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How to monetize my data ? (part 1)

Data Monetization is the natural response to financial demands of storing and managing big data, the skills it requires to manage that data.

As Gartner reports "Data Monetization is increasingly becoming a significant business activity for most companies. While less then 10% of Fortune 1000 companies have a data monetization strategy today, it is projected that 30% of businesses will monetize their data and information assets by 2016.” 



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Data Scientists Must Prioritize Client Confidentiality

Many organizations are reluctant to create data science teams (internally or externally) because of information confidentiality and privacy concerns. It is dangerous to open the kimono to competition - disclosing high-value information about inner workings of the firm may cause…


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Foundations of Statistical Theory Being Questioned

Interesting article by Regina Nuzzo, posted in Nature.com. Indeed, it's not just p-values that are being questioned, but even the Fisher-Neyman-Pearson (FNP) paradigm and the concept of maximum likelihood estimates (MLE).

Here's an extract published on the American Statistical…


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50 external machine learning / data science resources and articles

Starred articles are candidates for the picture of the week. A comprehensive list of all past resources is found here. We are in the process of automatically categorizing them using indexation and automated tagging…


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5 Of the Most Viewed Scipy and NumPy Questions with Problems on Stack Overflow

Q1) 85,000 Views…


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Weekly Digest, September 28

The weekly digest now has 6 sections: (1) Featured Articles and Case Studies, (2) Featured Resources and Technical Contributions, (3) From our Sponsors, (4) News, Events, Books, Training, Forum Questions, (5) Picture of the Week, and (6) Syndicated Content.

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday.…


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Looking Back on a Decade of Analytics

More than 10 years ago, on an early summer afternoon in 2005, I recall an interesting conversation with a friend about the potential of analytics, in an empty coffee shop on the beach. Having spent much of the previous decade helping clients derive value from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and other IT implementations, we were conjecturing that the next wave might be business teams enhancing their decision making with better data and more detailed…


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DataKumbh Nasik 2015

Huge amounts of crowd is expected to turn up at the Nasik KumbhMela this year. Along with it comes good planning and technological innovation. This infographic explains how big data influences preparations for the Kumbh.…


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How To Forecast Time Series Data With Multiple Seasonal Periods

Forecasting a time series data signal ahead of time helps to make better decisions around planning capacity and estimating demand. Applications reach into all areas of business from predicting website traffic to actual traffic on the road.

This post will outline the modeling steps involved in forecasting a time series sequence with multiple seasonal periods, including:

  • Multiple seasonality…


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Knowing your zodiac - birth sign, what are the odds of you becoming the next President of USA?

In this analysis, we will visualize the relation between the Age at Presidency, State of Birth and birth sign.

Sankey diagrams are extremely powerful at expressing flow and relationships.

In the following visualization we are packing multiple dimensions in one big picture


We have packed 5 dimensions namely President…


Added by Nilesh Jethwa on September 22, 2015 at 5:00am — 4 Comments

Introduction to open data

Today the world generates vast quantities of data each day that can be used to enhance the quality of living of virtually anyone in the world. Information is power but also a tool for supporting development, knowledge sharing and social initiatives. Tracking natural disasters, crowdsourcing rainfall data and mapping out the night’s sky are amongst a diverse range of…


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10 Real Data Scientist Interview Questions


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Big data solutions: trends, innovation

We have seen the birth to a generation of enterprises that are data-rich and analytically driven, eagerly following trends in big data and analytics. Let’s take a closer look as I provide some use cases demonstrating how IBM is helping clients find innovative big data solutions.

1. Datafication-led innovation

Data is the new basis of competitive advantage. Enterprises that use data and sophisticated analytics turn insight into innovation, creating efficient new business…


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A New Wave of Innovation in the Insurance Industry

A large number of organizations are now turning towards advanced analytics in order to seek solutions to their ever increasing organizational problems. Moreover, organizations are now facing intense competition; understanding the consumer needs is the key to gaining success. Like other industries, the insurance industry is now releasing the benefits of using analytics for crafting products, segmenting markets, creating unique distribution strategies, handling inforce business, making…


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Making order out of chaos: that is the magic of Business Intelligence (BI).

Guest blog by Evelyn Hylton…


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There is Something New Under the Sun: Uplift Modeling

Summary:  Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun in response modeling, surprise, along comes Uplift Modeling.

Tools and approaches to response modeling are so fully explored and…


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The Data Analytics Landscape - A Crystal Ball

It wasn’t so long ago that the universe of data analytics companies was much easier to describe.  In the year 2000 there were some clearly defined categories of companies that were all engaged in some part of the data and analytics world, although data analytics was not really recognized as a discrete sector at the time.  Companies typically fit into a specific industry category, such as software (Oracle, Siebel, Epiphany), consulting (Accenture, Bain), data (credit bureaus, IMS, IRI); or a…


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How many analytics companies are there?

I set out a structure for the data analytics industry in a previous post.  This framework attempted to define a framework by which companies can be categorized and evaluated.  The framework defined a group of four sectors with a number of segments within each of those sectors.  On the one hand there is a group of global leaders that provide a comprehensive suite of analytics software and services to all-comers as well as a group of companies that have deep expertise and offerings focused on…


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Client regulatory data management challenges and opportunities

Stricter rules are being imposed on the financial sector in a variety of areas following the financial crisis. Regulators are more than ever involved in scrutinising Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and are large fines for non-compliant firms. Anti-money laundering (AML) practices have become deeper and more advanced to counter the financing of terrorism, corruption and crime. EMIR and Dodd Frank legislations were also put into place with the aim of improving transparency and reducing…


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