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Ain’t No Such a Thing as a ‘Citizen Data Scientist’


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How An Apple Is Changing the QSR Industry

Rafael Fanchini, Chief Product Officer


Value meals (groups of menu items offered together at a lower price than they’d cost individually) are a key strategic marketing instrument for QSR brands because customers like the savings. But lower prices mean lower margins for the stores. Today’s brands are starting to see the…


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The rise of GPU databases

This article was written by Gidon Ben-Zvi.

a GPU database is a database, relational or non-relational, that uses a GPU (graphical processing unit) to perform some database operations. For example, GPU databases are typically fast, and geared towards analytics.

Table of…


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Driving Business Results with Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be seeping into every aspect of our life with AI-powered solutions positively changing tech and trade, healthcare, education and even our personal everyday life. On the daily, we are challenging the usual order of things by automating the mundane routine work and having smart devices assist us with our tasks. The shift to smart technologies and intelligent workspaces goes even beyond…


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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Business Recovery after COVID 19

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Business Recovery after COVID 19

Currently, the world is facing the most challenging time and going through economic turmoil. One of the important priorities of many companies is to recover quickly from the current scenario and be operational as quickly as possible. The coronavirus has impacted many companies and this economic hit is very fast throughout the world. Companies around the globe are looking…


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Is BERT Always the Better Cheaper Faster Answer in NLP? Apparently Not.

Summary: Since BERT NLP models were first introduced by Google in 2018 they have become the go-to choice.  New evidence however shows that LSTM models may widely outperform BERT meaning you may need to evaluate both approaches for your NLP project.


Over the last year or two, if you needed to bring in an NLP…


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5 Best Practices For Putting Machine Learning Models Into Production


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Weekly Digest, September 21

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  



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All-Purpose Universal Platform for Real-Time AI/ML

Author: Sergey Lukyanchikov

Challenges of real-time AI/ML computations

We will start from the examples that we faced as Data Science practice at InterSystems:

  • A “high-load” customer portal is integrated with an online recommendation system. The plan is to reconfigure promo campaigns at the level of the entire retail network (we will assume that instead of a…

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Risk Avoidance Spectrum and Character Types

Ever since I started following stocks again, I have been preoccupied with developing a "game plan" to help prevent me from making emotional investment decisions.  Plans can be improved.  What I have come up with so far is a stress avoidance model to study how different character types might perform in relation to the market.  Since quite a number of investors are actually algorithms - and many trades are algorithmically triggered - the concept of stress needs…


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The illusion of choice

Do you think your actions are the result of your own free choices? What if those actions are the inevitable…


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AI Has Become So Human, That You Can’t Tell the Difference

You might be wondering if machines are a threat to the world we live in, or if they’re just another tool in…


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The Secret Weapons of Fake News

Modern fake news has evolved into a complex organism, carefully designed to hide its deceptive mechanisms…


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Algorithms of Social Manipulation

Do you know how your apps work? Are you aware of what tech companies are doing in the back with your data?…


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The Future of Fake News

Is Bitcoin the revolution against unequal economic systems, or a scam and money laundry mechanism? Will…


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3 Big Reasons Every Business Must Adopt DevOps and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in today’s fast-paced business environment. When you combine this dynamic technology with DevOps culture, your business transforms in real-time. With benefits like on-demand scalability, quicker run times, consistent codes, and high-performing apps, this game-changing combination can empower your business to become more agile, responsive and swift.…


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CALL SYMPUT in SAS Explained with Examples


CALL SYMPUT and CALL SYMPUTX in SAS are the most commonly used DATA Step call routines to interact with the Macro Facility in SAS. Both are used to assign a value of DATA step to a macro variable.


CALL SYMPUT(macro-variable, value);

Arguments are macro-variable and can be one of the following items:

  • a character string that is a SAS name, enclosed in quotation…

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8 Smart Ways To Become A Data Scientist

Data Science has been coined everywhere, and everybody wants to express their views and thoughts on this subject even though they are a novice or lack adequate knowledge about data science! The idea that everyone can become a data scientist only by studying a few technological advances and solving any complicated problems cripples the world today. 

Let us first understand the career perspectives of data…


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New Coursera Series: Machine Learning for Everyone

After three courses, you will be able to:

  • Lead ML: Manage or participate in the end-to-end implementation of machine learning
  • Apply ML: Identify the opportunities where machine learning can improve marketing, sales, financial credit scoring, insurance, fraud detection, and much more
  • Greenlight ML: Forecast the effectiveness of and scope the requirements for a…

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Thursday News, September 17

This is our list of featured articles and resources posted since Monday:




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