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What is the Benefit of Modern Data Warehousing?

Access to relevant customer and industry information is the primary competitive advantage businesses have over their direct and indirect competitors today. It’s the smartest approach to remaining vigilant in a business environment where competition is at an all-time high. 

That’s where data warehousing comes in. Data warehouses are central repositories of…


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Weekly Digest, July 17

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.



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Data visualization apps: What do they add?

Dashboards for data visualization, such as Tableau or R Shiny, enable an interactive exploration of data in the form of plots or tables, through a programming-free interface with drop-down lists and checkboxes. The apps can be useful for both the data analyst and the public.

Visualization apps may be privately consulted as well as published online. There are two main platforms: R Shiny and Tableau. Shiny has a free starter license…


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How to measure Digital Transformation maturity?

The digital revolution has created significant opportunities and threats for every industry. Companies that cannot or do not make significant changes faster to their business model in response to a disruption are unlikely to survive It is extremely important to do digital maturity assessment before embarking on digital transformation. Digital leaders…


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How big data is busting traffic jams

This article was written by Jim McClelland. Jim is a sustainable futurist, speaker, writer and social-media commentator. His specialisms include built environment, corporate social responsibility and ecosystem services.…


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When Data Science Alone Won’t Cut it: Deriving Signal from Observations in the Maritime Domain

Here is a guest blog by Ian White . 

Ian is an entrepreneurial product leader with 20 years experience spanning product management and business strategy at the intersection of data science, geospatial software, business intelligence and data acquisition. He has 10 years experience as startup founder and deep expertise geo/mapping, hyperlocal advertising,…


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Big Data, Cognitive Extension, Self-Organizing Processes and Economic Development

Let me use this space to discuss about some of the main topics of my PhD thesis: "Big Data, Cognitive Extension, Self-organizing Processes and Economic Development". My research was born as an effort to improve my comprehension of the emerging phenomenon "Big Data” and its potential impacts on the Economy, in particular Economic Development and fight against poverty. Big Data include in the first place data generated by billions of people in a decentralized way through the Social Media.…


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Big Data Is Changing the Game for Recruiters

This is a guest post by Charles Ebert. Charles is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector.  Find him on Linkedin and Twitter.

Big data is a game changer…


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Book: Text Analytics with Python

Text Analytics with Python -- A Practical Real-World Approach to Gaining Actionable Insights from your Data

Text analytics can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating at times with the unstructured and noisy nature of textual data and the vast amount of information available. "Text Analytics with Python" published by Apress\Springer, is a book packed with 385 pages of useful information based on techniques, algorithms,…


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What are the Limits of Deep Learning?

This article was written by Mariya Yao. Mariya is the CTO and Head of Research & Design at TOPBOTS, a strategy and research firm in applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.…


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Deciding to adopt new technology?

This is one of the riskiest decisions that any organization will ever face, that said - level of risk exposure is directly opposite with amount of research, and due diligence spent looking at new technology from all the possible angles. Two of my large clients in same industry considered changing their existing technology for something new. And…


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Where is the value from data science?

Recently, question of value derived by data science is being raised more and more frequently. Even Harward Business Review is  on it: click here to read their article.

I wonder if their characterization of…


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Best Data Science Books and Articles For Your Career

This article was written by Madison from PeopleMaven

I came across this piece that talks about interesting articles that might be helpful for…


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Embracing Conflict to Fuel Digital Innovation

When talking to clients about their business goals, most business executives are pretty clear as to what they want to accomplish, such as reducing customer churn or reducing inventory costs or improving quality of care or improving product line profitability. But these “one dimensional” business initiatives really don’t push the organization’s innovative thinking. For example, I can easily reduce marketing costs if I significantly reduce advertising and promotional spending. Or I can easily…


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AI Is the Future of the Internet – and Finally Somebody Notices

Summary: You’d think that the internet was the core of the digital economy but it’s not.  Data science is the core without which the digital economy wouldn’t exist and increasingly it’s AI that’s moving the needle in consumer engagement.


I look forward to this time of year since this is when Mary Meeker, the great interpreter of the…


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Me, Myself and Digital Twins

It’s hard to get into the world of the Internet of Things (IOT) without eventually talking about Digital Twins. I was first exposed to the concept of Digital Twins when working with GE. Great concept. But are Digital Twins only relevant to physical machines such as wind turbines, jet engines, and locomotives? What can we learn about the concept of digital twins that we can apply more broadly – to other physical entities (like contracts and agreements) and even humans?…


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Accelerating Convolutional Neural Networks on Raspberry Pi

This article was written by Koustubh. 

Unless you have been living under the rock, you must have heard of the revolution that deep learning and convolutional neural networks have brought in computer vision. Computers have achieved near-human level accuracy for most of the tasks. However, most of the top…


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3 Free Data Science eBooks to Add to Your Summer Reading List

If you're a regular visitor to our website you'll know that every month we scour the internet seeking out free eBooks to help you on your educational journey. Well, it has been so popular that we decided to create a regular monthly series here at Data Science Central.

I hope this will prove to be a valuable resource to you that you will visit regularly (and invite your friends too).…


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Understanding Neural Networks with TensorFlow Playground

This article was written by Kaz Sato.

You may have heard the buzz about neural networks and deep learning, and want to learn more. But when you learn about the technology from a textbook, many people find themselves overwhelmed by mathematical models and formulas. I certainly was.

For people like me, there's an awesome tool to…


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How Augmented Reality is improving Digital Age!

Augmented reality (AR) means amplified reality with graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. Virtual objects and information are displayed on top of the physical world, will make its way to our phones.
Just like the Internet of Things & Big data, Analytics, augmented reality is going mainstream.Search…

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