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December 2017 Blog Posts (78)

Benefits and use cases for blockchain in banking

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Blockchain, while still relatively new to the financial space, is seeing interest from around 90% of banking sector executives, according to a new study on the potential of the technology in the industry. 40% of banks find themselves still at the exploration phase, while around 30% are pursuing proof of concepts. Intra-bank cross-border transactions are regarded as the most…


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CPG Industry Levels Playing Field with Power of One

Special thanks to Brandon Kaier (@bkaier) for his research and thoughts on the Digital Twins concept.

Unilever, one of the Consumer Package Goods (CPG) industry’s titans with over 400 brands and annual sales greater than $60B, recently bought Dollar Shave Club for $1B. Now normally I would not think twice about such an acquisition, peanuts in the world of mergers and…


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Thursday News: AI, Neural Nets, Machine Learning, Tensorflow

This is our selection of featured articles and resources posted since Monday:


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Enterprise AI: Learning from the evolution of Robotic Process Automaton

In 2017, the Robotic Process Automation / RPA  market has matured.


Learning from the evolution of RPA, in this post, we explore the wider implications for Enterprise AI i.e. the deployment of Artificial Intelligence to the Enterprise



The post is based on my course on…


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One-shot Learning with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks

This article comes from Rylan Schaeffer Github.

I've found that the overwhelming majority of online information on artificial intelligence research falls into one of two categories: the first is aimed at explaining advances to lay audiences, and the second is aimed at explaining advances to other researchers. I haven't found a good resource…


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Data Scientists - Are You Prepared For Your Next Interview?

You’ve perfected your CV, got great experience under your belt, maybe a PhD and can wrangle data amongst the finest but just how prepared are you for your next interview?

Just the thought of the face-to-face interview stage is enough to strike fear into the bravest of us.  Here are a few things to keep in mind and stave off the sweaty palm syndrome. (Bonus tip – if you are prone to perspire through the palm, remember to use a…


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What Is AI? | Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

Do you remember the first time that you saw R2D2 and C3P0 from Star Wars? These two robots exhibited human-like behavior as they interacted with people and the world around them. How about when the whole world was subject to machine control in The Matrix? That's a pretty frightening concept. These movies, like many others, have their own…


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14 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12 Months

This is part of a new series of articles: once or twice a month, we post previous articles that were very popular when first published. These articles are at least 6 month old but no more than 12 month old. The previous digest in this series was posted here a while back. 

14 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12…


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Crossing the Bridge: Some Career Transition Tips to Current Physics Graduate Students from an Ex

A few weeks ago, I participated in a day long workshop in my Alma mater. The goal of the workshop was to introduce current graduate students from the Department of Physics and Astronomy to the alumni who work for the industry. The Department has taken a recent initiative to explore job prospects for its students outside academia and as the necessary first step brought former students back for a day to discuss the issue of career…


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Machine Learning – Can We Please Just Agree What This Means

Summary:  As a profession we do a pretty poor job of agreeing on good naming conventions for really important parts of our professional lives.  “Machine Learning” is just the most recent case in point.  It’s had a perfectly good definition for a very long time, but now the deep learning folks are trying to hijack the term.  Come on folks.  Let’s make up our minds.


As a profession we do a pretty poor job of agreeing on good naming conventions…


Added by William Vorhies on December 4, 2017 at 3:30pm — 5 Comments

Using Convolutional Neural Networks to detect features in sattelite images

In a previous blog post we have seen how to build Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in Tensorflow, by building various CNN architectures (like LeNet5, AlexNet, VGGNet-16) from scratch and training them on the MNIST, CIFAR-10 and Oxflower17 datasets.

It starts to get interesting when you start thinking about the practical applications of CNN and other Deep Learning methods.  If you have been following the latest technical developments you probably know that CNN’s are…


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Trump Solves Famous Mathematical Conjecture

In an email sent to Putin and intercepted by hackers, Donald Trump mentions the result below. However, Trump wrote that he did not have enough space in his message to add the proof, a bit like Fermat when he wrote about his big theorem proved 300 years later. A teacher in New Hope Middle School (Pennsylvania) asked her students to verify if the statement was correct, and found it to be true. In his email, Trump wrote that he planned to leverage this result to find new prime numbers. It was…


Added by Vincent Granville on December 3, 2017 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Weekly Digest, December 4

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.


  • Use data to drive the future of business—and your career through…

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The New Face of Credit Card Fraud

You would think that I am going to talk about new levels of sophistication achieved by cybercriminals. No, here I discuss a different trend: Outright credit card fraud committed by big  businesses, in this case Amazon. 

While this is about my experience, and involves more than $1,000 in fraudulent transactions over the course of two weeks, I have no reason to believe that I was specifically targeted. Maybe a million customers have faced the same issue. The fraud was reported to the…


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The Typical Data Scientist Profile, in a few Pictures

Interesting survey produced by, summarized in a few infographics, and based on LinkedIn profiles..


  • R (53%) and Python (53%) are the programming languages that dominate the data science field. Other popular languages are SQL (40%), MATLAB (19%), Java (18%), and C/C++ (18%)
  • 58% of the data scientists come from one of three educational backgrounds: Computer science (20%), Statistics and Mathematics (19%), and Economics and Social Sciences…

Added by Capri Granville on December 1, 2017 at 12:00pm — No Comments

Free eBook: Applied Data Science (Columbia University)

Published in 2013, but still very interesting, and different from most data science books. Authors: Ian Langmore and Daniel Krasner.. This book focuses more on the statistics end of things, while also getting readers going on (basic) programming & command line skills. It doesn't, however, really go into much of the stuff you would expect to see from the machine learning end of things. …


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Anatomy of Chatbots


Natural language conversation is one of the most challenging artificial intelligence problems, which involves language understanding, reasoning, and the utilization of common sense knowledge. Previous works in this direction mainly focus on either rule-based or learning-based methods. These types of methods often rely on manual effort in designing rules or automatic training of model with a particular learning algorithm and a small amount of data, which…


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Mobile Data Traffic Explosion: Explore IoT, 5G, & VR Opportunities

The technology revolution of the 21st Century has opened the avenues towards many possibilities. We now have a mobile data traffic explosion on our hands, which can end up expanding growth while we move into the next decade. Due to a continuous upwards curve in the number of people using mobile phones, global mobile data…


Added by Ronald van Loon on December 1, 2017 at 3:30am — No Comments

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