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Formulating your problem as a reinforcement learning problem

This blog is the first part of a three-blog series, which talks about basics of reinforcement learning (RL)and how we can formulate a given problem into a reinforcement learning problem.

The blog is based on my teaching and insights from our book at the University of Oxford. I also wish to thank my co-authors Phil Osborne and Dr Matt Taylor for…


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Data Agility and 'Popularity' vs. Data Quality in Self-Serve BI and Analytics

One of the most valuable aspects of self-serve business intelligence is the opportunity it provides for data and analytical sharing among business users within the organization. When business users adopt true self-serve BI tools like Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis,…


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Data Cleaning: What It Is and Why Your CRM Needs It

Accurate and reliable data in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential if you want to use the right channels to connect with customers and potential clients at the right time.

You can refer to an account profile using the stored data whenever necessary. The sales team also rely on CRM data to gasp sales opportunities.…


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Data Science and Cloud: A Perfect Match for your Data Analytics needs

The number of devices connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing rapidly. Statista estimates that there will be about 50 million IoT-connected devices in use across the world by 2030. And these interconnected devices and enterprise systems will generate vast amounts of data. And, most of this data will be stored and analyzed on the…


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How can Sentiment Analysis be Used for Brand Management

The main motive of using sentiment analysis is to find out the true feelings of the varied people living in our society. It can be used for analyzing the customer feedback of a particular company, normal users on social media towards a product, services, social issues, or political agendas.

Companies also use it for brand analysis, reputation crises,…


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Using Hashmaps in Python

Implementing Hashmap in Python and comparing it with other languages

Hey There again. In today’s article, we will cover what hashmap is, how is it called in different languages, and finally, how is it used in Python language. So…


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Hurwitz-Riemann Zeta And Other Special Probability Distributions

Source: here

In my previous article here, I discussed a…


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How to Introduce Machine Learning to your Business

Artificial intelligence systems usually learn by example and are likely to learn better with high-quality examples. Low quality or insufficient training data can lead to unreliable systems that make poor decisions, reach the wrong conclusions, introduce or perpetuate bias and cannot handle real-world variation among other issues. Besides, poor data is…


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Virtualized network functions: The cloudification of telecoms leading to a new class of applications

The Cloudification of the Telecoms market

Last week, Nokia announced 10,000 jobs lost worldwide. Telecoms is a cyclical business with the G cycles (roughly spanning seven years) ex 3G, 4G etc – driving the ups and downs in employment. However, there is more at stake here because the Telecoms industry is fundamentally changing.



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Data Catalog: Importance, features and benefits

Data catalogs are now a significant component in the management of data in modern organizations. Those that have implemented successful data catalogs have an easier time analyzing data. They can have quality data and improve the speeds of handling data. So what is a data catalog?

A data catalog is defined as a neat and organized inventory of…


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7 Tips for B2B & B2C Portal Development that Speed Up Your Website

Today, many B2B customers are turning to B2B websites to buy their products and services outright. While B2B companies receive value from customer satisfaction within their operational procedures, today's customers are looking for companies that go beyond their expectations.…


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Can Deep Learning Address Limited Bandwidth and Other Video Streaming Challenges?

We all experience video streaming issues, probably on a daily basis. But now that people aren’t just streaming for entertainment, but are relying on it in many cases to perform their jobs, it ups the ante to address some of these issues and provide an improved experience. Deep…


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Data Science Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 Calamity

  • Covid-19 data was haphazardly collected and analyzed, leading to a national disaster.
  • Pandemic predictions were no more accurate than a Magic 8 Ball.
  • Lessons to be learned from the mistakes made.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. government didn’t have the faintest clue about the pandemic's…


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How Healthcare can Benefit from IoT?

The past year has presented the medical industry with new challenges that humanity has hardly faced before. The situation in the world has accelerated the rapid pace of software development for medical devices and made people realize the irreplaceable role of high technology in…


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Data Center Server Market is Projected to Reach 100 Billion by 2027

According to a recent study from market research firm Global Market Insights, Growing demand for high performance servers worldwide is expected to boost the data center server market size in the coming years. There has been a high demand for advanced data center infrastructure solutions in recent years across many industries. Driven by…


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Pros and Cons of using Python for Web Development

Python is the world’s third most popular programming language in February 2021, according to TIOBE’s index. It grew over 1.52% since January.…


Added by Shardul Bhatt on March 17, 2021 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Maximizing Data Use and Reducing Pitfalls: Putting the Right Data Preparation Process in Place for AI

Welcome to the first installment in our series on ModelOps. This blog focuses on the importance of Data Gathering and Preparation in support of your AI projects and avoiding the common pitfalls.

Data is the heart of every AI investment, but data is not a monolithic concept. It comes in many different forms and sizes. For example, your data may…


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Feature Engineering At a glance

Data Science Lifecycle revolves around using various analytical methods to produce insights and applying Machine Learning techniques to do the predictions from the collected dataset. The main objective is to achieve a business challenge.

The entire process involves…


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DSC Weekly Digest 15 March 2021

Data Agility, Not Code…


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Unlocking e-commerce growth for CPG with data and analytics

CPG opportunities in the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled businesses to shift to virtual marketplaces and CPG has been no different. Consumers are increasingly preferring online portals instead of brick-and-mortar stores and…


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