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Six Great Articles About Quantum Computing and HPC

This resource is part of a series on specific topics related to data science: regression, clustering, neural networks, deep learning, Hadoop, decision trees, ensembles, correlation, outliers, regression, Python, R, Tensorflow, SVM, data reduction, feature selection, experimental design, time series, cross-validation, model fitting, dataviz, AI and many more. To keep receiving these articles, …


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Data Mining - What, Why, When

One of the best ways to learn about any topic is start with very fundamental questions like What, Why etc? Good old Socratic method. In this series of articles on data mining, I plan to approach this topic in a similar fashion. 

What is Data Mining?

Simply put, Data mining is the process of sifting through large data sets to identify…


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GDPR – A Change in the Making

Organizations all over the EU must be aware by now that the Data Protection Act (DPA) will be changed into GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Some of these changes might cause some compliance issues but there’s an easy way to avoid any problems, by raising awareness. 

The more your staff and employees know about GDPR, the less chances you have, of ever violating…


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Importing and Analyzing Data in Datameer


Datameer, an end-to-end big data analytics platform, is built on Apache Hadoop to perform integration, analysis, and visualization of massive volumes of both structured and unstructured data. It can be rapidly integrated with any data sources such as new and existing data sources to deliver an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and sophisticated solution for big data analytics.

It simplifies data extraction, data transformation, data loading, and…


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Coding graphs for data mining in Python using Java platform

Graphs belong to the field of mathematics, graph theory. For data analysis that requires searches of particular patterns, graph-based data mining becomes an important technique. Indeed, in real life, most of the data we have to deal with can be represented as graphs. A typical graph consists of vertices (nodes, cells), and of edges that…


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The 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know

This article was written by James Le.

It is no doubt that the sub-field of machine learning / artificial intelligence has increasingly gained more popularity in the past couple of years. As Big Data is the hottest trend in the tech industry at the moment, machine learning is incredibly powerful to make predictions or calculated suggestions based on large amounts of data. Some of the most common examples…


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Interview with Nick Drake

I attended the interview with Nick Drake, Senior Vice President, Direct to Consumer at T-Mobile and Otto Rosenberger who serves as CMO at the Hostelworld Group at the Adobe Summit. The key take away of the entire session was that customer experience is the beginning and the core of digital transformations – it is where it all begins. 

T-Mobile and Hostelworld are…


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Artificial Intelligence in China in its direct sources: specific policies

Here is a fragment of my presentation for the text "Artificial Intelligence in China in its direct sources. Volume I. Specific Policies", , which I just published on the Amazon / Kindle platform. Volumes 2, 3 and 4 will be released in the next two weeks

"...In recent years, several countries…


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Deep Learning with TensorFlow in Python

The following problems appeared in the first few assignments in the Udacity course Deep Learning (by Google). The descriptions of the problems are taken from the assignments.…


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Weekly Digest, June 19

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.

Upcoming DSC Webinars


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Data Modelling Topologies of a Graph Database

The associative data graph database model is still a heavy hitter, stacking up well against property graphs and triples/quadruples. Expect a comeback.


There is a lot of confusion with the definition of graph databases. In my opinion, any definition that avoids any reference to the semantics of nodes and edges or their internal structure…


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Sales Data Analysis using DataIku Studio


Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), a complete data science software platform, is used to explore, prototype, build, and deliver data products. It significantly reduces the time taken by data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers to perform data loading, data cleaning, data preparation, data integration, and data transformation when building powerful predictive applications.

It is easy and more user-friendly to explore the data and…


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13 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12 Months

This is part of a new series of articles: once or twice a month, we post previous articles that were very popular when first published. These articles are at least 6 month old but no more than 12 month old. The previous digest in this series was posted here a while back. 

13 Great Blogs Posted in the last 12…


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What is Data Exhaust and What Can You Do With It?

Data exhaust? No, not exhaustion from data. Simply put, data exhaust is the data that a business collects that it doesn’t currently think it can put to use. The biggest producers of data exhaust are manufacturers and sometimes retailers. Especially manufacturers of appliances, vehicles and equipment and large chain retailers. Most software or SaaS companies use almost all the data they collect as they are more likely to be keenly aware of their data and how to find value from it. For the…

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Career Advice for Students from 2017 Data Science Leaders

As a student interested in data science, it's not always straightforward to know exactly what you should focus on to get that first data scientist position. Also, being one of the faster-changing career paths, it's not always clear when certain pieces of career advice have become a bit dated or are even applicable in 2017.

I reached out to several data…


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Feasibility of a personal knowledge management system based on statistical analysis and data mining

We start from the principle that natural language is too complex for computer programs, that’s why it is difficult to have simple programs that can mine natural language in an effective way. Therefore, if we could find a way to simplify the language, it would make it easier to design computer-assisted knowledge management programs. The proposed approach is to simplify the natural language into sequences of predefined keywords. The translation from the natural language to the list of keywords…


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Trends Shaping Machine Learning in 2017

Technologies in the field of data science are progressing at an exponential rate. The introduction of Machine Learning has revolutionized the world of data science by enabling computers to classify and comprehend large data sets. Another important innovation which has changed the paradigm of the world of the tech world is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two…


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Patterns in the date of birth of movie personalities

During a random talk with a friend of mine, I was told an observation that most of the well-known Hollywood personalities are born between the month of April and July. This made me curious and did a random search for few actors, and it seemed like most of them were born between those months but couldn't say it for sure so went ahead and wrote a script to fetch the date of birth data for the top 5,000 ranked male and female movie personalities in IMDB which is a total of 10,000 movie…


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Predictive maintenance for the Oxford Data Science for IoT Course

After my first post on Anomaly Detection for Time Series post, I would like to continue presenting what I did during the course at for the Data Science for IoT Course at Department of Continued Education of the University of Oxford with Ajit Jaokar.

In line with what I wrote previously, this second post will be about predictive maintenance.

The post is divided into…


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