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A Process to minimize the gap between research and its applications

Human history is numerous pieces of evidence, doctrine, theologies through logic, and by extensive research in every field exists in the universe. 

There is a huge gap between research and its practical application. Studies should conduct with enormous responsibility with extreme efforts, but which has a very minimal effect on real-world problems. The majority of the research across the globe appears only in a few journals (s) /books / digital form or in a printed…


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Thursday News, October 29

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:


DSC Articles


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Conjunction vs Disjunction: Bad Apples and Other Analogies

  • Conjunctions and disjunctions are useful tools for building algorithms. 
  • They enable you to combine propositions. 
  • Truth tables are a fast way to find solutions. 
  • Analogies can help you to remember the results. 

Dive into machine learning, and you'll come across…


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World's Top 5 Data Analytics Companies in 2020

We are living in a data-driven and data-centric world that’s only going to produce more and more data with time. This new data is collected in an unstructured manner and processed into a structured form as per the requirement of a company. Later, meaningful insights are extracted from this data for decision-making purposes. All this process helps a company to grow in this competitive market. But, who…


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Digital Twin, Virtual Manufacturing, and the Coming Diamond Age

If you have ever had a book self-published through Amazon or similar fulfillment houses, chances are good that the physical book did not exist prior to the order being placed. Instead, that book existed as a PDF file, image files for cover art and author photograph, perhaps with some additional XML-based metadata indicating production instructions,…


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How Kids Channel Their Internal Data Scientist to Become Candy Optimization Machines on Halloween

Ghostly greetings!

I believe everyone is born with the innate, curiosity-driven, explore-test-learn Data Science capability. At Halloween, kids naturally embrace a rapid exploration, rapid testing, failure-empowering “Scientific Method” to optimize their candy yield and logistical “Trick or Treating” algorithms.

So, what can we –…


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Insights from the free state of AI repost

For the last few years, I have read the free state of AI report

Here are the list of insights which I found interesting

The full report and the download link is at the end of this article


AI research is less open than you think: Only 15% of papers publish their…


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5 Steps to Collect High-quality Data

Obtaining good quality data can be a tough task. An organization may face quality issues when integrating data sets from various applications or departments or when entering data manually.

Here are some of the things a company can do to improve the quality of the information it collects:

1. Data Governance plan

A good data governance plan should not only talk about…


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Cybersecurity Experts Discuss Company Misconception of The Cloud and More in Roundtable Discussion

Industry experts from TikTok, Microsoft, and more talk latest trends on cybersecurity & public policy.

Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s trade and innovation agency, hosted a virtual Cyber Security & Public Policy panel discussion with several industry-leading experts. The roundtable discussion allowed cybersecurity…


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FinTech Trends: AI, Smart Contracts, Neobanks, Open Banking and Blockchain

What Is Fintech? 

"Fintech" describes the new technology integrated into various spheres to improve and automate all aspects of financial services provided to individuals and companies. Initially, this word was used for the tech behind the back-end systems of big banks and other organizations. And now it covers a wide…


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The MLOps Stack

What is MLOps (briefly)

MLOps is a set of best practices that revolve around making machine learning in production more seamless. The purpose is to bridge the gap between experimentation and production with key principles to make machine learning reproducible, collaborative, and continuous.

MLOps is not dependent on a single technology or platform. However, technologies play a significant role in practical…


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5 Most Essential Skills You Need to Know to Start Doing Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an important skill to have in today’s age. But acquiring the skill set could take some time especially when the path to it is unscattered. The below-mentioned points have a very wider reach to the topics it covers and essentially would give anyone a very good start when it comes to starting from scratch. Learners should not limit…


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Weekly Digest, October 26

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  

Featured Resources and Technical…


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Statistical Machine Learning in Python

A summary of the book “Introduction to Statistical Learning” in jupyter notebooks

Whenever someone asks me “How to get started in data science?”, I usually recommend the book — “…


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Approaches to Time Series Data with Weak Seasonality

In the previous article, we have tried to model the gold price in Turkey per gram. We will continue to do that to find the best fit for our data. When we chose the…


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So You Want to Write for Data Science Central

You're a writer on AI, ML, or various and sundry other data-oriented TLAs, and you'd like to write an article for Data Science Central. Great! This article is for you. Becoming a blogger on DSC is a good way to promote your proficiency in the field, to get the word out about interesting topics, or to gain the respect of your peers.



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The implications of Huang’s law for the Artificial Intelligence stack

 Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang proposed an idea which the media has labelled ‘Huang’s law’ along the lines of Moore’s law.


Moore’s predicts that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles every two years.


As per Huang’s law, GPU performance will double every two years.


Whether or not you…


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Digital Dreams – Analog Processes

  • Your in-house data science team is not the exclusive source of AI/ML based improvements. 
  • Process Re-engineering is gaining new life as a way to optimize data processes.…

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Odds vs Probability vs Chance

Data Points

  • There are a number of different terms used for probability in statistics.
  • Each has a distinct (and usually precise)…

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Thursday News, October 22

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:


Technical Resources


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