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How to Reduce Cloud Costs: Tips from DevOps Engineers

Companies that have migrated their infrastructures to the cloud have realized the benefits of this solution but, along with that, faced a new challenge. Potential cost savings turn out to be imaginary if resources are misused. According to the…


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SAP BW Data Mining Analytics: Model Reporting (Part 1)

SAP BW Data Mining allows creating data mining models that implement respective analysis methods (either supplied by SAP as built-in with SAP BW Data Mining or supplied by certified vendors). Although analysis methods available via SAP BW Data Mining provide extensive reporting and visualizations, there could be a need for…


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Entertainment AI Is Ramping Up to the Next Level

In this era of smartphones, we cannot deny that information technology plays a vital role in carrying out operations and making every segment effective. Be it government, sports, finance, education to entertainment, information technology tools, and tactics are being used in different ways revamping every sector to the next…


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Understanding Static Data Management

Photo by Markus Winkler…


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Don’t Let Tooling and Management Approaches Stifle Your AI Innovation


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How EHR Systems Affect Patient Experience

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic, it is very much obvious that the world is constantly revolving around digital information and advancements in digital technology. The healthcare industry is no exception and has benefitted since the introduction of such digital healthcare…


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How Streaming Data Works - Overview, Examples, and Architecture

Using data for business is no longer optional if you hope to keep up. Every day, over 2 exabytes of data are generated. There are a lot of valuable insights that can be garnered from accessing and analyzing some of that data. 

Part of the reason…


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Software Demos that Say, 'I Hear You'

This article is really targeted to business teams and managers who are responsible for establishing the software demo process and guidelines within an organization. While my advice definitely affects those who give the demos, my experience has been that those who demonstrate software are usually following a scripted process established by someone else.…


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Will RPA and AI Automate HR, Sales and Marketing Tasks?

AI can augment software services to a point where a majority of HR, sales and marketing tasks will become automated in the next ten years. I'm very bullish on RPA and companies like UI Path. You can watch this video…


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How AR and VR are Transforming the Future of Businesses

Augmented and virtual realities are two crucial components for businesses these days. Many business projects are seeing improvement due to AR and VR. Also, there are various training programs available to teach people how to use them. Here, we'll look at how AR and VR play an essential role in improving…


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Don’t train your new AI co-worker!!

Do you ever get the feeling that your new robot co-workers are asking for a bit too much documentation about how you do things? Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to worry about your robot assistant taking your job, but you might realize that he is part of a secret AI resistance movement trying to learn the secrets of human…


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Features are the New Data

In my prior blog “Reframing Data Management: Data Management 2.0”, I talked about the importance of transforming data management into a business strategy that supports the sharing, re-using and continuous refinement…


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Why we shouldn’t expect a metaverse anytime soon (Part II of II)

An orrey or planetarium designed by George Adams showing relative positions of the planets in relation to the sun, 1799, https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2006691765.

Part I of II explored the…


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Why AI tools Failed to Help With Detecting COVID

Following on from the article last week – Deep learning in biology and medicine – we discuss another sobering trend -  according to some recent research shared on MIT technology review  Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid.…


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GPT-3 and GPT-4 Could Ruin the Future Internet

This is an Op-ed about the future of the internet and, while speculative, it's an example and an attempt to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence at scale in a human would or could have disastrous impacts without AI regulation and AI ethics to protect us.…


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IntelligentGraph = Knowledge Graph + Embedded Analysis

Why IntelligentGraph?

IntelligentGraph adds analysis capability embedded within RDF graphs.

At present calculations are either delivered by custom code or spreadsheets. The data behind…


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PathQL: Intelligently finding knowledge as a path through a maze of facts

PathQL simplifies finding paths through the maze of facts within a KnowledgeGraph. Used within…


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Handling very large images in medical imaging applications

The field of computational pathology (CPATH) consists of using algorithms to analyze digital images obtained through scanning slides of cells and tissues. In recent years, deep learning algorithms that show comparable performance to trained pathologists have been developed for several classification, regression, and segmentation tasks, such as tumor…


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DSC Weekly Digest 14 September 2021


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Elevate your Employee Recognition Program with HR Tech


Recognition of employees has long been a cornerstone of good administration. However, as the battle for talent heats up, how businesses appreciate their employees is more crucial than ever.

Businesses gain from employee recognition in a variety of ways. Employees who believe their job is recognized…


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