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Different Understanding of Michelson-Morley Experiment

An unpublished experimental report may have an interesting new way to understand the unexpected result of the Michelson-Morley Experiment of 1887.  The new understanding is embodied in a new theory the author calls "undulatory propagation." 

"Possible Detection of Ether Drift With Magnets (Not Light)"

This website reports an experiment that has apparently detected the absolute…


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An introduction to Cloud Native applications and Kubernetes


Kubernetes is being described as the next ‘Java’ i.e. it is fast becoming an endemic/ underlying platform for the whole industry just like the Java programming language.

For the first time, we are seeing the entire ecosystem aligning around the single platform via the Cloud native foundation.

Kubernetes is the underlying technology behind a term called ‘Cloud Native’

The Cloud Native foundation defines the term ‘Cloud Native’ as: 



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How to Solve the Biggest Challenges in Enterprise AI

90% of data in existence has been generated in the last two years. On a daily basis, 7.5 sextrillion gigabytes of data are generated - around 147,000 gigabytes per person. These numbers are staggering, but it’s to be expected: the world is growing and the machine economy is growing exponentially. That's not to say that all of this data is immediately useful. Organizations can’t simply tap into these sources without massive amounts of pre-processing – but is anybody…


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Overcoming Challenges in Implementation of Successful AI products

IT professionals acquire AI expertise in a short time by attending couple of online courses. Once the courses are completed successfully, these new gen AI experts look for opportunities to hit problems with the newly acquired AI hammer. It is a challenge to identify problems that need AI for a solution. Majority of the problems seen as an AI problem can be solved easily by traditional statistical methods. But the IT child with new AI hammer in hand thinks that all problems in this…


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Data Storage at the Edge: Typologies and Attributes

Edge computing is a hot topic and carries with it some confusion, particularly around storage. Handling data properly at the edge can ensure a scalable, cost-effective and secure infrastructure - but failing to set up the right architecture can lead to data loss, security vulnerabilities and sky-high costs related to the bandwidth needed to transfer data repeatedly to and from the public cloud. Bandwidth is a key consideration from an architecture perspective, and the reason why is clear: it…


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ELAINE use case – Improving statistical prediction on financial market with Symbolic Logic

In my previous post, I introduced the ELAINE Community Tool that can be used to discover variables from textual communications.


Statistical predictors work well for charting the course of economic activities based on macro factors that elicit supply and demand if the market environment is within a close proximity of a pattern that resembles previous economic cycles. Unfortunately, in today’s geo-political environment, many of these new variables are injecting forces that…


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Finding organic clusters in complex data-networks

This article was written by Graph Commons.

A common task for a data scientist is to identify clusters in a given data set. The idea is to simply find groups of objects that have more connections or similarities to one another than they do to outsiders. In the study of networks, we use clustering to recognize…


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Five Regression Analysis Tips to Avoid Common Problems

This article was written by Jim Frost.

Regression is a very powerful statistical analysis. It allows you to isolate and understand the effects of individual variables, model curvature and interactions, and make predictions. Regression analysis offers high flexibility but presents a variety of potential pitfalls. Great power requires great…


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Google Releases TensorFlow Quantum

Today, Google published the following paper:

TensorFlow Quantum: A Software Framework for Quantum Machine Learning, 

TensorFlow Quantum is software for doing Quantum Bayesian Networks. QB nets have been a dream of mine for 24 years, although Google's paper, despite having 20 authors and 129 references, never cites any of my work. When I first had the idea of Quantum Bayesian Networks, I thought it was such a cool idea that, within a span of a year, I published…


Added by Robert R. Tucci on March 8, 2020 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

How VDRs Help to Improve Data Security?

Think of a VDR as a digital replica of a windowless brick-walled room, in a building nobody knows about, and with a tamper-proof lock. The key to entry is a system that verifies who you are, where you are, and what you know (multi-factor authentication). 

Technically, it’s a cloud-based secured online repository for document storage and distribution. Over the years, VDR solution providers have solved the…


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Weekly Digest, March 9

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  …


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The case for open data for AI in the fight against COVID-19

I saw a post recently which claimed that AI can help doctors diagnose coronavirus

On the face of it - this sounds like a positive development but I wonder if it is?

As I understand it,  a single Chinese…


Added by ajit jaokar on March 6, 2020 at 12:09pm — 1 Comment

The True Value of Legacy Systems Modernization for Businesses

To stay relevant businesses should always take the path of innovation: what was effective a few years ago today just might not be that effective. In this article, I would like to talk about Legacy Systems Modernization and why should you do anything you can to keep your processes up-to-date, with the…


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Compressing information through the information bottleneck during deep learning

This article was written by Ray.

Read an article in Quanta Magazine (New theory cracks open the black box of deep learning) about a talk (see 18: Information Theory of Deep Learning, YouTube video) done a month or so ago given by Professor Naftali (Tali) Tishby on his theory that all deep learning convolutional neural networks (CNN) exhibit an “information bottleneck”…


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Who All Can Benefit From the Implementation of the Energy Monitoring Solution?

No doubt, the technology of Internet of Things is swelling at an extraordinary rate. One sector that has benefited significantly from this technological marvel is the powerhouse sector of energy.

In 2015, the global energy market reached a valuation of USD 6.8 billion and is now expected to reach $26.5 billion by the end of…


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Thursday News, March 5

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday.


Technical Resources


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How Data Cleansing and Enrichment Increases Profitability

In today's hyper-competitive business world, B2B & B2C businesses rely on data to achieve an edge in their markets. However, many companies do not realize that customer data decays rapidly and create challenges in achieving business goals. In the postmodern era, customers simply change base too often, and to maintain a complete and accurate record of their whereabouts is a challenging task. Dirty data not only damages your credibility but also costs you money…


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9 Cities To Get Hired as a Data Scientist for 2020

We talk a lot about how to get hired as data scientists, but it’s time for our annual roundup of where to get hired as a data scientist for 2020. Without further ado, here are the top picks for best data science cities, and they couldn’t be a more diverse bunch.

Some offer the most exciting tech advances. Others have an excellent cost of living. Some have thriving and supportive communities. All of them are fantastic places to get your first (or next) data science…


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The 2020 Data Science Dictionary—Key Terms You Need to Know

As I discussed early last year, the data science field is a virtual hot-bed of terminology, a confluence of terms from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and software engineering. In addition, the language of data science evolves very quickly. As a journalist and also a data scientist, I probably see the newest terms before many others in the…


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Schmarzo’s Economic Digital Asset Valuation Theorem Formulas

I’ve had several folks tell me that if I can’t convert the “effects” in the Schmarzo "Economic Digital Asset Valuation Theorem” into mathematical equations, that my quest for a Nobel Prize in Economics would be greatly hindered.  So, I enlisted the help of my senior data science team of Wei Lin, Mauro Damo and Yong Zhang to help me address this problem (they were only diverted from small projects related to preserving our rainforests, improving healthcare and reducing carbon…


Added by Bill Schmarzo on March 4, 2020 at 5:00am — 1 Comment

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