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IT Project Manager - Key To Software Development Success?

What are the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager?

Like a conductor in an orchestra, a project manager makes sure everything is planned, executed, and closed properly. This person is a bridge between the team and the stakeholders. The scope of responsibilities includes project team, resource allocation, and business outcome. Setting goals, choosing the right methodology, progress control, and adjusting to change are among the main functions a PM…


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DSC Thursday News, 12 Nov 2020

DSC Thursday News, 12 Nov 2020…

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Are SSL Certificates being used by Phishers?

What is an SSL certificate?

Have you ever wondered why some URLs start with ‘https’ while others start with ‘http’ or why some websites have this padlock before the URL?


The technology behind https is the Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL…


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How Data Scientists are Leveraging Automation

The emergence of automation has posed a concern for data scientists--will it eventually replace them?


But there is no cause to worry as the eventuality will never happen. Instead, automation will help data scientists to improve the results they derive from analyzing vast amounts of data.


When it comes to the marriage between…


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What’s Driving the Future of Work and Professions?

What does ‘the Future of Work’ mean?  It depends on which of two sides you are viewing it from.

The View from Opposite Sides

Individuals—employees, contractors, professionals—get career advice from various channels: How should you manage your career and your future?  Will your profession be upended by AI?  Will your job be subsumed by automation?   How will you make a living and provide for your…


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Digital Robber Barons and Digital Vertical Integration

I love talking about business models because in the end, it’s usually the best business model, not the best technology, that wins the day. And digital transformation has the potential to reinvent business models by leveraging superior customer, product and operational insights to disrupt industry value chains and disintermediate customer relationships (see Figure 1).…


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Covariance & Correlation | Major Differences and Applications in Data Science

Covariance and correlation are two of the most significantly used terms in the field of statistics and probability. Both are concepts that describe the relationship between two random variables to each other.…


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University of Rwanda First Institution in Africa to Join World Data Science Initiative

11 Nov, 2020, Washington D.C.: Since the launch of the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) in January of 2020 institutions in more than 20 countries have applied to be a part of the initiative, which is the world’s biggest ever talent development project in Data Science. The African continent can now boast its first institution to join the initiative; University of Rwanda.…


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What is the significance of data quality?

With the digital world growing competitive by the day, everyone is trying to understand their customers better and make finance, product development, and marketing decisions based on real data for a better return on investment (ROI). If you don’t make use of data, there is a chance you will lag behind or, at least, use more money and energy to keep up with your data-driven competitors. That said, data needs to be accurate and of high quality to be useful. Bad data is inaccurate, unreliable,…


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Interesting Application of the Poisson-Binomial Distribution

While the Bernoulli and binomial distributions are among the first ones taught in any elementary statistical course, the Poisson-Binomial is rarely mentioned. It is however one of the simplest discrete distributions, with applications in survey analysis, see here. In this article, we are dealing with…


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DSC Weekly Digest, 9 Nov

Real Users Rate Top 8 Data Prep Tools
Data Science Central Weekly Digest…


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(With Images) Know everything about GANs (Generative Adversarial Network) in depth

Let’s understand the GAN(Generative Adversarial Network).

Generative Adversarial Networks were invented in 2014 by Ian Goodfellow(author of best Deep learning book in the market)  and his fellow researchers. The…


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Probability Mass Function vs Probability Density Function vs Cumulative Density Function (In One Picture)

  • This one picture shows how the CDF compares with the PDF and PMF.
  • All can be used to calculate probabilities.
  • Each function has a unique purpose.
  • The Cumulative Density Function (CDF) is the easiest to understand [1].



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How DevOps helps the Developers?

DevOps outlines a framework and array of procedures that put engineering and operations teams with each other to accomplish application development. It helps organizations to expand and upgrade innovations at a quicker speed than they would with conventional software development techniques. At a fast pace, it is becoming more common.

Here are…


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Three steps for conquering the last mile of analytics

Becoming insights-driven is now the ultimate prize of digital transformation, and many organizations are making significant progress toward this goal. However, putting insights into action – the “last mile” of analytics – is still a challenge for many organizations. 

With continued investments in data, analytics and AI, as well as the broader availability of machine-learning tools and applications, organizations have an abundance of analytical assets. Yet the creation of…


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Public Cloud: The Indispensable Component for Businesses

Every public Cloud has some essential features like- a scalable architecture, offering a pay-per-consumption model, instant reach to the masses and diversified component options. Usually, the migration-driven journey often depicts a standard architectural structure. Cloud can transform a basic prototype into reality, automate key processes and enhance customer experiences through real-time engagements containing in-depth insights. All these are only possible when the desired 'outcomes' have…


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Recent Java enhancements for numeric calculations

In the past, slow evaluation of mathematical functions and large memory footprint were the most significant drawbacks of Java compared to C++/C for numeric computations and scientific data analysis. However, recent enhancements in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) enabled faster and better numerical computing due to several enhancements in evaluating trigonometric functions.

In this article we will use the DataMelt (https://datamelt.org) for our…


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Multi-stage heterogeneous ensemble meta-learning with hands-off demo

In this blog, I will introduce a R package for Heterogeneous Ensemble Learning (Classification, Regression) that is fully automated. It significantly lowers the barrier for the practitioners to apply heterogeneous ensemble learning techniques in an amateur fashion to their everyday predictive problems.…


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DSC Friday News, 6 Nov 2020

The DSC News is published by Data Science Central, and highlights new content from our Weekly Digest. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the…


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A taxonomy of explainable (XAI) AI models

I am reading a very interesting paper called Principles and Practice of Explainable Machine Learning by

Vaishak Belle (University of Edinburgh & Alan Turing Institute) and Ioannis Papantonis (University of Edinburgh) which presents a taxonomy of explainable AI (XAI).


XAI is a complex subject…


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