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Are You Becoming a Digital Dinosaur?


 Digital disruption is happening everywhere you look. It is impacting businesses of any size, in any industry, market and geography. 
Digital technology is changing the way we socialize, communicate, research, learn and work.
If organizations do not adapt to this fast-changing paradigm, then extinction may be closer than they…

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Data Science and the Open World Assumption

A funny thing happened in the last few years. We began to lose the Closed World Assumption.

Now I can understand that this is not exactly huge, earth-shattering news; most people do not in fact realize that they've been using the Closed World Assumption to begin with. However, I'd contend that this event is having a transformative effect upon the way…


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The Amazing Ways Uber Is Using Big Data

Uber is a smartphone-app based taxi booking service which connects users who need to get somewhere with drivers willing to give them a ride. The service has been hugely controversial, due to regular taxi drivers claiming that it is destroying their livelihoods, and concerns over the lack of regulation of the company’s drivers.…


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From Farming To Big Data: The Amazing Story of John Deere

US agricultural manufacturer John Deere has always been a pioneering company. Its eponymous founder personally designed, built and sold some of the first commercial steel ploughs. These made the lives of settlers moving into the Midwest during the middle of the 19th century much easier and established the company as an American legend.

Often at the forefront of innovation, it is no surprise that it has embraced Big Data enthusiastically – assisting pioneers with the taming…


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Using Python on Azure Machine Learning Studio

AzureML is the cloud hosted machine learning platform on top of Microsoft’s cloud platform. Readers of Data Science Central will realize that AzureML have hosted a few webinars…


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How to Analyze Your Predictable Data: Anomaly Detection

There is…

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Good Cloud. Bad Cloud. Why Cloud?

cloud over chessboard

Article written by OpenText Director of Industry Marketing, Deb Miller 

Confused about the cloud? You're not alone. Adoption is projected to grow at double…


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Weekly Digest - May 11

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles are new additions or updated content, posted between Thursday and Sunday.


  • How do you leverage IoT for proactive and predictive maintenance in manufacturing? What's the future of manufacturing? Do you know the top 10 ways to increase yields, reduce costs & increase efficiencies? Predictive…

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Selecting a Remote DBA Professional over a Full-Time Consultant

Guest blog post by Jenny Richards.

Today’s digital world demands information to reside in databases. The ability of a business to manage information can be the difference between death and life. Like it or not, the world today is digital. Organizations need information to survive.

Every year, the amount of data that is stored in databases continues to grow tremendously. When you compound this fact with the current global economy, you will notice that a database plays…


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Data Scientists Thoughts that Inspired Me

Recently I read book "Data Scientists at Work by Sebastian Gutierrez.

The sixteen data scientists across sixteen different industries were interviewed to understand both how…


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From Data to Insight: Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Data

If you’re planning on a data driven approach, you’re going to need data, most likely from a nice mix of sources that will give you the right amount of insight you need to make it worthwhile.

But if you’re not careful, you can quickly spend a lot of money getting it whether it’s “free” or not. Because as much as we’d like it to be, most of it is definitely not free, even if it is on an open and…


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Sensitivity Mapping of Document Databases

I rarely get to use a walkie-talkie during a course in school. As the snapshot of my desktop shows on the image below, I had both a multi-line telephone and portable radio. Just before the exam, I participated in a simulation. Our tabletop exercise contained an emergency scenario: a train derailment involving the evacuation of residents. I served as the Social Services Director. Although I didn't choose this role for myself, I thought it made sense given my graduate degree in the area of…


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Early reviews for my upcoming publication on Machine learning

Hi all... I have my new publication on large scale machine learning with Packt publishers coming up in the next few months. Request help from experts in machine learning for help. Please inbox me interest to [email protected] and 

A quick note on the scope of content covered in the book:

 Practical Machine learning - to be published by Packt

This book focuses on exploring all the Machine Learning techniques and some specific behavioral…


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Analyzing customer data in sales & marketing – part 2

In the previous post we presented a few methods of data analysis, which are used to identify customer needs and preferences and allow us to predict their behavior. Such knowledge results in building better marketing and sales offers which meet specific customer expectations.

In today’s article we present further examples of Data Mining methods that can be applied in daily business operations.…


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Data Integrity: The Rest of the Story Part I


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Data Circus - Circus Data - The Big Three, Dead for a day is not OK

A Big Top Circus has three main tents. What does this have to do with data? Many things. The Big Three, the Birth index, SSI index, and the Death index determine if you are an American or not. An entry in any one of these indexes is a reason for calling it what ever you want capitalism, freedom, justice, etc… Now if you are listed in all three indexes the privilege is unique. It is the privilege of being sold to the highest corporate bidder.…


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Smart data: IoT analytics for manufacturing and process industries

The Open Cloud – Apps in the Cloud 

Smart Data

Based on my discussions at Messe Hannover , this blog explores the potential of applying Data Science to manufacturing and process…


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What is your plan for cultivating analytics talent?

With the supply of analytics talent in the labor force slowly growing to meet demand, a majority of companies are looking within their own walls for solutions. While there is clearly a need for new graduates and data scientists who know the most cutting-edge techniques of analysis, there is just as much of a need for information workers who know both the business and technical sides of an organization.

Current employees who are able to develop an analytics skill set and combine that…


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How Big Data and the Internet of Things Create Smart Cities

The Internet of Things may be giving over to the Internet of Everything as more and more uses are dreamed up for the new wave of Smart Cities.

In the Internet of Things, objects have their own IP address, meaning that sensors connected to the web can send data to the cloud on just about anything: how much traffic is rolling through a stoplight, how much water you’re using, or how full a trash dumpster is.…


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Big Data = Hype; But Why That Doesn't Matter

From time to time, you still come across someone with the opinion that Big Data is nothing more than a fad, which will be forgotten about soon enough.

You might not expect to hear this from me, but they’re actually right. Well – half right, at least!

As I’ve written before, I’m not actually a fan of the term “Big Data”, which puts overemphasis on the importance of size. Anyone who’s been reading my articles for a while will know that I’m firmly of the opinion that what you do…


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