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Last chapter of my data science book completed

Here's the content. Click here to check the full table of content. The final chapter was produced on time, and the expected publication date is still by March 2014. Publisher is Wiley.…


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Big data sets available for free

A few data sets are accessible from our data science apprenticeship web page.

  • Source code and data for our Big Data…

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What is Wrong with the Definition of Data Science

This is another provocative KDNuggets blog post: the data scientist is reduced to three circles, missing the biggest, most important one that encompasses all three of them.. 

3 Areas of Data Science: Statistics, Computing, and Database

My answer: This Venn diagram…


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6000 Companies Hiring Data Scientists

Search engines (Google, Microsoft), social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), financial institutions, Amazon, Apple, eBay, the health care industry, engineering companies (Boeing, Intel, Oil industry), retail analytics, mobile analytics, marketing agencies, data science vendors (for instance, Pivotal, Teradata, Tableau, SAS, Alpine Labs), environment, utilities government and defense routinely hire…


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Facebook missing revenue because of poor data science integration

Facebook uses an algorithm to estimate the proportion of text in an image embedded into a Facebook ad.

The algorithm works well and it is well designed (it's not an issue of bad data science per se), but it results in 50% of my ads being rejected, see sample ad and rejection notice below. This is an example where better…


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Weekly Digest - December 30

Featured Articles


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Plotly Graphs with LaTeX

Want to make graphs with LaTeX? You can use Plotly and style from the APIs, your IPython NB, and the GUI at plot.ly. Any and all feedback on the beta is welcome, and your expert advice is much appreciated.

Check out these Plotly graphs using LaTeX (click through for an interactive version).…


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Big Data - naughty or nice?

Big Data are like your children. You should always love them whether they're naughty or nice. Both dirty data and clean data can convey important actionable information, if properly handled and modeled.  Consequently, always try to follow these…


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Plotly and R: Collaborative, publication-quality graphing

Hi all,

Here's a post on R-bloggers about using Plotly's R API and the GUI to make and share your graphs.…


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The Youngest Data Scientist

At 12 years old, Capri might be the youngest data scientist hired by a tech company. So what is she working on?

First, she helps promote data science and computer science among teens. She is the future generation of tech-savvy…


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Data Science Book: We Need your Resume or your Job Ad!

I need to finish the last chapter of my Data Science book by December 30. It will include

  • Selected resumes from data scientists (or related job titles such as Director of Analytics, Data Architect, Chief Scientist…

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Weekly digest - December 23

Featured Articles


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Harvard classes on data science

It is interesting to see what Harvard considers to be data science. They use Python in all projects / training (there's nothing wrong with that, though exposure to other languages - R, Stata, SQL - would be great, in top of Python). It is too traditional, and too heavy in statistics in particular. I did not see anything about machine-to-machine communications (e.g. keyword bidding), processing real time data, the…


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Data and visualization year in review, 2013

Visualization continues to mature and focus more on the data first than on novel designs and size. People improved on existing forms and got better at analysis. Readerships seemed to be more ready and eager to explore more data at a time. Fewer spam graphics landed in my inbox.

So all in all, 2013 was a pretty good year for…


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Disruptive Technologies: An Opportunity or a Threat?

Disruptive technologies may be seen as an opportunity or a threat, depending on one’s role within an enterprise; fortunately, the positivity of perspective easily becomes a choice when CIOs and CMOs are able to step back to take a look at the bigger picture and determine to collaborate in the interest of the organization as a whole. 

The term “disruptive” is rather loaded, however, and may be counterintuitive to those who do not understand its full implications. By definition, a…


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3 Tips Every IT Health Trainer Needs to Know

The recent studies done by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people learn only 70 percent of what they know about their jobs informally. When talking about the IT health trainers then what possibly could be the stats? Are they efficient enough in delivering their best? What things they need to keep in mind in order to move with these…


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Big Data Analytics - 2014 and Beyond

Since the inception of human being information in any shape is utilized by us.For quite a while organizations have been using the data to make informed decisions. In a sense Analytics is just a buzz word that is taken as the application to this decision making process. let's suppose you're in the professional education profession, you might be an instructor with a Big Data solution provider, internally, or you might be an instructor to teach client organizations staff. You might be a Big…


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The Data Bug

Regarding defects in human-built systems, the term "bug"…

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Twitter Weather Radar - Test Data for Language Analytics

By: Nicholas Hartman, Director at CKM Advisors

Today we'd like to share with you some fun charts that have come out of our internal linguistics research efforts. Specifically, studying weather events by analyzing social media traffic from Twitter. 

We do not specialize in social media and most of our data analytics work focuses on the…


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The University of Denver

■Graduate Degree:   Master of Science, Business Information

■Graduate Degree:   MBA, Information Technology Concentration

■Undergraduate Degree: Major and minor in business information technology and statistics.…


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