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Data Shinobi: 1 - The Fundamentals

With loads of content and hype about Data Science, Analytics and Big Data coming up every day, I felt compelled to share my journey and experiences in exploring this space. Here, I intend to begin a series of posts on the subject stripped it down to it's core (as I understand it) and than building upon it.

While there are a whole bunch of directions these subjects could be approached from, I present here the path that I found most convenient to tread. I would like to call it the path…


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The Data Science Research Center

Data Science Central launched this week the Data Science Research Center, a public online resource for practitioners to read, download or publish high quality papers. If your article is accepted, you are entitled to a signed, free copy of Dr Granville's book, may have your profile featured on DSC on the…


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4 Things to Do with Customer Data

You’ve gathered up customer data which is more valuable than gold, but now what? Whether you paid for big data, got it for free or conducted your own surveys to drum it up, that’s only the…


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Doing Data Science - Straight Talk from the Frontline by Cathy O'Neil, Rachel Schutt Book Review

It is the most difficult to digest and comprehend book to date out of all I have recently read. At the same time it was pure fun.

Why so hard, I guess I need to blame myself because this book unexpectedly turned out to be more from the Academia world where my skills in Algebra and Statistics faded out over time than from the practical world where I spend my productive time. At the same time it was pleasant to have a feeling of being a student again.

Nevertheless, the book…


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Roadblocks to Using Big Data: “First Mile” and “Last Mile” Challenges

LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)

In Part III of this Data Alchemy blog post, Kirk Borne, Ph.D., talks about the two biggest roadblocks to using big data in business. He also shares his views on big data as a critical asset to such diverse endeavors as exploring the vast reaches of space to helping businesses…

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Dimensional Modelling

There isn’t any specific standard to model data warehouse. It can be built either using the “dimensional” model or the “normalised” model methodologies. Normalised model normalises the data into third normal form (3NF) whereas dimensional model collects the transactional data in the form of facts and dimensions. Normalised model is easy to use as we can add related topics without affecting the existing data. But one must have good knowledge of how data is associated before performing…


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Weekly Digest - June 2

The full version is always published Monday. Starred articles are new additions, posted between Thursday and Sunday

Announcements from Sponsors


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Data science profession: accredidation, code of conduct

Data scientists are the lion kings of data pros while salaries for business intelligence and data warehousing pros are stagnating. 

Actual data scientist salaries are much higher considering many garden…


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List of NoSQL Databases

Interesting article posted on NoSQL-database.org, listing 150 databases. Here are some highlights.

Databases are categorized in the following categories:

  • Wide Column Store / Column Families
  • Document Store
  • Key Value / Tuple Store
  • Graph Databases 
  • Multimodel Databases
  • Object Databases
  • Grid & Cloud Database Solutions
  • XML…

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Three interesting but little known programming languages

The descriptions below are from Wikipedia.

Julia Set



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Your Data Science Portfolio: Be An Open Data Curator

In the drive towards the semantic web, mailing lists are ripe, low hanging fruit. They are full of wisdom totally inaccessible to the casual user. To unlock this wealth of knowledge for our apps, we need it in a format like the Stack Exchange data dump.

This data dump format is to Stack Exchange what JSON is to JavaScript: an exchange format that spawns growth in ecosystems…


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5 Key Big Data Challenges in Banking Industry

Big Data is the new oil for Banking Industry. It is here to stay. McKinsey calls Big Data “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity.”  Banks are moving to use Big Data to make more effective decisions. They are…


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Being a data scientist in a small country: challenges and solutions

Here I am talking about small countries with 10 million or less inhabitants, with good universities and high standard of living: places such as Switzerland, Singapore, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands etc.

For data scientists, the challenges are as follows:

  • Government has rather small data to analyze, compared with big…

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The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World

Interested article published by…


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Geography of Data - Restoring the Transpositional

Above is a distribution of price differentials for the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the 1930s. The image was generated by one of my programs called Storm. I posted a few images from the same application in other blogs. If I recall correctly, the more volatile differentials (closer to the action) are at top; the more stable differentials (further from the…


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77 People Who Truly Have Written Interesting Things About Data

This list is a bit old (I think 2011), but it features a bunch of very interesting people, true data scientists who can't afford wasting their time to post on Twitter - unlike other similar lists published by journalists.

Featured DSC…


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Top Three Business Benefits from Big Data

Big Data Dashboard

We return this week for Part II of our blog with astrophysicist and data scientist, Kirk Borne, Ph.D. Formerly a NASA scientist, he’s one of the foremost experts in big data and its applications in business, government and science − from exploration of space to economic growth. Here again he speaks with Anametrix CEO Pelin Thorogood, this time identifying the areas where he thinks business will benefit most from big data.…


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Continuing along the path of Data Science

You like working with data. You’ve completed a few data science courses and enjoyed them. Now what?

I second Don VanDemark’s enthusiasm for course sequences, specialization tracks, and certification offerings. Whether through traditional brick-and-mortar schools, on-line offerings, or bootcamps, the carefully-planned curricula and (depending on the program) personal…


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Tutorial: How to detect spurious correlations, and how to find the real ones

Specifically designed in the context of big data in our research lab, the new and simple strong correlation synthetic metric proposed in this article should be used, whenever you want to check if there is a real association between two variables, especially in large-scale automated data science or machine learning projects. Use this new metric now, to avoid being accused of reckless…


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