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Why was Power BI considered the best BI tool?

Power BI was chosen by Gartner as the best BI tool in the world. This has been happening for the twelfth consecutive year, which reinforces the platform's power.

When it comes to Business Intelligence and…


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Angular vs React: Which is Best for your Business?

When it comes to choosing the right JavaScript framework for developing an exceptional web application, developers have many options. These include Angular, React, Vue, etc. However, it is quite difficult for developers to decide as each of these frameworks has its pros and…


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The Role of Big Data in Banking

How do modern banks use Big Data? 

Recently, we have been hearing about Big Data more and more often. In today's digital world, this technology is being actively used in the financial industry as…


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The Lost Art of Decile Analysis

                                                                  Image Source: Author

“Logistic Regression is not Regression but a Classification Algorithm”.…


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Clickless Analytics is the Future of Business User Analytics

If your business is trying to incorporate data analytics into the fabric of day-to-day work, you will need to get your users to adopt analytical tools. The way forward is not all that complicated. The solution you choose must take an augmented analytics approach, one that includes simple search analytics, ala Google search. Natural Language Processing (NLP)…


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Applying Regression-based Machine Learning to Web Scraping

Whenever we begin dealing with machine learning, we often turn to the simpler classification models. In fact, people outside of this sphere have mostly seen those models at work. After all, image recognition has become the poster child of machine learning.…


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In a Cloud-Native World, It’s Time to Rethink Data Storage

Digital transformation has created new product and service capabilities and untold additional yottabytes of data. It has become increasingly clear that data is a key creator of value. Take, for example, the realm of digital entertainment. For proof, just scan your monthly credit…


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Good source of coding puzzles for programming interviews

Here is a paper which gives a set of coding puzzles which could be useful for technical interviews in data science.

The paper introduces a new type of programming challenge called programming puzzles, as an objective and comprehensive evaluation of program synthesis, and release an open-source dataset of Python Programming Puzzles…


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More Fun Math Problems for Machine Learning Practitioners

This is part of a series featuring the following aspects of machine learning:

  • Mathematics, simulations, benchmarking algorithms based on synthetic data (in short,…

Added by Vincent Granville on June 19, 2021 at 7:26am — No Comments

Artificial Intelligence to Take User Experience to the Next Level

Just imagine that you walked into a restaurant and are welcomed by the hotel staff. Later, one of the waiters directs you to a convenient seat, tells you their special dishes, and helps you order food by understanding your preference. He makes sure that you are attended well, serves you good food, and asks your feedback before you leave. It is a…


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How To Build An Amazing Mobile App For Your Startup?

It isn’t every day that you are blessed with app ideas to make money. But when you are, the worst thing you can do is launch it without the right resources and knowledge.

To build a mobile app for startup is more than just getting a team of tech-savvy people to make a product that appears as a tile on your phone. It is about developing your…


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DSC Weekly Digest 14 June 2021

Data Science Languages

Added by Kurt A Cagle on June 15, 2021 at 8:52pm — No Comments

Making Sense of Data Features

Spend any time at all in the machine learning space, and pretty soon you will encounter the term "feature". It's a term that may seem self-evident at first, but it very quickly descends into a level of murkiness that can leave most laypeople (and even many programmers) confused, especially when you hear examples of machine learning systems that involve…


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Driving productivity and PLM effectiveness using an app ecosystem to neutralize the impact of COVID-19

With stagnating consumption and restrictions on individual and merchandise flow, the footwear and apparel industry is quickly overhauling its strategy for the “new normal”. COVID-19 is forcing the industry to be more focused, sustainable and efficient in its processes. In doing so, it is also forcing the industry to become more…


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How New Technology Trends Impact Web Development in 2021

With the rise of technologies, our day-to-day has completely transformed. As the transit of time, we are witnessing some major changes in the web development space. 

Technologies like…


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Model-centric to Data-centric AI - Am I Missing Something?



Andrew Ng is a key reference point for me in understanding AI.

Andrew Ng is always easy to understand – especially…


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Understand Your Data Better with Agile Data Governance

Agile Data Governance is the process of improving data assets by iteratively capturing knowledge as data producers and consumers work together so that everyone can benefit. It adapts the deeply proven best practices of Agile and Open software development to data and analytics. It begins with the identification of a business problem, following by the…


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What Movies Can Teach Us About Prospering in an AI World – Part 2

Figure 1: The movie Big: “I don’t get it”

In the blog “What Movies Can Teach Us About Prospering in an AI World – Part 1”, I laid out the challenge that us humans will face surviving in a world dominated by AI.  I discussed the…


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How To Keep Data HIPAA Compliant?

Personal information theft for various crimes has developed a huge concern among customers for their data safety and security. Be it any industry, protecting consumer data should be on the top of the priority list and the healthcare industry is no exception. Hence a law called …


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The Machine Learning Process in 7 Steps

In this article, I describe the various steps involved in managing a machine learning process from beginning to end. Depending on which company you work for, you may or may not be involved in all the steps. In larger companies, you typically focus on one or two specialized aspects of a project. In small companies, you may be involved in all…


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