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Which IT infrastructure for Big Data?

A Big Data decision support system requires particular capabilities in terms of volume, variety of data and processing speed.

Today companies to improve their knowledge models and forecasts, do not hesitate to take into account hundreds of factors, and do not hesitate to bring up new means of analysis that can handle large volumes of data. But the processing of large volumes of data is a challenge for traditional BI infrastructure. Storing large volumes is not a problem, but…


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Hadoop on Windows Server and Azure

Microsoft and Hortonworks …


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Creating a learning organisation in the "Age of the Customer"


Two weeks ago I attended the Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange in London, in which I participated as a speaker. See Maz Iqbal's account of these two days here:


One of my personal highlights from day 1 was Suresh Vittal's presentation (Forrester). He…


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To Recruiters and hiring managers: important notice

Job ads posted on our sister website AnalyticTalent can be posted on AnalyticBridge as well as on our three LinkedIn groups:

  • Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling - …

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What's The Difference between Data Scientists and Rocket Scientists?

This post was written by Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp. on 18 July 2012. Please comment below!

After attending several analytics conferences over the last month, I’m beginning to understand an important nuance about the community we call “analytics” worked by “analytics professionals” or “data scientists.”  It seems as if the defining boundary of our discipline is almost always that we data scientists apply ourselves…


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How to Develop Big Data Solutions with Apache Hadoop

Webinar: How to Develop Big Data Solutions with…


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Announcing Datastream: The Official Greenplum Blog

Announcing the debut of Datastream, Greenplum's official blog, delivering analytics news and exploring emerging data science trends. http://bit.ly/LWAt7c 

We live in a Big Data world, and the data scientist is at the center. Datastream shines a spotlight on the data scientists, practitioners, and innovators who are reaping…


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How do I update my resume on AnalyticTalent?

Datashaping.com is now AnalyticTalent.com. If you posted your resume on DataShaping.com or emailed your resume to Vincent Granville for posting on DataShaping.com, you can now check or update your resume on our new website -…


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Data Science Central Launches Big Data Job Board

Data Science Central Launches Big Data Job Board at AnalyticTalent.com

Specialized job board for active and passive job candidates identifies the best opportunities for data scientists, data analysts, statisticians, data engineers, and business analysts.

Data Science Central has launched a new…


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3 Game Changing Big Data Use Cases in Telecom

Like many industries the Infrastructure/Security/Compliance function within large telecom companies is becoming more data driven. Here are 3 powerful use cases which vividly bring out new possibilities in Telecom big data


Telecom use case-1 : Contact centre text mining and Telecom Bandwidth throttling…


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How to Analyze Data Without SQL Experience

“What is the sales value in this month? What is the increased percentage compared with the previous month? Which sales persons are among the top 10?” – The similar data analysis is mostly required in the sectors like commerce, finance, government, and scientific research. SQL usually is the only choice for such kind of analysis.

As a query language initially developed in early 70s, SQL has a relatively higher technical requirement on analysts. Lacking of…


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Learn how ICA created the nation's leading Health Information Exchange

ICA is a leading provider of health information exchange solutions to bridge the gaps that exist between health care organizations. At the core of their solution is technology from MarkLogic. Enterprise Data Layer provides a unified view of all organizational data.…

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Data Science and Big Data Course from EMC

Big Data Analytics requires involvement of Data Scientists

"We live in a data-driven world. Increasingly, the efficient operation of organizations…

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How to Solve Complex Computations in the Report

Reporting tool is good at chart & form design, style of landscaping, query interface, entry & report, and export & print. It is one of the tools that are applied most extensively. However, there are quite often complex computations in the report, which raises a very high requirement for technical capabilities of report designers, and is one of the biggest barriers in report design. This article will introduce to ways to solve the complex computations in the report.…


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Interactive Analysis and Related Tools


Interactive analysis is a cycle analysis procedure of assumption, validation, and adjustment to achieve the fuzzy computation goal.

The interactive analysis is the real on-line analysis to solve the complex computation problem in the real world, and it is one of the key points in the business computation.

Example of Case

Let us explain the interactive analysis with a common example in the…


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Target's methodology for predicting which customers are pregnant.

The pregnancy story took a while to propagate, but, with its arrival in the NY Times Magazine, is now widespread.  What will the 2012 story be? 

Here at Statistics.com, we predict:

On June 26, 2012, Mei Mei Lim from Accenture described how Nokia Siemens Networks built a predictive model for rapid identification of churn "triggers."  The model lets a cell carrier take corrective actions and offer enticements…


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What is real OLAP for practical use?

OLAP is an important constituent part of BI (business intelligence).

Understood literally, OLAP is online analytical processing, that is, users conduct analytical operation on real-time business data.

But, currently the concept of OLAP is seriously narrowed, and only it refers to operations such as conducting drilling, aggregating, pivoting and slicing based on multi-dimensional data, namely, multi-dimensional interaction analysis.

To apply this kind of…


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