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The Merging of Social Media, Big Data, Perpetually Connected Consumers and AI... Nirvana, or the End of Free-Will?

The Not So Distant Future

It’s Friday September 14, 2046, and you are at the airport getting an alert from your car that your 10,000 mile service is due, but something peculiar comes with your alert. It’s a question: your car asks you if you wish to have the service taken care of within the next 10 days, or after.

You respond “in the next 10 days.”

Your car’s smart system contacts the car dealer’s smart system and arranges everything, but first…


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29 articles recently published:

  1. 6 Ways to Address Collinearity in Regression Models…

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Hadoop vs. NoSql vs. Sql vs. NewSql By Example



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Although Mainframe Hierarchical Databases are very much alive today, The Relational Databases (RDBMS) (SQL) have dominated the Database market, and they have done a lot of good. The reason the money…


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Can you win a Facebook data science job? Take the test!

Facebook has launched a Kaggle competition to hire a data scientist:

“This competition tests your text skills on a large dataset from the Stack Exchange sites. The task is to predict the tags (a.k.a. keywords, topics,…


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What will America pay for H1-B Jobs?

NOTE: H1b is a Visa program where people from outside countries are allowed to work with USA companies. The visa is valid for a 3 year period and is extensible for another 3 years. 

United States Department of Labor publishes quarterly data of H1-B and other visa applications. Below is an analysis and visualization of the same data.

What is in the Data…


Added by Nilesh Jethwa on September 5, 2013 at 12:20pm — 1 Comment

The Modern Data Architecture - DSC Webinar

Predictive Analytics with Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks, THE Modern Data Architecture

Join us for a Webinar on September 24

Space is limited. …

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Marrying computer science, statistics and domain expertize

I was reading an article written by Google scientists about how to predict ad click based on user query and the text ad. The article, written by a team of Google scientists - surely experts from top universities - focuses on the very large number of metrics in the model…


Added by Vincent Granville on September 4, 2013 at 8:00pm — 9 Comments

Q&A: Thinking of Data as Information Capital

Thinking of data as information capital and treating it much as a company treats other kinds of capital (such as financial and human) can get leaders thinking about information in a different way.

Guest blog post by Linda Briggs. TDWI article originally published…


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Hadoop 2 Helps Systems Integration

Apache Hadoop announced a beta release for Hadoop 2. The Hadoop-2.1.0-beta…


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The Best Of Open Source For Big Data

Open Source tools for Big Data

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It was not easy to select a few out of many Open Source projects. My objective was to choose the ones that fit Big Data’s needs most. What has changed in the world of Open Source is that the big players have become stakeholders; IBM’s alliance with Cloud Foundry, Microsoft providing a…


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