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Boosting the accuracy of your Machine Learning models

This article was written by Prashant Gupta. Gupta is a machine learning engineer, Android developer, and tech enthusiast.

Tired of getting low accuracy on your machine learning models? Boosting is here to help. Boosting is a popular machine learning algorithm that increases accuracy of…


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Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

This article was written by Mr. David Gunning. …
XAI is addressing the need for machine-learning systems able to explain their rationale, characterize their strengths and weaknesses, and convey an understanding of how they will behave in the future.

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Beyond Datawarehouse - The Data Lake

Over the last few years, organizations have made a strategic decision to turn big data into competitive advantage. Owing to rapid changes in the trends of BI and DW space, Big Data has been driving the organizations to explore the    implementation aspects on how to integrate big data into the existing EDW infrastructure. The process of extracting data from multiple sources such as social media, weblogs, sensor data etc. and transforming that data suit the organization’s analytical needs is…


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The Fundamentals of Data Science

Guest blog post by Mic Farris. Mic is a Decision Science & Analytics Leader at CenturyLink.

Two of the biggest buzzwords in our industry are “big data” and “data science”. Big Data seems to have a lot of interest right now, but Data Science is fast becoming a very hot topic.

Source for…


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End to End Deep Learning.

Connecting the dots for a Deep Learning App … Our day to day activities is filled with Emotions and Sentiments. Ever wondered how we can identify these sentiments through computers? Oops, computers who have no brains :)? Try this Deep Learning App yourself (refresh a couple of times initially if there’s Application Error):

Dot 0: Deep Learning in Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis…


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R Decision Trees - A Tutorial to Tree Based Modeling in R

What is R Decision Trees?

One of the most intuitive and popular methods of data mining that provides explicit rules for classification and copes well with heterogeneous data, missing data, and nonlinear effects is decision tree. It predicts the target value of an item by mapping observations about the item.

You can perform either classification or regression tasks here. For example, identifying fraudulent…


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Deep Learning Research Review: Natural Language Processing

This article was written by Adit Deshpande.

This is the 3rd installment of a new series called Deep Learning Research Review. 

Introduction to Natural Language Processing:



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Chatbots Market Escalates With A Staggering Double Digit CAGR

Market Highlights

In this rapidly changing world of technology, chatbots market is projected to show major growth prospects during the forecast period. The growing need to maintain a healthy customer relationship management is a major factor driving the growth of chatbots market. Chatbots enables companies to engage in continuous communication with their customers which results in improvement of customer relationship management, which is the ultimate goal of any…


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HDFS vs. HBase : All you need to know

The sudden increase in the volume of data from the order of gigabytes to zettabytes has created the need for a more organized file system for storage and processing of data. The demand stemming from the data market has brought Hadoop in the limelight making it one of biggest players in the industry. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the…


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R Nonlinear Regression Analysis

R Nonlinear Regression Analysis

Nonlinear Regression and Generalized Linear Models:

Regression is nonlinear when at least one of its parameters appears nonlinearly. It commonly sorts and analyzes data of various industries like retail and banking sectors. It also helps to draw conclusions and predict future trends on the basis of user’s activities on the net.

The nonlinear regression analysis is the process of building a…


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How to Spot Visualization Lies

This article was written by Nathan Yau.

It used to be that we’d see a poorly made graph or a data design goof, laugh it up a bit, and then carry on. At some point though — during this past year especially — it grew more difficult to distinguish a visualization…


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Benefits of having a career in data science

First came an infographic about 12 careers in big data. Here is another interesting one from our guest blogger Chetan Ramesh…


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Top 12 interesting careers to explore in bigdata

Here is an interesting infographic from Chetan Ramesh

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Under the Hood with Reinforcement Learning – Understanding Basic RL Models

Summary:  Reinforcement Learning (RL) is likely to be the next big push in artificial intelligence.  It’s the core technique for robotics, smart IoT, game play, and many other emerging areas.  But the concept of modeling in RL is very different from our statistical techniques and deep learning.  In this two part series we’ll take a look at the basics of RL models, how they’re built and used.  In the next part, we’ll address some of the complexities that make development a…


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Time series classification with Tensorflow

Time-series data arise in many fields including finance, signal processing, speech recognition and medicine. A standard approach to time-series problems usually requires manual engineering of features which can then be fed into a machine learning algorithm. Engineering of features generally requires some  domain knowledge of the discipline where the data has originated from. For example, if one is dealing with signals (i.e. classification of EEG signals), then possible features would involve…


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IoT: Penetrating the Possibilities of a Data Driven Economy

All of us are accustomed to the smart wearables, such as the ones we wear on a jogging track. We also have seen the concept of smart homes turn into a reality. We have seen a farmer sort and track his flock of sheep with the help of a mountable RFID device. 

Every physical element around us (including ourselves) have become a part…

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Predicting the next Eclipse

Here we describe a rudimentary method, using basic trigonometry, to predict lunar and solar eclipses. The purpose is to get people interested in the mathematics behind these events. We assume here that the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are just points. Thus we do not predict where on Earth eclipses take place, nor whether they are full of partial. But we derive some interesting results, such as

  • Solar eclipses are as frequent as lunar eclipses
  • On average, a solar eclipse…

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Quick Guide to R and Statistical Programming

Guest blog by Rob Kabacoff. Rob is Professor of Quantitative Analytics at Wesleyan University.

R is an elegant and comprehensive statistical and graphical programming language. Unfortunately, it can also have a steep learning curve. I created this website for both current R users, and experienced users of other statistical packages (e.g., SASSPSSStata) who…


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Evolution of Machine Learning - Infographics

Interesting infographics produced by PwC. To view the original article, download the infographics in PDF format, and read the comments, click here

DSC Resources


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New Book: Data Science: Mindset, Methodologies, and Misconceptions

From the author of the bestsellers, Data Scientist and Julia for Data Science, this book covers four foundational areas of data science. The first area is the data science pipeline including methodologies and the data scientist's toolbox. The second are essential practices needed in understanding the data including questions and hypotheses. The third are pitfalls to avoid in the data science process. The fourth is an awareness of future trends…


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