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AI and the future of work: Will Artificial Intelligence make us all into Polymaths in the future?


AI and the future of work is a major topic of discussion


Most views on this subject are negative


More broadly, the negative impact of technology has been highlighted by Nicholas Carr (the shallows) ,…


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Predictive Analytics Techniques in One Picture

Predictive analytics is a wide field of techniques that share a common goal of predicting future behavior. Choosing the right prediction modeling method is perhaps the most important step in the process, because predictive models are the driving force behind predictive analytics. This picture summarizes six of the most popular methods:…


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Top NLP Algorithms & Concepts

Today, one of the most popular tasks in Data Science is processing information presented in the text form. Exactly this is text representation in the form of mathematical equations, formulas, paradigms, patterns in order to understand the text semantics (content) for its further…


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3 essential elements for mastering machine learning for 2020

Thomas Edison famously said that success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. That’s nowhere truer than in machine learning. Even though the hype around artificial intelligence has never been higher, the reality of what it takes to actually work in the field - and what it takes to use it successfully - is mired in confusion.

Indeed, hype makes it look like 100% inspiration; it hides the work involved in building knowledge and learning skills.

So, to help tackle that, here…


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Business Intelligence: Its Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Since data is now omnipresent, it has become critical for any business looking to not only remain competitive but also stay far ahead of the curve, to properly leverage the potential of this data. This assertion holds especially true for the pharmaceutical industry since there are a variety of factors to contend with and necessarily have much more at stake as compared to other sectors. And because of the need for tools and resources to help enhance various aspects of the Pharma business’…


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Thursday News, December 19

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday.



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Which one is faster in multiprocessing, R or Python?

This post is the third one of a series regarding loops in R an Python.

The first one was Different kinds of loops in R. The recommendation…


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Schmarzo’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Data Analytics Predictions for 2020

Ah, it’s that time of year when everyone is making predictions about next year and extrapolating from the previous year’s trends to create logical, pragmatic predictions. I’ve already made my own predictions for 2020 in the article, “AI, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning Technology Main Developments in 2019 and Key Trends for 2020,”where I predicted the following

Main 2019 Developments:

  • Growing "consumer proof points" with respect to AI…

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A Question of Usability

Thinking of data science as merely a technical profession, like programming, may take you away from your goals. Focusing on the usability of mathematics for data science before jumping into full-fledged math courses will save you a lot of time.

I wrote this blog post because I made a few mistakes while starting…


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How is IoT Supporting Various Oil & Gas Industrial Operations?

The heightened technological development in the 21st century would not have been possible without the contribution from the oil & gas sector. Our dependence on the crude and its products has made it one of the industrial sectors that contribute around 2 to 3 per cent to the overall global economy. In fact, in 2017, the consumption of crude grew by 1.4 million b/d and its production increased by 2.2 million b/d.…


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Seven differences between academia and industry for building machine learning and deep learning models



Academia and industry take different approaches to building machine learning and deep learning models


Here are seven differences

1) Approach to accuracy:…


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Top 8 Data Science Use Cases in Production

Production sphere embraces a wide range of processes related to all branches and stages of creating material goods. In addition, these material goods may be of different values and even have rather contrasting goals. 

Under conditions…


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Top 9 Data Science Use Cases in Analytics

Data science and analytics are growing in their popularity and range of applications in the modern world. Data science deals with answering questions and uncovering hidden insights, while analytics is rather concentrated on the processing itself and conducting of statistical…


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Bayesian Methods and Networks in classical and quantum physics

I recently came across this wonderful list of classical Bayesian network articles posted by Vincent Granville, here. To cover the quantum bayesian side of things, here is a recent article of mine from my blog "Quantum Bayesian Networks".  …


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Best Degree for Data Science (in One Picture)

If you ask the question "What's the best degree for Data Science?" you'll get dozens of different answers. The sheer amount of different opinions might leave you wondering which degree is the "best", and there isn't a simple answer.  One person's "best" degree is another person's "worst."

Trying to make sense of all those differing opinions? I've done the hard work for you. This is where statistics is actually very useful (and it's one of the popular choices for…


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Movies in which our beloved Algorithms show up

For years we have seen artificial intelligence appear in many films and television series, but in recent years is seen in a more remarked, even going further, we talk about Algorithms. Such is the case, that in the last Disney film of the Rompe Ralph series, the character of Yesss appears, representing an Algorithm as we understand it nowadays.

Next, I'll tell you about the films I've seen and there are specific mentions of our world:…


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Free Books Data Science & AI

I share a list of recommended free books for Data Science & AI from introductory level to advanced techniques:


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With the start of the Santander League: #soccergraphR

With the start of the Liga Santander in Spain, I share a very interesting R library that I share with the community in social networks  @Vdot_Spain for all the analysts and data scientist of the football world.

According to @Vdot_Spain: "soccergraphR v0.1 MVP is the first step in helping analysts, journalists, and clubs understand and manage @OptaJose information with #Rstats. You can install it from…


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Is AI About to Hit a Wall?

Summary:  There have been several stories over the last several months around the theme that AI is about to hit a wall.  That the rapid improvements we’ve experienced and the benefits we’ve accrued can’t continue at the current pace.  It’s worth taking a look at these arguments to see if we should be adjusting our plans and expectations.



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H2O Framework for Machine Learning

H2O is a scalable and fast open-source platform for machine learning. We will apply it to perform classification tasks. The dataset we are using is the Bank Marketing Dataset. Here we need to train a model which will be able to predict if the client of the bank opens…


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