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June 2019 Blog Posts (94)

The Divergence Index: A new polarization measure for ordinal categorical variables

In the statistical literature, for ordinal types of data, are known lots of indicators to measure the degree of the polarization phenomenon. Typically, many of the widely used measures of distributional variability are defined as a function of a reference point, which in some “sense” could be considered representative for the entire population. This function indicates how much all the values differ from the point that is…


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Automated Machine Learning (AML) Comes of Age - Almost

Summary:  Forrester has just released its “New Wave™: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions, Q2 2019” report on leading stand-alone automated machine learning platforms.  This is our first good side-by-side comparison.  You might also want to consider some who were not included.


You know you’ve come…


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Oil & Gas and IoT: The Trio That Takes the Modern Society to a New Level

The domestic economy gets directly and indirectly impacted by the Oil and Gas Industry. It is pretty much noticeable that the oil and gas prices directly affect the economy as a whole. If the United States is to be picked, oil and gas is crucial to its individuals and businesses. But, this does not cancel out the reality that the rest of the globe requires oil and gas in equal measures to run a productive life and business operations. This is the reason why the Oil and Gas Industry requires…


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Disposable Technology: A Concept Whose Time Has Come

Imagine…imagine that you have been challenged to play Steph Curry, the greatest 3-point shooter in the history of the National Basketball Association, in a game of 1x1.  Yea, a pretty predictable outcome for 99.9999999% of us.

But now image that Steph Curry has to wear a suit of knight’s armor as part of that 1x1 game.  The added weight, the obstructed vision, and the lack of flexibility, agility and mobility would probably allow even the average basketball…


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Can design sprints work for Artificial Intelligence applications?

Can design sprints work for Artificial Intelligence applications?

Last week, for the first time, I attended a meetup on Design Sprints( The Design Sprint Underground)

I had heard of Design sprints from Google – but I am not an expert. The organiser, Eran, created…


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Data Science Central Monday Digest, June 17

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this link.  


  • According…

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Assumptions of Linear Regression in One Picture

If any of the main assumptions of linear regression are violated, any results or forecasts that you glean from your data will be extremely biased, inefficient or misleading. Navigating all of the different assumptions and recommendations to identify the assumption can be overwhelming (for example, normality has more than half a dozen options for testing).
This image highlights the assumptions and the most common testing options.…

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Why is Data Curation Important for Big Data Industry


Big data is the buzzword today, isn’t it?

We live in the golden age of what…


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How to learn the maths of Data Science using your high school maths knowledge

This post is a part of my forthcoming book on Mathematical foundations of Data Science.

In this post, we use the Perceptron algorithm to bridge the gap between high school maths and deep learning. Welcome comments



As part of my role as course director of the Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Computing at the University of…


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When Your Boss Is an Algorithm

This article was written by Alex Rosenblat in the New York Times Opinion.

 There are nearly a million active Uber drivers in the United States and Canada, and none of them have human supervisors. It’s better than having a real boss, one driver in the Boston area told me.,”except when something goes wrong.”

When something does go wrong, Uber…


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What Is Big Data And What Are Its Importance

Big Brother? No, no, no, Big Data.

If someone tells you about the Big Data concept in the course of a conversation, do not think that your interlocutor is addicted to the programs of reality TV (a term used by your audience) or trash (as you like to call your detractors). Although it sounds similar, that's the Big Brother. Although in the background and tangentially, you can find certain similarities, or relationships, between the television phenomenon Big Brother and the latest…


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Benefits of Employing an IoT Based Mobile Application

The only way of surviving in the market is to continuously transform from an older strategy to a new strategy. It is this transformation that leads the company to another level and can be called an innovative company. Technology has manifested to be the most innovative part of the…


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What is Quantum Computing and How is it Useful for Artificial Intelligence?


After decades of a heavy slog with no promise of success, quantum computing is suddenly buzzing! Nearly two years ago, IBM made a quantum computer available to the world. The 5-quantum-bit (qubit) resource they now call the IBM Q experience. It was more like a toy for researchers than a way of getting any serious number crunching done. But 70,000 users worldwide have registered for it, and the qubit count in this…


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How big businesses are using AI to be on the top of the table?

As we all know that artificial Intelligence is slowly slowly becoming the most important and most integral part for the small to big businesses. It helps the business from the purchase of a product or manufactures the products to deliver the product to the client or customers. Here we have come with a small analysis of big business Company named coca…


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Data Science Central Thursday News, June 13

This is our selection of featured articles and resources posted since Monday:

Technical Resources


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Machine Learning: Association Rule Mining

Users who bought this… Also bought this…‘, I consider this as the statement of this generation. There is not a single shopping application not showcasing this feature to gain more from the buyers. This rule is another by-product of Machine Learning. We humans always look for more similar things which we like for example if a reader starts to like a book of the specific genre say ‘biography’ he/she is leaned towards having more such similar books. And this is what we call…


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Machine Learning : Unsupervised – k-means Clustering and Bootstrapping

This article is in continuation to our previous topic ‘Unsupervised Machine Learning’. Today I’m giving you another powerful tool on this topic named ‘k means Clustering‘. The work in this article is on the continuation of the previous WHO data set featured in ‘Machine Learning: Unsupervised – Hierarchical Clustering and Bootstrapping’. This artifact demonstrates implementing k means clustering and bootstrapping to make sure that the algorithm and clusters formed stand true.…


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Machine Learning : Unsupervised – Hierarchical Clustering and Bootstrapping

1. What is Machine Learning

Humans have evolved over the years and have come to be what we say the smartest existing species on the planet Earth. Going back to ancient days, what do you think was the basis of the human evolution of what we are today? ‘Learning’ was the key for this advancement from the very first man to the most mindful species on the planet Earth. For example, consider how an intellect thought of rubbing two stones against each other…


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How Cloud Computing Technology Helps in Big Data Analysis?

Do you know that the global business community will be spending $310 billion on the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020?


Isn’t it a huge investment! Why is this trend booming?  


Actually, the IoT has encapsulated devices. The software, sensors, actuators and connectivity through vehicles and home appliances are penetrating deeply. This networking model is skyrocketing in almost every walk of life. That’s why small entrepreneurs to big industrialists are hungry…


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The Recommender Canvas: Everything You Wanted To Know About Recommender System Design & Its Necessity Today

The internet is evolving day by day, and when users shop online, they are flooded with thousands of results, leaving them in a dilemma to choose the best possible product that suits their requirements. Have you ever thought of how Google Ads precisely knew what you need and display…


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