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The Month in Data Science

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The Month of August In Data Science

The month of August saw a plethora of data science-related news and announcements, including a Wired feature on Kaggle founder Jeremy Howard’s quest to improve health care, GE’s success in bringing analytics-derived insights to its products for the railroad, airline, hospital, and…


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Temporal Databases: Why you should care and how to get started (Part 1 of 3)

What is a temporal database?

temporal database is a database with built-in support for handling data involving time.

This definition  is from Wikipedia. It is simple and straightforward. Since we expect every database to have some kind of support for time operations, we could say that all databases are temporal databases based on this definition.

The reality…


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Lesson 5: Key Value Stores (AKA 'Tuple' Stores)

Summary:  Key Value Stores like Hadoop were here first and excel at fast storage of unstructured data.

In the beginning (about…


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Lesson 4: Features Common to (Most) NoSQL/NewSQL Databases

Summary:  These are the features common to most NOSQL databases.  Be on the lookout for any fundamental differences.

Before we get to the specific pros and cons of the four NOSQL database types there are some features and capabilities true of most of these that you should know.…


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The Poisson Pill – Just what if we can go beyond the “What ifs”?

This blog discusses the applications of Monte-Carlo simulation methods by modeling real-world situations, explaining those using well known and often researched statistical distributions such as the Poisson distribution and then applying optimization models to solve a variety of business problems thus enabling managers to take decisions by moving beyond the usual methods and what-if scenario analysis.

Introduction: The need for simulation & optimization methods

Very often…


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Lesson 3: Open Source, Distribution, or Suite

Summary:  Which to pick?  Open Source, Distribution, or Big Data Suite.  Here are the factors you should consider.

Before we get to the…


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Weekly Digest - September 8

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday. 



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Announcing the winner of our second competition - Jackknife regression

The winner for our second data science competition is Tom De Smedt, biostatistician completing a Ph.D program at University of Leuven, Belgium. His special interests are in spatial statistics, environmental epidemiology, novel regression techniques and data visualization.

The competition consisted of simulating data and testing the …


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9 Lessons: Picking the Right NoSQL Tools

Summary:  This blog series is designed to help you understand which NOSQL Big Data database is right for you.  It is addressed to business executives and managers who need a primer on how this decision should be made. 

Starting a Big Data Initiative is…


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Lesson 2: NoSQL Databases are Good for Everything – Except Maybe this One Thing

Summary:  In general, it is true that NOSQL databases can do everything that RDBMS can do.  And almost always when data is ‘big’ they can do it faster and cheaper.  There is one exception where you’ll need to pay close attention.

In a technical…


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Are You A Data Scientist ?

The perspective of the word DATA has changed drastically over the decades and more so in recent years. The practice of collecting data in yore for mere bookkeeping has today become a matter of wise investment to create a gold mine for future. Hence every sector like government, corporations and academia are investing heavily on getting their Enterprise Information Management Architectures in place.

The prospect of tapping into the DATA generated in an enterprise…


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Six Thinking Hats and the Life of a Data Scientist

When Edward De Bono spoke about the six thinking hats way back, he definitely did not visualize the emerging field of data science. The hats were meant to be an aid for lateral thinking and brainstorming. Over the years, the hats have seen many creative uses in the corporate world. 3M used the six thinking hats for new product development, a new type of duct tape. Boeing used the six thinking hats to resolve a management vs. union deadlock. And J. Walter Thompson is reported to have used the…


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