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What can learning analytics do for accessibility and for disabled students' support?


I was formally (1998-2016) a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University (OU) in the UK.  It was in that context that I first started thinking about the potential of Learning Analytics in my field which is Accessibility of eLearning and Disabled Student Support.  Looking back through my work-related blog (…


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Weekly Digest, November 25

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  …


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How to implement Digital Transformation in an Enterprise using artificial intelligence?



Digital transformation is getting some traction now.

There are many definitions of digital transformation.

For example, according to salesforce  digital transformation is  -    Digital transformation is the process of using…


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Decision Scientist vs. Data Scientist

Originally posted by Igor Bobriakov.

Data science has become a widely used term and a buzzword as well. It is a broad field representing a combination of multiple disciplines. However, there are adjacent areas that deserve proper attention and should not be confused with data science. One of them is decision science. Its importance should not be underestimated, so it is useful to know the…


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How to Build Customize Maps in Power BI?

Originally posted by Deepak Kumar Gupta. A another interesting article on this topic can be found here

In Today’s data era, it is very important to represent data in a way which is suitable for every type of user (Technical or Non-Technical). Use of data visualizations is getting increased exponentially. We have various data…

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Email Classification into relevant labels using Neural Networks

Originally posted by Deepak Kumar Gupta.


In the real world, many online shopping websites or service provider have single email-id where customers can send their query, concern etc. At the back-end service provider receive million of emails every week, how they can identify which email is belonged of a…


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Baidu Apollo Releases Massive Self-driving Dataset; Teams Up With Berkeley DeepDrive

This article was written by Synced.


Baidu this Thursday announced the release of ApolloScape, billed as the world’s largest open-source dataset for autonomous driving technology.

ApolloScape was released under Baidu’s autonomous driving platform Apollo, which Baidu hopes will…


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What is Map Reduce Programming and How Does it Work


Data Science is the study of extracting meaningful insights from the data using various tools and technique for the growth of the business. Despite its inception at the time when computers came into the picture, the recent hype is a result of the huge amount of unstructured data that is getting generated and the unprecedented computational capacity that modern computers possess.

However, there is a lot of misconception among the masses about the true meaning of…


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How AI Is Manipulating Economics to Create Appreciating Assets

“If you buy a Tesla today, I believe you're buying an appreciating asset, not a depreciating asset.” – Elon Musk


Think about that statement for a second…you’re buying an appreciating asset, not a depreciating asset. And what is driving the appreciation of that asset?  It’s likely courtesy of Tesla’s FSD (Full Self-Driving) Deep…


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Building the High Performing Team for Enterprise Data Analytics

Building the High Performing Team for Enterprise Data Analytics

Prashanth Southekal and Santhosh…


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Orchestrating Dynamic Reports in Python and R with Rmd Files

Do you want to extract csv files with Python and visualize them in R? How does preparing everything in R and make conclusions with Python sound? Both are possible if you know the right libraries and techniques. Here, we’ll walk through a use-case using both languages in one analysis.…


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Why did your chatbot fail miserably ?

Finding the Elusive ‘U’ in NLU

Meet Neo ! Neo is a talented developer who loves building stuff. One fine morning , Neo decides to take up a road, less travelled, decides to build a chatbot ! After a couple of keyword searches and skimming through dozens…


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A Guide to Predictive Analysis in R

Predictive analysis is heavily used today to gain insights on a level that are not possible to detect with human eyes. And R is an extremely powerful and easy tool to implement the same. In this piece, we will explore how we can predict the status of breast cancer using predictive modeling in less than 30 lines of code.

Who should read this blog?

  • Someone who wants to get started with R…

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Need a Fast, Safe & Flexible App? Go for Cloud Based Mobile Apps

Are you afraid of the security and the safety of the apps? If yes! Then let me tell you that this is a common concern as everyone as everyone is looking for a fast, safe and flexible app as security is the major concern that comes in mind of the startups or entrepreneurs. 

Well, this issue could be resolved if you go for Cloud-based apps as they are capable enough to get your apps updated from time to time.…


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Thursday News, November 21

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical contributions posted since Monday



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How To Leverage Deep Learning For Automation Of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have already made a mark on the digital front. With a large number of applications already on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. There are applications for almost everything today. But, as the markets of mobile apps expand, they face new challenges and obstacles to be overcome.

Deep Learning is a subsidiary technology for Artificial…


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Importance of Big Data Analytics Tool: Hadoop

Hadoop is an open-source framework that stores and process big data in a distributed environment using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, while each offers local computation and storage. Hadoop divides a file into blocks and stores across a cluster of machines. It achieves fault tolerance by replicating the blocks on a cluster.

Hadoop can be used as a flexible and easy way for the distributed processing of large…


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Visually Explained: How Can Executives Make Sense of Machine Learning & Deep Learning?

Many executives struggle to make sense of machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). Having a pragmatic relationship with technology, executives need to know on a very fundamental level: "What problems do ML & DL try to solve?" A simple, high-level answer to that question is: "It's all about building systems that do certain things better than humans, with as little intervention by humans as possible." That being said, the simplest way to distinguish between ML and its branch DL…


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Quantum Supremacy by Google. Explained in Easy way.

This article has discussed the following points,

  1. What does quantum supremacy mean?
  2. Some fundamentals to understand quantum supremacy.
  3. When we can…

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Top 7 Data Science Use Cases in Trust and Security


What are trust and safety? What is the role of trust and security in the modern world?

We often come across this word combination ‘Trust…


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