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Big Data's Most Influential Rock Stars: 10 Must-Follow Leaders

This list of hand-picked leaders was compiled by Wojtek Aleksander, from GetResponse.com.

Other bigger lists (sometimes created by robots) can be found here and are usually based on your Klout score, which in my opinion is not accurate. The list below is truly original and I would even add, somewhat unexpected, as you won't find…


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Analytics and Pricing Decisions

Enterprises make critical pricing decisions very often, these decisions have a major impact on their profitability index and also determines the bottom line of the organization. Often, managers and analysts are forced to determine prices and discounts with limited available information and inefficient toolsets. Pricing Analytics enables the leadership of a firm to proactively manage pricing policies and strategies and guides them to arrive at the right pricing that is in-line with company’s…


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Fitness Analytics: Uncovering insights from fitness customers’ behavior

The fitness market

Consumers are progressively adopting healthy and wellness-related practices. As a result, companies operating in the fitness centers business now see their customers base grow at rates never seen before. However, managers are also conscious of the volatility of consumers’ desires, particularly those…


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Weekly Digest, May 16

Starred articles are new additions posted between Thursday and Sunday, published in the Monday edition exclusively. The Monday edition has six sections: (1) Featured Resources and Technical Contributions, (2) Featured Articles and Case Studies, (3) From our Sponsors, (4) News, Events, Books, Training, Forum Questions, (5) Picture of the Week, and (6) Syndicated Content. The Thursday edition covers articles…


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500+ Data Science Degrees and Certificates Offered by Universities

This list was started in 2012, updated in 2014 and also very recently according to the author. It was compiled by 101.datascience.community, and broken down by degree (master / bachelor / certificate / doctorate) and location (online / on-site.) You can find other classes/training here -- some of…


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Storytelling with Data: Our Brains Crave Structure + Love Oddballs

By: Rawi Nanakul and Marnie Morales 

Rawi will present these ideas during a live webinar on May 24th at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. Get your questions answered in real-time during this one hour event. Register here 

We create, interpret, and experience stories every day, whether we realize it or not. Our brains are constantly receiving input…


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Processing Power Compared - Infographics

This infographic came from Experts Exchange.

We may (sadly) live in a world devoid of flying cars and personal teleportation devices, but that doesn't mean technology isn't moving forward at an incredible pace. We compared the processing power for various computers and devices from 1956 to 2015 to visualize the 1 trillion-fold increase in performance over those six decades. By comparing each…


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Deep Learning: Definition, Resources, Comparison with Machine Learning

Deep learning is sometimes referred to as the intersection between machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is about designing algorithms that can make robots intelligent, such a face recognition techniques used in drones to detect and target terrorists, or pattern recognition / computer vision algorithms to automatically pilot a plane, a train, a boat or a car.

Many deep learning algorithms (clustering, pattern recognition, automated bidding, recommendation engine, and so on)…


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How Big Data Can Predict Football’s Rising Stars (VIDEO)

Did you know that Big Data can help us predict who the future football stars will be? This is precisely what happened in Riyad Mahrez’s case, PFA Player of the Year, who has conquered the English Premier League with Leicester City.

Riyad Mahrez

During last year’s Big Data Week Conference in London, Malta-based entrepreneur Valery Bollier correctly foresaw…


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Debunking the 68 Most Common Myths About Big Data – Part 2

Summary:  Continuing from out last article, we searched the web to find all of the most common myths and misconceptions about Big Data.  There were a lot more than we thought.  Here’s what we found. Part 2.


If you caught…


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How to Avoid Data Breaches in the Cloud

The world that we live in today becomes more technologically advanced by the day. These advancements have done wonders for society as a whole and have offered much improvement in productivity in the workplace. However, as more applications are being run and more data stored online, in addition to rapid cloud expansion, there is one obvious parallel that is seemingly unavoidable – increased security risks.…


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Real Time Analytics - Essential Key Factors

The need for info within the twenty first century continues to intensify—and shows no sign of subsiding. Today’s decision manufacturers would like to be of an incredible volume and style of info, leading more companies to deploy analytics that not solely facilitate them sense and respond to key business problems, but additionally facilitate them build predictions and act based mostly on period of…


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4 Potential Problems With Data Visualization

Big data has been a big topic for a few years now, and it’s only going to grow bigger as we get our hands on more sophisticated forms of technology and new applications in which to use them. The problem now is beginning to shift; originally, tech developers and researchers were all about gathering greater quantities of data. Now, with all this data in tow, consumers and developers are both eager for new ways to condense, interpret, and take action on this data.

One of the…


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Logistic Regression and Maximum Entropy explained with examples and code

Logistic Regression is one of the most powerful classification methods within machine learning and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Think of pre-policing or predictive analytics in health; it can be used to aid …


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Formulating the Metrics of Phenomena

In recent blogs, I have been distinguishing between quantitative data and narrative data. I believe that I separated the two forms relatively well. Although I originally focused on the differences in data in order to give narrative "its own space," actually there can be a symbiotic relationship between the two types of data. In my last blog, I said that quantitative data can be incorporated into narrative data. In my submission today, I will be discussing how the narrative can be used to…


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Are You Using the Right Tools for Your Data Science Projects?

Guest blog post by Bob Hayes, PhD, originally posted here. Bob is the Chief Research Officer at AnalyticsWeek. and President of Business Over Broadway. He graduated from Bowling Green State University, and he is currently leaving from Seattle.

Data scientists rely on…


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Is Big Data Helping Improve Patient Health

"Beyond improving profits and cutting down on wasted overhead, Big Data in healthcare is being used to predict epidemics, cure disease, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths."

Big data is everywhere and if you are not already embracing it then you are likely to be left behind. Companies are using big data to be able to target potential…


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Will We Soon No Longer Need Data Scientists?

The job of data scientist — the quintessential big data job, and the job that was just voted the best job in America for 2016 — is at risk.

Data scientists have been called “unicorns” because finding the right person with the right set of skills — including coding, statistics, machine learning, database management, visualization techniques, and…


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Debunking the 68 Most Common Myths About Big Data – Part 1

Summary:  We searched the web to find all of the most common myths and misconceptions about Big Data.  There were a lot more than we thought.  Here’s what we found.  Part 1.


The web is just chockablock with good articles that claim to dispel the most common misconceptions or myths about Big Data.  Since even today there are still a larger…


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Improving performance of random forests for a particular value of outcome by adding chosen features

Choosing features to improve a performance of a particular algorithm is a difficult question. Currently here is PCA, which is difficult to understand (although it can be used out-of-the-box), requires centralizing and scaling of features and is not easy to interpret. In addition, it does not allows to improve prediction performance for a particular outcome (if its accuracy is lower than for others or it has a particular importance). My method  enables to use features without preprocessing.…


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