the Participants

On the 12th of August, Open AI hosted a hackathon for all those interested in trying out Codex. Codex is a new generation of their GPT-3 algorithm that can translate plain English commands into code.

We at…


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