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23 sources of data bias for #machinelearning and #deeplearning

In the paper A survey on bias and fairness in machine learning.- the authors outline 23 types of bias in data for machinelearning. The source is good – so below is an actual representation because I found it useful as it is

full paper link below


1) Historical Bias. Historical bias is the already…


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Adding Uncertainty to Deep Learning

This article was written by Motoki Wu. Full title: How to construct prediction intervals for deep learning models using Edward and TensorFlow.…


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Math vs. Statistics in One Picture

Math and statistics are vital components of any data scientist's tool box. While some view statistics as a type of math, the reality is that they are completely different subjects. Math is all about numbers and concrete answers, while statistics is making sense of numbers via educated "guesses." This one picture, based on Rossman et al's essay Some Key…


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Racial Bias in Modeling – Not as Simple as You Might Think

Summary:  Bias in modeling has long been a public concern that is now amplified and focused on the disparate treatment models may cause for African Americans.  Defining and correcting the bias presents difficult issues for data scientists that need to be carefully thought through before reaching conclusions.



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The other key slide of your quarterly analysis

Profit analysis is an integral part of analysis drills, which are conducted at regular frequency. Both finance and marketing departments are equally engaged in this activity — though both have a different approach to it. Variance…


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12 metric interpretation pitfalls in online controlled experiments

This article was written by Adrian Colyer.

Pure Gold! Here we have twelve wonderful lessons in how to avoid expensive mistakes in companies that are trying their best to be data-driven. A huge thank you to the team from Microsoft for sharing their hard-won experiences with us.

In our experience of running thousands of experiments with…


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Weekly Digest, June 29

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  …


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QC Paulinesia, !(yet another book about quantum computing)

Today I uploaded to github the first version of my book “QC Paulinesia” about Quantum Computing. The title is a play on the surname of the famous quantum scientist Wolfgang Pauli and the word "Polynesia". The book is based on a paper with the same name that I wrote in 2004. 

Here is  its github repo. Here is the pdf for the book. Let me quote the current…


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How Cloud Computing Can Solve Business Problems During Coronavirus

With the ongoing pandemic resulting in thousands of lost lives, jobs and degraded businesses, cloud has been a saviour for all. When there is a need for virtual meetings and virtual collaborations cloud has come a long way to serve the people without compromised productivity. 

Cloud computing is the new normal for the majority when everybody is running for digital connectivity and enhanced communication. When the…


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Imposter in Data Science: 8 Tips to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome

Imposter in Data Science: 8 Tips to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome                                                 Credit: The Design Team

Depending on who you ask, Imposter Syndrome can have several meanings.…


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IoT Anomaly detection - algorithms, techniques and open source implementation


Anomaly detection for IoT is one of the archetypal applications for IoT.

Anomaly detection techniques are also used outside of IoT.

In my teaching at the #universityofoxford - we use anomaly detection as a use case because it brings together many of…


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Getting Historical Data from Yahoo Finance in R

Yahoo Finance (below) is a website that gives us a good deal of information about the financial market, including information about stock trading.

To get the numbers for a specific stock, all you have to do is to search for its Yahoo code (ex: VALE - see figure below). This is not necessarily the company’s…


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Thursday News, June 25

Here is our selection of featured articles and technical resources posted since Monday:




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How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Software Development?

Software is at the base of the considerable number of headways we find in our lives. Software development innovations have seen a gigantic change in the course of the most recent couple of years. Be it Amazon's automaton conveyances or Snapshot with increased reality contributions, the product drives the world as we know it. Undertakings have embraced practically all the rising innovations in their product improvement, and Artificial insight is no special case. Effect of man-made reasoning…


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Using Neural Networks to Predict Cimate Change, Droughts, and Conflict Displacements

The Problem

Millions of people are forced to leave their current area of residence or community due to resource shortage and natural disasters such as droughts, floods. Our project partner, UNHCR, provides assistance and protection for those who are forcibly displaced inside Somalia.

The goal of this project was to create a solution that quantifies…


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Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) & Bayesian Networks

gan-asian Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) software is software for producing forgeries and imitations of data (aka synthetic data, fake data). Human beings have been making fakes, with good or evil intent, of almost everything they possibly can, since the beginning of the human race. Thus, perhaps not too surprisingly, GAN software has been widely used since it was first proposed in this amazingly recent 2014 paper. To gauge how widely GAN software has been used so far, see, for…


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How Big Data is Responsible for Advanced App Development

According to a survey the number of mobile users worldwide from 2019 to 2023 will grow at a rapid pace. For 2020, the number of mobile users worldwide is forecast to grow to 6.95 billion.

Mobile applications have become one of the inseparable parts of our lives. We cannot think of a single day without using different mobile applications. This is the reason why various industries are…


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Creating Music by Machine Learning

© 2020 by Radna Intellectual Ventures, LLC.

In Sweden, there's something called the Allemansrätten, which literally translates…


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Introduction to Gradient Decent

The gradient decent approach is used in many algorithms to minimize loss functions. In this introduction we will see how exactly a gradient descent works. In addition, some special features will be pointed out. We will be guided by a practical example.…


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Eight ways in which data science is helping in the fight against COVID19

Given the scale of its impact and the kind of alteration that it brought into our lives, COVID19 is one of the most unprecedented crises of our times. Although it is not the only pandemic that humanity has been through, COVID19 is occurring in the time of the fourth industrial revolution where everyone and everything is one click way, and where the excess of data and computing has allowed machines to be more intelligent than ever. In the age of deep tech and data, data science is definitely…


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