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August 2019 Blog Posts (76)

3 Ways data visualization will advance and impact users

The term ‘data visualization’ was coined a couple of years ago. But storytelling finds its roots in the earliest of times. Using characters, events, event sequences, locations, time periods, emotions, numbers, etc., storytelling has always fascinated the humankind.

Today, data visualization narrates events, causes & consequences…


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50 Successful Blockchains Applications

This article was written by Matteo Gianpietro Zago.

 When talking about blockchains, we commonly think of its applications in the future. “Blockchain will solve this, blockchain will achieve that”. It’s easy to forget that blockchains are already deployed in the wild.

Pick an…


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Speed up your R Work

This article was written by John Mount.



In this note we will show how to speed up work in R by partitioning data and process-level parallelization. We will show the technique with three different R packages: rqdatatable, data.table,…


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Diabetes Prediction with Ensemble Techniques

Till your good is better and better is best!


Yes, the above quote is so true. We humans have ability to rate things and find some or the other matrices to measure things and evaluate them or their performances. Similarly, in Data Science you can measure your model’s accuracy and performance! The very first model that you build, you can set its matrices from the results and these matrices become your…


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Data-science-related careers and what it takes to succeed in this sphere?

To begin with, data scientists are professionals in the field of information mining, collecting, and analyzing. Since these people solve existing and potential problems in the companies of any kind, they are highly appreciated on the market.

I suppose you already know this. Maybe, you even work in data science but want to develop in your sphere. Then check out the following.…


Added by Josh Thompson on August 5, 2019 at 7:30am — No Comments

Automated Machine Learning for Professionals - Updated

Summary: As the Automated Machine Learning (AML) movement got underway a few years back there was an early branch between proprietary platforms and open source platforms.  In this article we’ll update you on leading open source AML tools.  Since they continue to require fluency in Python or R we label them “professional”.



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Machine Learning in Hospitals: Easing Wait Times in the ER

Like many emergency rooms in the United Kingdom, the A&E department at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester, faces high congestion. This results in treatment delays and access issues. The Data Science team at the Northern Care Alliance (NCA) National Health Service (NHS) Group of hospitals is implementing support mechanisms to ease wait times, using machine learning and regression to…


Added by Stephanie Glen on August 5, 2019 at 5:29am — 1 Comment

Value Engineering: The Secret Sauce for Data Science Success

The business, economic and social good that can be delivered courtesy of data science is almost unbounded; it has the potential to improve healthcare, public safety, transportation, education, environment, manufacturing, communities and the overall quality of life. If what your organization seeks is to exploit the potential of data science to power your business models; then your next question is “How do I achieve that?”  And that’s the topic of…


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Weekly Digest, August 5

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  



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Tensorflow 2.0 coding workshop notebooks

At our meetup Data Science for Internet of Things, Dan Howarth conducted a workshop on tensorflow 2.0
we plan to…

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Social-Organizational-Institutional Versus Market Devaluation

In Ontario, there has been a push for education to become more “monetizeable.”  The education that people receive should better reflect the needs of the market.  This is actually a challenging proposition - even if people are entirely in agreement - given the elusive nature of the market.  I am a big market proponent myself.  This has led me to question where or not my undergraduate degree has any commercial value at all.  I have a degree in environmental studies.  My thesis was on the…


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Difference between Gradient Descent and Newton-Raphson

Below are some extracts from an interesting Quora discussion on this topic.


  • The gradient descent way: You look around your feet and no farther than a few meters from your feet. You find the direction that slopes down the most and then walk a few meters in that direction. Then you stop and repeat the process until you can repeat no more. This will eventually lead you to the valley!
  • The Newton way: You look far away.…

Added by Paolo Lulli on August 3, 2019 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

Machine Learning has Significant Potential for the Manufacturing Sector

Since the start of the renaissance era, technology started to take over the lives of the humans and to gown to greater heights in the coming decade with completely replacing man from few spots in terms of the manual work or heavy work, they most influenced sector was the industrial sector. Since, it’s more oriented to the manual work which has rapidly changed the face of the industrial sector.

But now when the machines already captured most of the manual workspaces from man, now they…


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Data Quality Maintenance


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The Best Way to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is touted to be one of the most impactful trends of businesses today. Around 73% of global consumers said that they are willing to adopt AI provided it makes their life easier. The applications of AI have become a crucial part of our lives, whether we believe it or not.

From booking a trip online to receiving a book…


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Thursday News, August 1

Here is our selection of featured resources and articles posted since Monday:

Technical Resources


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