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25 Data Scientists Popular on LinkedIn

I received this morning, like everyone, an email from LinkedIn about 59 of your LinkedIn connections that are more popular than you. In short, it represents about 0.5% of my 10,000+ connections, and I decided to share with you those people listed at the top - the top 100, not just the top 59. This is based on profile views over the last 7 days, so it will change week after week. Also, I removed recruiters, generic VC or angel investors, and non data scientists in general (based on…


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35 books on Data Visualization

Originally posted on Big Data Made Simple.


1. The Visual Display of Quantitative…


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Clustering Similar Images Using MapReduce Style Feature Extraction with C# and R


This article provides a full demo application using both the C# and R programming languages interchangeably to rapidly identify and cluster similar images.   The demo application includes a directory with 687 screenshots of webpages.  Many of these images are very similar with different domain names but near identical content.  Some images are only slightly similar with the sites using the same general layouts but different colors and different images on certain…


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Grand Challenge: Unified Visual Data Representation

All creatures have the ability to sense the surrounding world, but in various ways and degrees. You might envy the bloodhound’s exceptional nose, but humans possess visual prowess that (although it doesn’t match the eagle’s eye in distance) is unsurpassed in the ability to detect and make sense of patterns. Our eyes and brains work as a team to discover meaningful patterns that help us make sense of the world [1].

Digital computers take input in direct quantitative form constructed…


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Weekly Digest - June 30

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Data Shinobi: 3 - The Shrines & The Deities

In this post, we will look at the various 'Shrines' and 'Giants' on whose shoulders most modern Data Scientists stand. I am often daunted by the Job Descriptions people come up with for Data Scientists these days. 

A recent JD I encountered contained :-

  1. A lot of Techniques under - Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, NLP, Visualization, Big Data, Databases...
  2. And the tools list was never ending - R, SAS, SPSS,…

Added by Amogh Borkar on June 24, 2014 at 2:00am — 1 Comment

5 Analytical Constructs for Modelling Energy Prices

As IOT Data proliferates one of the game changing use cases which it enables is dynamic pricing. As assets get instrumented one can have usage based pricing of assets on lease. We are already seeing disruptions in pricing model in the automotive industry where sensor data which is a proxy for driving habits is fuelling usage based insurance premiums.

Flutura has been working with Utility companies which is one of the industries in Industrial Internet/IOT category undergoing…


Added by derick.jose on June 23, 2014 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Unsolicited data scientists solving your problems without using your data

Here I described how I identified a root cause, and provided a dual solution for a problem impacting LinkedIn and its members. For your reference, I also included links to many other solutions, coming from our data science research labs, applied to a bunch of companies and business problems.

The problem: LinkedIn email blasts deployed to group…


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Should colleges pay a fine when students default? Not exactly, says data science.

This was the subject of a popular article on Slate, following Obama's idea to bail out people with student loan problems. Decision makers, lawyers, politicians (right or left) or journalists often make recommendations that do not make sense, that are bound to fail, because they lack analytic judgment. This case epitomizes this lack of analytic acumen, and I provide the correct solution if you want to make someone pay (other than the tax payer) for these defaults.…


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Three Fundamental Google rules detected thanks to data science

These are the most critical rules that digital publishers should follow, based on our data science studies.

Example where Google paid traffic results in more pageviews per visit than Google organic searches

1. How to get more Google organic traffic 

The amount of Google organic traffic that…


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What does it feel like to be the CEO of a start-up?

I have a contrarian view, here are my answer to several issues orginially posted on quora, regarding being a start-up CEO:

1. Raise Funding

Use profit sharing as funding. You must be profitable on day one, but many business models allow for that: for instance being digital publisher, if you have a niche market that you control, and are well connected…


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Causality, Closet Nazis, and the Metrics of Criteria

A few semesters into my undergraduate studies, I decided to move away from campus in order to escape the incessant party atmosphere. I chose to rent an old but roomy apartment in Kitchener, Ontario. I read somewhere that this city was formerly called New Munich. One day in the dead of morning, I heard loud banging and smashing downstairs. It seemed that neither I nor my cat could sleep, so I went to investigate. I saw the owner of the building at the front entrance of the apartment holding a…


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Data Analysis To Data Science

(This is a paper presented in a local meet of statisticians; a summary of various discussions)

​Data analysis, one of the main requirements for Research has transformed into ‘Data Science’ which is considered as one of the most important concepts in the current internet enabled scenario. May be it is for a different purpose, where the requirement of manpower in data analysis related issues is huge. Business decisions started moving towards data aided decisions and the availability of data… Continue

Added by Kalyanaraman K on June 20, 2014 at 11:20pm — 4 Comments

Must read before attending any data science interview

Here are fundamental resources that you should check out before your next data science interview. Read these documents thoroughly to get prepared, impress your interviewer, boost your chances to be hired, and get bigger paycheck if hired:

Resources to read 2-3 days before your job…


Added by Vincent Granville on June 19, 2014 at 3:15pm — 2 Comments

Weekly Digest - June 23

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Internet of Things? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Everything is connected, through the cloud all machine-generated data are collected and widely shared over the Internet. That’s how we imagine IoT – the Internet of Things.


Correction: That’s how THEY imagine IoT. What WE envision here is not just about the Internet of Things but also the Intelligence of Things. The idea is:…


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22 Non Statistical Questions for a Statistician

We have always believed that when the world of business collides with the world of math, magic unfolds. As these 2 worlds collide, it also presents a set of unique challenges - bridging the semantic language gap between business and math. Modelling complex business outcomes using math requires an interdisciplinary team consisting of business folks, data folks and math folks. While doing so business folks are always at a loss because a language chasm exists. Math folks love their ”geek…

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Success factor of the data warehouse and business intelligence implementation

Data warehousing project is a complicated task that demands goals and resources from both business and technical departments. It is expensive but normally a basic project. If it is done by non experts and non skilled support, it can be an expensive and may cause project failure. Several business analysts believed most of the data warehousing projects are unsuccessful to meet their proposed objectives (Furlow, 2001).

Hwang and Xu (2007) have chosen eleven success…


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Data Science Summer Reading List 2014


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Weekly digest - June 16

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  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics Training. Learn how to unleash the power of Big Data with our ‘Open’ curriculum based training.…

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