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9 Ways to Grow Your Business with Custom Web Scraping Tools

What is a custom web scraping tool?

A custom web scraping tool is a web scraping software that allows its users to extract data from websites without writing a single line of code. Tools of this kind are built on web scraping techniques. In other words, it’s a coding-free web scraper.

What can you do with custom web scraping tools?…


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Today I uploaded to github the first version of my book "Bayesuvius" about Bayesian Networks

vesuvius-from-pompei View of Mount Vesuvius form Pompeii

In the last week, I started a new book on classical (not quantum) Bayesian Networks. Today, I uploaded the first installment to github. Here is its github repo. Here is the pdf for the book. Let me quote the current…


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Free book – for #datascience interviews - Guide to competitive programming

Recently Springer made some good books on maths free to download.

Competitive programming strategies are useful for many data science interviews and they help to improve your maths foundations.  There are not many books on this subject (although there are many good websites and YouTube resources).

So, I hope you find this book…


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Impact of Intel vs. ARM CPU Performance for Object Storage

By Frank Wessels

The recent announcement from AWS about the general availability of their new ARM-powered Graviton2 servers caused us to take another look at the performance of these ARM servers. In this blog post we describe the results which you may find surprising.


MinIO is an Apache licensed, open source S3-compatible object storage server with a particular focus on high…


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External Data Sources Are More Critical Than Ever in Supply Chain Management

External Data Sources Are More Critical Than Ever in Supply Chain Management.

Your company's historical data are not contextual enough for our COVID world.

Danillo Pereira, CAO

June 22, 2020



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Stunning 3D visualization with JavaView

JavaView(http://www.javaview.de/) is a 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software known since 90x. The program is written in Java, and enables a smooth integration into commercial…


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Weekly Digest, June 22

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  …


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Simple Correlational Analysis on Socioeconomic Factors Impacting Covid-19 Outbreak in US Counties


As part of my PhD work, I recently had to analyze any dataset(s) of my interest and present findings.  I ended up conducting a study on US County-wise Covid-19 data.  I wanted to share my key findings through this blog.

Study Question

The primary question I wanted to address through data analysis was “Do counties’ socioeconomic factors such as population size, poverty rate, unemployment rate, education percent and…


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Enhancing Satellite Imagery Through Super-Resolution

The power of deep learning paired with collaborative human intelligence to increase the quality of crop cultivation imagery through super resolution.


The Problem

The focus in this article lies in…


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Herodotus Event Data Object - Glimpse Inside

I dropped out of university as a literature major in the 1980s.  (I needed time to find myself.)  Before I left, I read The Histories by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.  I decided to name my new data object the Herodotus Event Data Object or HEDO.  A number of HEDOs can be stitched together to form codified narrative.  Those who follow my blogs might recall that I previously developed a system of codified narrative called BERLIN.  HEDOs represent my reinvention of BERLIN.  I…


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A Brief Summary of the Science of Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics are two most common terminologies in today’s data driven world. How a business uses big data to make key business decisions is critical to the future success of the firm. Data is collected into raw form and processed according to the requirement of a company and then this data is utilized for the decision making purpose. This process helps the businesses to grow & expand their operations in the market. Data or information is typically in raw format. The… Continue

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Digital identity with continuous community validation

The idea is to develop a digital identity system where it is your community that continuously re-validates your identity. Your identity needs to be regularly revalidated by other members of the community holding valid identities. If your digital identity is not revalidated following an acceptable pattern, it quickly expires, in a matter of days. The revalidation pattern is not random: for example, it is not acceptable that you get validated that you get constantly revalidated by the same…


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Artificial Intelligence and RPA: Making the Most of the Two Worlds

Although RPA tools make significant strides, automating routine tasks and allowing humans to focus on more sophisticated ones, yet, they can’t adjust their procedures to self-execution without human help. On the other hand, there are natural language processing tools, with all their power to finally automate routine tasks.

Working in unison with RPA, artificial intelligence solutions “rethink” the ways companies…


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Food Delivery Time: Tips to Leverage Big Data Analytics for Better Results

The online food delivery business has taken off in the past few years — that much everyone knows. But do you know why this industry has noticed such rapid growth in demand and popularity? It is because of the utter convenience they deliver. Today’s customers come with high expectations, and this industry seems to have checked all the boxes one needs to; well, save for one. Delivery time — this continues to remain a sore spot for most customers who engage with online food delivery businesses.…


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How AI is taking Voice beyond Telephony

Communications Technology has faced unexceptional change during the last decade. Talking about the year 2020, it has set a new benchmark for the new generation to use their capabilities and add value to the businesses for many more years to come. Voice Technology is somehow linked to the telephony. As the connection remains strong, voice is being used in various ways to bring maximum profit in various organizations as voice is significant because most of the…


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Thursday News, June 18

Here is our selection of featured resources and articles posted since Monday:



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Misleading Graphs Part 2: Ladders, Spaghetti, and Other Ways to Ruin a Graph

If you've spent any time with modeling data, you'll know that there are many pitfalls to be had when it comes to data presentation (I addressed some common pitfalls in Misleading Graphs Part 1). Misleading graphs can be the result of incorrect data collection, ignorance of the basic "rules" of data presentation (like labeling axes), or even deliberate attempts to mislead. A fourth…


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How Data Marketplaces will shape the future of data monetization

Data monetization is a hot topic these days.  Executives at both startups and large companies are being asked to capitalize on the value of their data assets and drive bottom line results.  According to McKinsey, in their paper "Fueling growth through Data Monetization", companies that invest in data monetization are outperformers in their category -- which is not surprising, given that application of data is highly…


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9 Metrics To Help You Make Wise Decisions About Your Startup

Startups often feel like they are at the center of a massive crossroad. Each path has at least one person waving them on with the promise of a growth hack that will turn their crawling, infant business into one that walks and talks.


Who do you listen to and which metrics do you use to measure your startup? It’s a difficult pair of questions to answer and the constant chirping of everyone sharing their opinion on what’s important for your…


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Best Tools To Create AR Mobile Applications In 2020

“The world is witnessing the rise of augmented reality application. Let's know more about the tools that are required for its development. Keep reading to know more.”


Technology has always fascinated humankind and inspired their growth. We have come a long way by walking hand in hand with the rising tech. Some technologies have provided us with a highly secured platform, while some have transformed our professional lives. But, today we are going to…


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