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50 Face Recognition APIs

Interesting listing published on Mashape. Only the top 12 are listed below. It would be nice to have a separate blog for voice recognition APIs. I've been thinking at using voice rather than passport or driving license, as a more secure ID. The voice has a texture unique to each individual.…


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Harvesting wild data: A pickers guide.

The old world original genus names for fruit trees were all named after women. Representing an implicit importance of relation a fruit bearing tree and its fruit to the human condition. A simple and elegant description between human perception and the reality of living.  Now we take liberty with fruit as it is available from all over the world any time of year. To look at a lovely ripe peach on a wonderful late summer day and to taste its wonderful essence over shadows the long rich story of…


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When Personal Security gets real

Large Scale Data Sharing made safe and simple.

As the web gets more personal some ideas spread like wild fire and others just fizzle. Things like tokenized payment systems that take many years in concept for success all it takes is one large corporation to adopt it to make it mainstream. The mobile application movement is a lot like this expanding into data sharing with concepts like menu sharing among families and friends for dinner. This  can be considered by some as a sign of a new…


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Rise of online real money gaming; and how it can grow with its offline counterpart?

For long, the real money gaming industry had carried the persona of bright and shiny casinos, roulettes, long rows of slot machines, high stake poker tables, etc. However, in the world where internet has penetrated into each and every aspect of our lives, gaming is no exception. Online gaming has gained tremendous eyeballs over the past few years. In its latest avatar, online gaming has added another subset that involves real money. While it has been existent worldwide for quite some time…


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Y Combinator companies has more funding than the sum total of all remaining accelerators

In this data analysis a very interesting and powerful fact emerges. The data is taken from seed-db.com and analyzed to create visualizations.…


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Quantifying the Value of a NoSQL Project

Summary:  If you’re making the decision to use NoSQL, how do you quantify the value of the investment?

If you are exploring NoSQL, once you become educated on the basics there are two questions that will rapidly move to the top of your list of considerations.  

  • What does it…

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BI Invades HR: How Analytics are Transforming the Hiring Process

Seasoned HR professionals have always been expected to make some instinctual decisions when it comes to hiring and managing employees. However, with the rise of Business Intelligence (BI) software, such practices may be at an end. Now that analytics have entered the comfortable cubicles of HR, there is far less room to make decisions based on hunches or personal opinions.

The future of HR is analytical and, well, more intelligent.

Business intelligence software in Human…


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Bottom line on Data Visualization

The market for data visualization software has bloomed. I'm suspicious.

Companies like Tableau, Spotfire, SAS Visual Analytics, Qlik and Zoomdata are positioning their tools far beyond traditional business intelligence.  Capabilities for graphically navigating data, recognizing patterns and finding relationships are growing in both functional and economic scope.  These new tools can provide charting forms only imagined in the last decade like word clouds, circular hierarchies, tree…


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Weekly Digest - October 20

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday. 



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On the Role of Big Data in International Development

The United Nations and World Bank are part of a growing globally-oriented Open Data movement.  After World Bank meetings last week in Washington, DC, those involved in defining the international Big Data Revolution asked for inputs.  This is what I posted:

There is no doubt that big data offers significant and exponential potential for international development work across multiple fields.  That this Independent Advisory Group has been formed is clear evidence that the United…


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Is data science a new paradigm, or recycled material?

Data science is the result of a new paradigm taking place in IT. The question was raised recently, and here I explain how and why data science is part of this new paradigm, and not recycled material.

New arsenal of techniques and metrics

Many data science techniques are very different, if not the opposite of old techniques that were…


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Data Science is Dead - Long Live the Data Scientist

While there is much hype and confusion around "data science" and the hot new professional "data scientist…


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Pervasive Analytics: Winning the global data rush.

What is pervasive analytics?

During eras of global economic shifts, there was always a key resource discovered that became the spark of transformation for groups of individuals that could effectively harness it. Today, that resource is data. In no uncertain terms, we are witnessing a global data rush and leading companies realize that data will grow enterprise over the next several decades as much as any capital asset. These forward-looking…


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Q&A: Andy Stanford-Clark on IoT [Part 1]

As organizations look for strategic direction on the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s their developers who are likely to be the strongest advocates for sifting out which technologies and standards can provide the best competitive edge.

Andy Stanford-Clark (@andysc) is the Chief Technologist for Smarter Energy in IBM’s consulting business in energy and utilities for IBM U.K.  He’s also an IBM distinguished engineer and a master…


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2-D random walks: simulation, video with R source code, curious facts

We have produced a 90-second video (click on this link to view the video) showing a 'random walk' (a particular case of a Markov process) evolving over 400,000 steps. Figure 1 below shows the last frame (out of 2,000 frames, each one with 200 new steps).…


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Dark Art of Warping

The celebrity of Toronto's mayor has certainly drawn a lot of attention to the city in recent years. Several candidates are now running for Rob Ford's job. Since the mayor is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, he decided to withhold his candidacy in the upcoming municipal election. Being a longtime resident of Toronto, and being aware of the city's wealth and poverty, I'm always interested in how these competing needs play out when it is time to vote.  Consider the interesting…


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Enhancing Compliance & Oprisk Management through Analytics

Post the financial crisis, banks in the US have faced increased regulatory scrutiny that has resulted in broader and tougher regulations. Bankers are fully aware of the investments and efforts they have to put in to comply with these regulations. Consequently, compliance function in banks is evolving towards a broader risk canvas that is now seeking tighter coordination between the first and second lines of defense. This poses new challenges to banks – from being compliant to getting the…


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Popular predictive apps and APIs

We want to create a repository of apps / APIs that provide forecasts and predictions for a broad class of questions that concern all  human beings. We would also like to create our own predictive API - so if you are interested in this project, contact us at [email protected], we might have a gig for you! Here's an example of what we did in the past. We also designed apps for stock market predictions (see…


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Startups Innovating Data Science Platforms

Hadoop: The Elephant In The Room

Hadoop has been a great solution to analyzing big data, but is too much for most companies. Most don’t have petabytes of data, or a team of engineers and PhD’s to set up and maintain a cluster. So what options are left for these companies? Until recently..not many. There are a few startups looking to change this.


A distributed cloud platform built independent of Hadoop,…


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Weekly Digest - October 13

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