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Cluster sampling: A probability sampling technique

cluster sampling

Image source: Statistical Aid

Cluster sampling is defined as a sampling method where multiple clusters of people are created…


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Load Data Into Google BigQuery on Dataproc and AutoML

What is Dataproc?

Dataproc is a low-cost, Google Cloud Platform integrated, easy to use managed Spark and Hadoop service that can be leveraged for batch processing, streaming, and machine learning use cases.

What is Google BigQuery?

BigQuery is an enterprise grade…


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Difference Between Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence

By 2035 AI could boost average profitability rates by 38 percent and lead to an economic increase of $14 Trillion.

  • Accenture

The words Artificial Intelligence (AI), and algorithms are most often misused and misunderstood. There are often used…


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Five Tips To Convert Big Data into a Big Success

Can data be considered as the new gold? Considering the pace at which data is evolving all across the globe, there is little question. Consider the following: 

  • Netflix saves…

Added by Aliha Tanveer on July 6, 2021 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

The Important Components of Augmented Analytics

When it comes to the new world of analytics, the augmented analytics approach allows business users with no data science background to readily access and use analytics in an intuitive way. There are some important aspects of this approach, including auto machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and intuitive search…


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Why the Feature Store Architecture is so Impactful for ML Teams

What is a Feature Store?

Machine learning is such a new field that a mature industry-wide standard practice of operations has not yet emerged, like there has been in software development for the past 20 or more years. An ML…


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ARIMA Model (Time Series Forecasting) in a Nutshell


Does your business struggle to understand the data in a better way or to predict future trends? Then you’re not the only one in the business; many fail here. ARIMA can help you forecast and understand the new patterns from the past data using time series analysis. One of the top reasons why the…


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A Few Useful Techniques for Business Forecasting

Forecasting is the process of making prediction of the future based on past and present data.

In many cases…


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Abstraction and Data Science — Not a great combination

Abstraction: some succinct definitions.

"Abstraction is the technique of hiding implementation by providing a layer over the functionality.”

“Abstraction, as a process, denotes the extracting of the essential details about an item, or a group of items, while ignoring the inessential details”…


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How to Fine-Tune BERT Transformer with spaCy 3


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Technology Used for Backend Development in 2021

Have you ever visited a website that is simply beautiful? No other words to describe it. It has the perfect aesthetic, and everything seems in the right place. And then you start browsing it. Like the world’s most naive Tinder user you discover it's all a…


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What is data analysis and why is it important?

Data analysis is the process of evaluating data using analytical and statistical tools to discover useful information and help you make business decisions. There are several methods for analyzing data, including data mining, text analysis, business intelligence, and data visualization.Not only does the most complex application data needs analysis but even a…


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Detect natural disasters with the help of predictive analytics tools

Predictive analytics tools are a key asset in detecting natural disasters. With higher accuracy than other weather detection sensors, they can detect early signs of an oncoming calamity to prevent mistakes like the one that happened in 2016.…


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Intro to the E-R Diagram

  • E-R diagrams capture meaning in your data.
  • This high-level visual tool identifies core components of an enterprise
  • Simple steps to follow to create the diagram.

Entity-Relationship (E-R) Modeling is one approach to visualize what story your data is trying to tell. This goal of this predecessor to…


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AI powered cyberattacks – threats and defence

Cyberattacks are on the rise. AI is part of the threat but also part of the solution. Especially, some of the newer AI strategies (such as adversarial attacks) could be a significant new attack vector.

For example, using deepfakes, you could create highly realistic videos, audio or photos and overcome biometric security systems or infiltrate…


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It’s Insights Monetization, Not Data Monetization

Okay, this is on me.  I own it.  My blog “Why Data Monetization is a Waste of Time” created quite a stir.  I loved it.  I’d like to take this “data monetization” conversation one step further:

Most organizations should not be…


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DSC Weekly Digest 06 July 2021

Machine Learning Pipelines

Added by Kurt A Cagle on July 6, 2021 at 8:30pm — No Comments

Salary Trends for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Professionals

Source: here

If you are wondering how much a data scientist earns, whether you are a hiring manager or looking for a job, there are plenty of websites…


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An Overview of Logistic Regression Analysis

An Intuitive study of Logistic Regression Analysis

Image Source: Statistical Aid
Logistic regression is a statistical technique to find the association between the categorical dependent…

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What's In a Name?

I wrote on this topic way back in 2016, but when a recent reader indicated that the original article didn't have images anymore (it happens), it seemed like a good opportunity to write about it again.

I am Kurt Cagle, or, according to my birth certificate, Kurt Alan Cagle. My name is Kurt Cagle.

Now, think about that…


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