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Solving a few AI problems with Python: Part 1

In this blog we shall discuss about a few problems in artificial intelligence and their python implementations. The problems discussed here appeared as programming assignments in the edX course CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python…


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Fueling Digital Transformation with Service Design

One of the industry’s great debates (bigger than regular Cap’n Crunch versus Cap’n Crunch with Crunchberries) is “What is Digital Transformation?”  Here’s my take:

Digital Transformation is the fundamental reinvention of an organization’s business model by synergizing advanced analytics (composable, reusable analytic…


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AI/ML Applications in Law and Compliance

Summary:  Some industries are a clear slam-dunk for AI/ML applications and some less so.  The legal, regulatory, and compliance businesses (law firms, internal legal departments, and the contract review and regulatory compliance departments of heavily regulated industries) fall in this last category.  This is a review of seven companies found by TopBots to be successful; pointing to opportunities others can follow.



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How do I select SVM kernels?

This article was written by Sebastian Raschka.

Given an arbitrary dataset, you typically don't know which kernel may work best. I recommend starting with the simplest hypothesis space first -- given that you don't know much about your data -- and work your way up towards the more complex hypothesis spaces. So, the linear kernel works fine if your dataset…


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AI and Employee experience| How does it positively go together?

Do you know 62% of workforce believe that AI will carry a favourable impact on their jobs?

And 67% say it is necessary to develop the skills for working in coordination with intelligent machines.

As per the research studies, AI will be the driving force behind cultural and economic shifts that will make the workforce more productive and agile. As AI plays a major role in the organisation of actively listening and understanding the perspective of employees. It allows the company…


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Mistakes that most of the analysts do in their analytics

In the field of data science or analytical sciences, any solution can be potential to solve any problem. But, to derive such prospective solutions, the following are the top common mistakes in their practice. 

  1. Unable to apply common sense and subject matter expertise for providing solutions to any given problem using analytical tools and…

Added by Vijay Kumar on November 3, 2020 at 9:20pm — No Comments

Java: What Makes it the Top Choice for Data Science

Data science uses algorithms, tools, and technologies to identify patterns in data and eventually glean valuable insights from the raw data. Simply put, it allows us to make sense of all that abundance of data that we seem to have all around us. We don’t have to tell you why data science has quickly gained popularity globally, with more and more companies and enterprises seeking to integrate it into their operations. It is by undertaking the development of relevant tools and software, of…


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Weekly Digest, Tuesday, 3 November 2020

From The Editor's Desk

This version of the DSC Weekly Digest is running a bit late, in part because the editor (me), as a data junkie, has been a bit preoccupied watching the always engaging and occasionally horrifying sport known as the US Election. This is when all of us become data scientists - running the numbers, building models to see what happens if candidate A wins this state or fails to win that one, causing cascading Bayesian effects percolating through the ECNN - the…


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AI Generated Avatars Becoming Digital Influencers

As the recent rise in Covid-19 threatens once again to shutter advertising agencies, film studios, and similar media "factories" globally, a quiet, desperate shift is taking place in the creation of new media, brought about by increasingly sophisticated AI capabilities. A new spate of actors and models are making their way to people's screens, such as…


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Data Science Movies Recommendation System

Nearly everybody wants to invest their recreation energy to watch motion pictures with their loved ones. We as a whole have a similar encounter when we sit on our lounge chair to pick a film that we will watch and go through the following two hours yet can't discover one following 20 minutes. It is so baffling. We unquestionably need a PC operator to give film proposals to us when we have to pick a film and spare our time.

Evidently, a film suggestion specialist has just…


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4 Powerful Use Cases for Data Science in Finance

Data-driven solutions play a fundamental role in enhancing the services and profit margins of modern businesses in the finance…

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Digital Transformation in the age of COVID-19

COVID-19, by limiting us to our homes and bringing the global economy to a standstill has proved that the world healthcare ecosystem is not prepared for a pandemic. However, what it did teach us is that as consumers we are prepared to adopt the digital era in all life facets.  

This new found pro digital movement, however, has shown a glaring picture as well - despite of the preparatory stages that businesses and…


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Career Scope in Machine Learning in 2021

As you must be aware, there are a lot of applications that are a by-product of Machine learning techniques. Machine learning is one of the hottest skills in today’s market. In fact, as per one of the recent LinkedIn surveys, there are over 7k machine learning jobs available. Additionally, there is a tremendous growth rate for machine learning related jobs as well. Another reason which could oblige you to seriously think about this skill set is automation. As we must have heard about…


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