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Top 20 R Libraries for Data Science in 2018 [Infographic]

R is a well-known and increasingly popular tool in the Data Science field. It is a programming language and a software environment primarily designed for statistical computing, so its interface and structure are very well suited for the scientific tasks. Moreover, R has one of the most developed libraries systems that counts thousands of packages to solve a wide variety of problems.

Although there are many general-purpose…


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Summarize and explore the data using SmartEDA

Created an R package for exploratory data analysis. Package name is SmartEDA now available on CRAN. This package includes multiple custom functions to perform initial exploratory analysis on any input data describing the structure and the relationships present in the data. The generated output can be obtained in both summary and graphical form. The graphical form or charts…


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A Wetware Approach to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Summary:  Researchers in Synthetic Neuro Biology are proposing to solve the AGI problem by building a brain in the laboratory.  This is not science fiction.  They are virtually at the door of this capability.  Increasingly these researchers are presenting at major AGI conferences.  Their argument is compelling.


If you step…


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From Petabytes to Nanobits, with Application to Blockchain

It is hard to imagine that some data element could contain less information than a bit (a digit equal to either 0 or 1.) Yet examples are abundant. Indeed, I am wondering if we should create a unit of information called microbit, or nanobit.

The first examples that come to my mind are some irrational numbers such as Pi: it's digits are widely believed to be indistinguishable from pure noise, thus carrying essentially no information. While there is not enough data storage in the…


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A Database Perspective on Data Security

In this column, we would like to elaborate on the concept of data security.  

Although security is often related to privacy, they are not synonyms. Data security can be defined as the set of policies and techniques to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data at all times. On the other hand, data privacy refers to the fact that the parties accessing and using the data do so only in ways that comply with the agreed upon purposes of data…


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To SQL or not To SQL: that’s the question!

To SQL or not To SQL: that’s the question!

Lemahieu W., vanden Broucke S., Baesens B.

This article is based upon our upcoming book Principles of Database Management: The Practical Guide to Storing, Managing and Analyzing Big and Small Data, www.pdbmbook.com  See also our corresponding YouTube channel with free video lectures :…


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Why Logistic Regression should be the last thing you learn when becoming a Data Scientist

I recently read a very popular article entitled 5 Reasons “Logistic Regression” should be the first thing you learn when becoming a Data Scientist. Here I provide my opinion on why this should no be the case.

It is nice to have logistic regression on your resume, as many jobs request it, especially in some fields such as biostatistics. And if you learned the details during your college classes, good for you. However, for a beginner, this is not the first thing you should…


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Machine Learning Process Summarized in Two Pictures

These pictures were posted on Quora by Oleg Sergeykin, former Structural Analysis Engineer at Boeing. His philosophy is that Data science is actually an iterative processes. It is never possible to complete a DS project in a single pass. A data scientist constantly tries new ideas and changes steps of his pipeline.…


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15 Data Science and Machine Learning Courses from Top Schools

Many are free. They are available online. They are offered by Princeton, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Penn State. 


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Astonishing Hierarchy of Machine Learning Needs

Machine Learning is hottest subject of today’s time, DataScientist is the sexiest job of today but implementing these buzz words in real life business is most important need.


The Brief

Machine Learning is the hottest subject of today’s time, DataScientist is the sexiest job of today but implementing these buzz words in real life business is most important need. The real need for today’s time and business is to clarify,…


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Free New Book by Andrew Ng: Machine Learning Yearning

This is the new book by Andrew Ng, still in progress. Andrew Yan-Tak Ng is a computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is one of the most influential minds in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Ng founded and led Google Brain and was a former VP & Chief Scientist at Baidu, building the company's Artificial Intelligence Group into several thousand people. He is an adjunct professor (formerly associate professor and Director of the AI Lab) at Stanford University. Ng is also an early…


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Weekly Digest, May 21

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here.  The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week.

  • Join 4,000 members of the Apache Spark™ community in San Francisco June 4th-6th for Spark + AI Summit, the conference for data scientists…

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Competition: Explaining black box machine learning models

The Explainable Machine Learning Challenge is a collaboration between Google, FICO and academics at Berkeley, Oxford, Imperial, UC Irvine and MIT, to generate new research in the area of algorithmic explainability. Teams will be challenged to create machine learning models with both high accuracy and explainability; they will use a real-world financial dataset provided by FICO. Designers and end users of machine learning algorithms will both benefit from more interpretable and…


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New Book: Principles of Database Management

The Practical Guide to Storing, Managing and Analyzing Big and Small Data -- Cambridge University Press.

This comprehensive textbook teaches the fundamentals of database design, modeling, systems, data storage, and the evolving world of data warehousing, governance and more. Written by experienced educators and experts in big data, analytics, data quality, and data integration, it provides an up-to-date approach to database management. This full-color, illustrated text has a…


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AI-Driven Marketing | What Has Changed?

Technology is known to shift landscapes, even change the game. We saw that when the internet exploded in scale and popularity, as computers became smarter, and the world goes through the digital transformation. An easy example is in traditional marketing, which now borders on the irrelevant, unable to hold a candle to its more modern counterparts.



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Simple Tips for PostgreSQL Query Optimization

A single query optimization tip can boost your database performance by 100x. At one point, we advised one of our customers that had a 10TB database to use a date-based multi-column index. As a result, their date range query sped up…


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From Machine Learning to Machine Unlearning

After all, the term Machine Learning was coined based on the way the human (or animal) brain learns, meaning that somehow, machines could also benefit from a similar kind of learning. 

But human beings, successful ones for sure, know how to un-learn. In my case, while I was always fascinated by mathematics since my very early years, the school system's training (as in training an algorithm in ML) failed on me. It failed not because I did not succeed at school (I…


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Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The word Data and Data Science have taken the business world by storm. Nowadays, improving business productivity and performance greatly depends on collection and analyzing data. Businesses have been processing data for ages but the introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) has been a game changer. Data collected through IoT is analyzed using different techniques as compared to that collected traditionally. Furthermore, Data Scientists require more sophisticated skills for analyzing IoT…


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Frequencies in Pandas -- and a Little R Magic for Python

I've got a big digital mouth. Last time, I wrote on frequencies using R, noting cavalierly that I'd done similar development in Python/Pandas. I wasn't lying, but the pertinent work I dug up from…


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Demystifying AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Demystifying key buzzwords like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial neural networks and deep learning is simple and complex task at the same time.

Lets Undertand a Bit

Let us attempt to melt down the thick confusion of how all-encompassing terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning speaks to each other. Machine learning, Blockchain and…


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