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The Hot Hand Rises Again

Next month marks the 100th anniversary of Babe Ruth’s first home run.

This year, opening day in baseball signals the “closing day” for one of the classic truisms among sports statisticians: the belief that…


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Five Characteristics of the Big Data Bang

At this point, I suspect a lot of us have heard of the three, four, or even seven V’s of big data. The original three V’s – Volume, Velocity, and Variety – appeared in 2001 when Gartner analyst Doug Laney used it to help identify key dimensions of big data.   …


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Lambda Complexity: Why Fast Data Needs New Thinking

The Unix Philosophy, summarized by Doug McIlroy in 1994:

Write programs that do one thing and do it well. Write programs to work together. Write programs to handle text streams, because that is a universal interface.

This is considered by some to be the greatest revelation in the history of computer science, and there’s no debate that this philosophy has been instrumental in the success of Unix and its derivatives. Beyond Unix, it’s easy to see how this philosophy has…


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Weekly Digest - April 13

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday.



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Top Downloaded & Most Discussed R Packages

Gest blog post.

Vozag downloaded CRAN data from the R project to understand the top projects & which ones had the most discussions. Given below is a list of the top 20 packages downloaded in a single day. The full list of the top 100 most downloaded R packages is here.



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Simplest Way to Monetize Data: Think of Data as a Product

Guest blog post by Mike Davie.

With the exponential growth of IoT and M2M, data is seeping out of every nook and cranny of our corporate and personal lives. However, harnessing data and turning it into a valuable asset is still in its infancy stage of development.  In a recent study, IDC estimates that only 5% of data created is actually analyzed.…


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Finding Group Structures in Data using Unsupervised Machine Learning

1. Introduction

In this post, we’ll use an unsupervised machine learning technique called kmeans clustering to find naturual structures in our data. In the other blog posts, we used supervised machine learning techniques like logistic regression and linear regression to predict car prices or …


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Cloud Based Analytics - Coming Clash of the Titans

From all indications, 2015 is well on its way to becoming the year of cloud computing. The feverish pitch of activities at key players on one hand and the data as well as observations of industry pundits affirm this. There are apparently a handful of reason to keep the IT industry leaders awake at night.  

For starters, per , 2014 revenues for cloud services grew by 60 percent.  The global cloud computing market, per Forrester, is expected to grow to over $191 billion by 2020. IDC…


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Mega collection of data science books and terminology

More than a thousand keywords with detailed explanations, and hundreds of machine learning / data science books categorized by programming language used to illustrate the concepts.

Here's a selection of keywords, from the mega-list

10 keywords starting with A, this is indeed a small subset of all the keywords starting with…


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Ten General Principles in Data Mining/Science

Through years, working with different clients and applications, I have found a set of data mining general principles that also hold through in the context of big data.  These are all listed in my book. Here I enumerate them using the terminology I have used in the book:
  1. Use of “all the data” is not equivalent to building the deepest Analytics Dataset (ADS) in terms of…

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1,000 New Functions for Your Spreadsheet

We are excited to announce that all 1000+ functions on Blockspring can now be run from your spreadsheet.

You'll be able to create interactive data visualizations, run algorithms, pull data from the web, automate tweets and emails, call APIs, and more. In a nutshell, you get the full power of programming from the comfort of a spreadsheet.

To get started, install the …


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What Technology & Tool Skills Do Data Scientists Jobs Require?

People often ask “What technology & tool skills do I need to develop to be a data scientist?”. We decided to go straight to the source of job descriptions & check what requirements are being asked for while people hire data scientists. We analyzed about 1660 job postings which had “Data Scientists” in the job title and decided to further search for specific technology & tools skills that are required in those job descriptions.

Our first analysis involved understanding what…


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Participate in 2015 Data Science / Data Miner Survey

All analytic professionals, students and academics - Participate in the 2015 Data Science / Data Miner Survey.  

Access Code:  H7D3S9   —  It is OK to share this Access Code with others:  It can be used by multiple people.

Survey results will be unveiled at the Fall-2015 Boston Predictive…

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Ideal Qualifications – Govt. Data Scientist (DS)

An ideal DS must have broad business acumen, corporate expertise, know-how of corporate and government culture, a feel of the fluctuating government political climate and its low(s) & high(s), Popular Industry KPI(s), well versed in the area of large scale multi-million $ budgets,

Knowledgeable in the areas of Advanced Mathematics, Law, Econometrics and Finance, Software Development experience using Java, Python and C; Database experience should…


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Big Data: From a junk yard to a gold mine

Let's get over the hype. Unless you are a data driven giant like Amazon or Yahoo, there is no need to spend millions to dig and fill a big data lake. You might be better off with data junk yard strategy. It will let you start early and cheap so you don’t miss the big data bus. It may not sound impressive but play it right and a junk yard will end up a gold mine with an optimum balance of cost, benefits and speed.  Here is how it makes sense:

Hadoop, the core…


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Meet the New Chief Data Scientist of the United States Government

United States President Barack Obama recently introduced DJ Patil as the new Chief Data Scientist of the United States Government. See video: Data Science: Where are We Going?…


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6 Cloud Based Machine Learning Services

Developing machine learning solutions that give a lift from your existing prediction algorithms is not an easy task. They require a multitude of activities to get it right including cleaning up the data, setting up the infrastructure, testing &re-testing the model & finally deploying the algorithm.

Here are five machine learning services that can help…


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Abridged List of Machine Learning Topics

Interesting list published on Startup.ml. Here are the main categories:

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Online Learning
  3. Graphical Models
  4. Structured Predictions
  5. Ensemble Methods
  6. Kernel Machines
  7. Hyper-parameter Optimization
  8. Optimization
  9. Graphs
  10. Hadoop / Spark
  11. GPU learning
  12. Julia
  13. Robotics
  14. Natural Language…

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50 great data visualizations

Interesting post. I think many of these visualizations are just pure art, but delivering no insight. So we selected a few of the most powerful ones for you.

The Iliad (whatever that means)…


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Weekly Digest - April 6

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles or sections are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday.



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